Come on, I know I'm not the only one who's ever wondered what Sunny's pick up lines were:)

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Sideswipe continued to rant and rave, cursing his brother's name, as he stomped into their shared quarters. He winced as he glanced down at the mud trail he was leaving behind him. Prowl was not going to be happy. (Then again, the SIC wasn't ever really happy.)

Whatever. It was Sunstreaker's fault anyway, not paying attention to the fragging road. His twin had instead turned his attention to himself, as always, which ended with Sideswipe being carelessly shoved off the road and into the most un-Primusly muddy ditch he had ever seen.

Sideswipe narrowed his sapphire optics at the sound of running solvent. He then groaned loudly in realization, glaring up at the heavens with a why me? expression. He's in the shower? Really? he hissed inside his CPU. He didn't even help me out of the ditch! Oh, when I-

Sideswipe paused his internal shrieking when he heard a tiny crack underneath his grimy foot. He winced, stepping back to see a datapad with a now cracked screen. He reached down at picked up the small, dimly glowing device, squinting his optics at the screen.

Sunstreaker's Top Ten Pick Up Lines

1. "I can tell by the way you're ignoring me that you want me."

2. "I tend to be a pretty responsible person. I've got a wife and kids...somewhere."

3. "You're so hot you're making me jealous."

4. "I saw your picture in the dictionary today. It was right next to KA-BLAM!"

5. "Hi, I'm incredibly rich."

6. "You'll do."

7. "I'm new in town. Could you give me directions to your apartment?"

8. "All those curves and me with no breaks! Mmm!"

9. "So, did you girls get tickets to the gun show?" (Arm Flex)

10. "Let's get drunk and take advantage of each other. Or, I could get drunk and you could just take advantage of me. OR, you can stay here and get drunk and I can go home and take advantage of myself. Either way, it's up to you."

Sideswipe's optics double in size, thousands of horrific plots shooting through his CPU. He caressed the sides of the datapad as if it were the most priceless treasure in the universe (Which it most likely was). He grinned with crazed, wild humor. "I'm never going to shower with cold solvent again!" he whispered. The twin fell to his knees and threw his arms out. "MUAHAHAHAHA!"