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Chapter 6 - In meditata etImpetum

The entire complex was in complete disarray.

Flashing lights indicating an unprecedented emergency; incapacitated, and in some cases; dead bodies lined the hallways of the building.

It was truly chaos.

This was the setting that a newly recruited operative found himself in. Looking around in a panic, he began to yell into the phone-shaped item in his hand.

"Intruders have been found in both sectors A, and B, and-SHIT, what the hell was that? Squad 10, do you copy, I repeat do you copy-GAH?"

Being cut off by a stray vector slamming him into a nearby wall, he dropped his receiver and watched in shock as it shattered into a million pieces.

Looking up fearfully at the one responsible for the destruction of his one and only form of long-range communication, he gulped at the hardened eyes of the Diclinous in front of him who stared back into his emotionlessly.

That was the last sight that the unnamed general ever bore witness to.

"Dammit kid, where the hell are we going, anyway?"

Kouta narrowed his eyes slightly.

"We're still following the plan right? Then we just gotta take out this floor, and leave the two above us to Nana and Seras. From what you've told us, the laboratory is actually largely based aboveground and they have little to no defence's underground, which was how we managed to get our way in here by boat so easily. All it took was to wait for nightfall for them to become unable to spot us anymore and-"

"Yeah yeah, I know that much already dumbass. I'm asking when the hell are we gonna finally get up there and kick the directors stupid ass. I've been waiting for this for weeks now, and I can't take much more of this crap."

The teen just sighed at the immature attitude of his companion, before speaking again.

"Look, I don't know what else to tell you other than, that we can't rush this operation. Like you said, they have the numbers, and while that may be all that they have, we can't afford to just rush up all the way to the Directors office without a plan."

A resigned sigh emanated from the right side of him, causing him to smirk slightly at the disgruntled look on Bando's face.

"Fine fine… I'll go along with the plan for now, but if it begins to take too long; no holds barred."

Kouta smiled slightly at the literal gun-hoe attitude of his companion before nodding.

"Alright, that sounds fair-wait, hold up."

Diving off to hide behind a wall partition to his side, he motioned for Bando to do the same.

Sighing at the 'disgusting' act of hiding and setting up a vantage point, he quickly made his way over to the teen, albeit agonizingly slowly.

Looking past the wall, he could see a group of five soldiers all huddled up in a group together.

He gnashed his teeth slightly.

'Alright, so maybe the kid was right to pull me over to hide from them for now… Still, I don't see why I can't just shoot them all down-'

He was cut-off, as the group of soldiers were all sent flying in different directions, unconscious in a matter of seconds.

Looking at the sight in shock, he gulped at the intimidating aura that the Diclonii who had committed the act.

"Damn kid, you got some scary friends."

Kouta just chuckled as he walked over to Nana and Seras, petting the former and smiling at the latter.

Grinning at the soldier, they continued walking on as if nothing happened.

"I know."

"Gah, dammit 'the hell's going on?"

Lucy looked up at the man yelling from behind the control panel in front of her in shock.

'He seems really worried about something… What is going on here?'

A loud sound akin to that of a gunshot suddenly rang out, as the entirety of the glass casing around the man in front of her blew up in a large explosion.

Narrowing her eyes slightly at the turn of events, she looked up at the ropes holding her body in place and gnashed her teeth.

'Well, I can be thankful that they only tied me up like they used to with Nana, otherwise I'd have no means of escape.'

This was a usual procedure for the Diclonius at this facility. They would be strung up and tortured until their spirit was utterly broken. Then, they would be placed in a metal casket in solitary confinement, with no outside interaction with the exception of the most basic aid that any human requires to survive.

She had already gone through it once, and she would be damned if she was going to go through it again.

Using the small inkling of strength that the girl had left in her beaten body, she sliced through the rather fragile bindings with the assistance of her vectors, and forced herself onto her feet.

Almost instantaneously, she fell to her knees in pain.


An unwarranted scream suddenly tore its way through her throat, as she began hugging her body weakly in an attempt to lessen the pain.

It only helped somewhat.

Biting her lip until it bled, she stood back up and with the assistance of the wall to the right of her, she began to make her way out of the room.

Looking at the dead bodies of the scientists behind the glass casing, she couldn't help but wonder why someone would come to this room in specific. There was no other reason that one could have to come down here, unless they knew exactly where she was.

But who the hell would not only purposefully break her out, but keep out of sight while they did so?

'This isn't normal, who the hell would attack the facility at this time-?'

Her eyes widened as realization struck her like running into a brick wall.



Pointedly ignoring the insane laughter of his battle-hardened companion, Kouta continued running through the hallways, with his gun in-hand and two Diclonius in-tow.

"Nana… where the hell is she anyway? I thought that you said that you knew where she would most likely be located at."

The pink-haired girl looked down slightly at that.

"Yeah… that's what I thought too, but it turns out that I was wrong, and they didn't put her where they had locked her up last time. It's because of this, that I think that we should take out the Director first before heading off to look for her, because knowing him, it might not be safe to let him move around while we are still in his building."

Kouta sighed at that. As much as he may wish he could deny it, he knew that what his friend was saying was the absolute truth.

Turning towards his friend, he spoke up again.

"How much farther do we need to go, to get up to the top floor?"

Nana spoke up for the rest of her allies.

"Well, considering the fact that we just passed by the third and final medical bay, I think that it should be right-THERE!"

She pushed open the door in front of her with the assistance of her vectors, and was put face-to-face with the man behind it all.

The Director.

Looking around the room, Kouta narrowed his eyes slightly.

'We have already taken out every single soldier on every one of the floors, so apart from the Director and his assistant, who are both right there… There should be no one left.'

Nodding slowly after his assessment, he turned towards the Director who actually looked… confident…?

"We have successfully taken out every single one of your soldiers and scientists on every floor, including this one."

He pointed towards the two behind the desk with narrowed eyes.

"You two are the only ones left."

Kakuzawa just grinned before addressing those who had entered his office.

"I must admit, I was not prepared at all for an attack of this calibre, and so… I suppose that I must fold."

He kept grinning the entire time, before suddenly pushing a button on his desk, bringing a monitor down from the ceiling with a stagnant picture on it.

He smirked widely and brought his arms above his head in an attempt to make what was on the screen seem that much more intimidating.

"BEHOLD! Your dear friend Lucy has been captured and is being held against her will in this holding chamber. Now, unless you drop your weapons and surrender, I will be forced to terminate her."

Kouta gnashed his teeth together, something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

There was nobody on the screen, it was utterly empty.

The holding cell was empty… As if she was never there in the first place.

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Title's Rough Translation: The Premeditated Attack