"Wait, hold on, slow down Dani… what did you say?"

Dani, Katie, Sarah and Diana sat in the lounge as Daniella explained her situation.

"There's a man called Freddy in my dreams, and he's trying to kill me. And if I die in the dream, I die for real. And I think the next time I see him, he won't fail. He wants to kill me to get revenge on mom because she led the mob that killed him to where he was hiding, when he was alive. And I need you to come into the dream with me to help me defeat him."

Katie still couldn't believe what she was hearing. "I'm sorry, say it again, I still can't understand."

"It's true, Katie," Diana interjected. "I knew him when I was young. He was a child murderer that didn't get sentenced because of a technicality, and the parents of the town burned him alive, because I told them where he was. But when he died, he somehow gained the power to haunt peoples dreams, and he is now after Daniella."

She shook her head still. "That's impossible!"

"Katie," Sarah said. "I wouldn't believe it if it hadn't come out of Diana's lips. She's never lied to me."

Katie put her face in her hands for a while, and then looked up. "So, if I go into the dream with you, I could die?"

"Not if you stick together, Katie. I've been doing some research. A girl called Kristen Parker wrote about the 'Dream Warriors' who were a group of kids locked away in Westin Hills that came together to conquer Freddy." Diana stated.

"What happened to them?" Sarah asked.

She looked down. "Well," Diana continued, "All except three survived, because he managed to split them up somehow. So you HAVE to stay together once you're there, understand?"

"Stop a minute, ok?" Katie exclaimed. "If this is true, then he would split us up, and come after us, wouldn't he?"

Dani and Diana nodded.

"Then no! I'm sorry Dani, but I don't want to die. Surely he'll kill us all anyway."

"That's a risk we'll have to take." Dani said in a monotone voice.

"But it's a pretty big risk! I can't do it.

"You'll dream about him regardless, Katie."

Katie looked her in the eye.


"Now you know about him, he'll come after you. You might as well go in with back up than go in alone, and die for sure."

"… That's just great." She thought for a second, and then decided. "OK, I'll do it. For you."

"You have to understand me Katie, I only chose you because I trust you more than anyone. I would never put your life on the line unless I really needed to. You understand that right?"

Katie understood. It's just she was scared. Not only of the fact she could die, but also it would bring up horrible memories of her father, who abused her and her mom for years before they moved to Springwood. He tormented her and hurt her so much that the memories became indented in her brain.

But she would get the chance to save her best friend. She had to focus on the aim.

She nodded.

"Good, now there's just the issue of getting Jason and Felix into the dream as well…"


Later that night, Jason and his friend Felix were at the computer, trolling a page dedicated to the memory of Jane. They were coming up with another 'genius' insult when they got a message. Jason opened it, and saw it was from Daniella, Jane's friend that bitched at them in Physics the other day.

"What the fuck?" He said as he read a news article she'd sent him about Freddy Krueger, the child murderer. He showed Felix, who was just as perplexed. Why, what, huh?

Jason scoffed. "What a lunatic."

"Yeah, crazy bitch." Felix agreed.


"So what's the plan, honey?" Sarah asked Dani.

"I sent Jason a news article that mom found, and I'm guessing Felix is with him judging by the comments they're putting on Jane's R.I.P page. Bastards…"

"How are we going to get them into our dream. And how are we going to get us all into the same dream?" Katie asked, with a cup of coffee in one hand while she bit the nails of her other.

"I don't know… but for now, we just hope that Jason and Felix survive the night. Then they'll believe us and we'll try to persuade them to come round here. Surely if we all fall asleep together, then there's a chance we'll dream together too?"

Dani was unsure, but she was willing to try anything at this point. Just thinking about him made her afraid and sick. She imagined her possible fates… She could fall asleep by herself, and be killed by Freddy. She could fall asleep with her 'team' and be killed by Freddy. She could commit suicide… but she knew that would never be an option. She could defeat Freddy and survive, which again didn't seem likely.

But what if Freddy didn't kill her? What if he kept her alive and tortured her, and terrified her every night? If anything, that would lead her to suicide.

She would just have to try to survive tomorrow night. There was no way she was falling asleep tonight.

Her body had other plans. The minute she entered her room, she passed out from exhaustion. She arrived in the boiler room screaming.

"No! Wake up! Wake up! Mom! Sarah! KATIE!"

A familiar burned hand appeared from behind her and grabbed her throat, pulling her against his chest. His gloved hand pulled her hair back so he could look her in the face.

"They can't hear you, Doll." He sniggered evilly.

She shook with fear too much to utter retaliation. She just cried and muttered, "Please, I just want to go, please…"

His gloved hand left her hair and came very close to her throat, to which Dani responded with more pleading and crying, rising in volume.

"You're staying right here, Dani. You think you and your friends can defeat me?" He laughed hard. Dani could feel his rancid breath hit her face. "Many have tried, but I just keep on coming back."

More cries ensued. It was as if all the courage had drained out of her along with the will to stay awake.

"Let me go, let me go, let me go…" She repeated again and again, quietly, and if she were talking to herself. She shut her eyes and waited for her death.

Suddenly, he shoved her hard to the ground. She banged her head against the metal floor, and it started bleeding. She scrabbled away from him, survival instinct overtaking fear for just a second.

"You know Doll, you remind me of your mother so much. She was a scaredy-cat too. I should have gotten to her sooner. But I won't make that mistake with you…" He walked towards her with a sly grin on his face and his knives ready to strike.

At the mention of her mother, part of her courage returned. "I know what you did, you bastard! You killed her sister, and you tried to kill her!"

"No shit," He said, and then laughed menacingly. "The best fun I'd had in a long time."

At this, she stood up. "She may have led the mob to you, but it was less than you deserved. Much less."

He stopped laughing. "You little bi-"

"You won't kill me!" She interrupted. "I won't let you."

With that, he swiped out at her, and she dodged and ran, her sweat-drenched hair flying out behind her. She went up a flight of stairs and ran as fast as she could. She heard his threatening growl echo around the room, building up more terror.

She stumbled for a second, but used the handrail to keep her balance and carried on. She had been running for what seemed forever, and then she realised that she could no longer hear Freddy. It was as if he'd disappeared. She turned around to see… nothing. Just the catwalk she had just come down. Puzzled, she squinted her eyes to see if he was in the distance. But she couldn't see him.

This didn't calm her nerves at all. She knew he was hiding, and he'd find her eventually. For now, she just caught her breath and prayed he wouldn't arrive soon.

After she'd breathed for a minute or so she turned to run… and landed straight into Freddy's arms. He pinned her up against a wall with a look of pure wickedness. He saw her mouth open to speak and rested a knife against it to shut her up.

"I've heard you talk enough, bitch."

Well, at least he didn't call her Doll.

Fresh tears arrived in her eyes, and all sense of defence and braveness vanished. Just a look of terror.

He leaned towards her and said this in a very quiet voice.

"That whore Diana deserves to lose you, and I'll enjoy it so much. I'll enjoy making you suffer."

She cried out at the thoughts that entered her mind. He lowered his knives towards her left leg and slowly dragged them upwards, making four deep cuts in her thigh. Daniella screamed in pain.

"Ah! Stop!" Before she could say more, he turned her around and repeated the motion on her back. She screamed again, louder this time. "MOM, WAKE ME UP!"

Diana, Sarah and Katie ran into Dani's bedroom at the sound of screaming. She was shaking and crying, and cuts started appearing everywhere, on her leg, her back, her stomach...

Katie screamed, and Dani's mother and auntie sprung into action. Sarah shook her to try and wake up her and called her name, while Diana ran to get cold water.

"I want to make this one count…" Freddy whispered as he ripped off her bloody shirt and dragged the knives across her breasts. She struggled against him to try and get away but it was no good. She was trapped, bleeding to death, and it didn't seem like she'd ever wake up. She could almost feel death creeping up on her.

"Dani! Wake up honey, it's Sarah, please wake up!" She shook her shoulders violently now, blood staining her fingers.

Diana ran in with a cup of ice water and poured it over her daughter.

Freddy drew his glove back for the final move. She was too feeble to even scream now. All she could do was look on in fear as weakness and blood-loss consumed her body. He was about to strike, when she disappeared from the dream world in a flash. Freddy yelled and scraped his knives against the wall in frustration. He would kill her for sure when she returned…

Dani woke with a start, and winced in pain. She felt the blood stained sheets beneath her squelch.

"Oh my God, Dani!" Katie shouted. "Thank God you're ok!"

"She's not ok yet, Katie," Diana said. "Sarah, call 911." Sarah ran out into the hall.

"M-mom?" Dani muttered. "He, he…"

She cried softly and her mother hugged her. "You'll be fine honey, I promise you you'll be fine…"