"A guest teacher?" I asked going for the bathroom.

"Yes, now get ready brat. I have a lot to do today," Saph snapped back.

"Yes," I squeaked running into the shower. Saph was in a really bad mood today, but my training was coming along quite nicely. My body was back in shape, and better than ever. My new powers weren't progressing as well, but I still had another week to go.

I jumped as I heard a bang on the door.

"If you're not out in one minute, the water will become ice," she threatened. "Breakfast will be ready in five."

"Too late!" I yelped. She already turned off the hot water, prompting me to escape. She was always giving me time limits of five minutes. It reminded me of the first day of our training. I asked her how I could possibly get ready for some big "dinner party" of just the two of us after a day of training. I was grimy, sweaty, and just all around nasty.

She instantly replied, "You can do a lot in five minutes brat. Get ready for a ball, heal a friend… fall in love."

I shook my head out of the memory and wrapped myself up in a fluffy, white towel and looked around the beach-themed bathroom. It was really cute, not what I was expecting of Saph at all. Sky blue walls and tan tiled floors. Sea shells were placed strategically around the room. She even had bottles of colored sand every here and there.

Saph convinced the League to allow me to stay with her in her apartment for training. She had her own, private gym under the public one, and a whole floor of the complex to herself. Without the League breathing down my throat, I was able to concentrate better.

Before she could do anything else I stepped outside the bathroom, feeling the air conditioner blast me. I went over to my bags and grabbed my back-up costume changing into it. I put on my mask as Saph entered the room, the sun barely rising over the horizon.

"Good, come on. It's breakfast." She said leading me to the kitchen.

Her kitchen was sleek with black, white, and glass as the only colors. White cabinets, counters, and walls. There were also black granite countertops, and black appliances. An island stood in the center of the kitchen where I sat down.

"So what's for breakfast?" a male voice asked from behind me. I spun around quickly and was face to face with Roy Harper.

"Um, hello," I said unsure as to why he was here. "I'm guessing you're my guest teacher today?"

"Oh, so she's the reason I had to leave. Should've guessed as much. And what is this about a 'guest teacher'?" he asked suspiciously.

"Oh, you're going to be overseeing her training today," Saph replied nonchalantly, scrambling eggs as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"What?" we both asked at the same time. Mine sounded surprised, and his just sounded as if it was another one of her whims he'd have to follow.

"Brat, I explained my family situation right after your change," she said putting the eggs on three plates and whisking them onto the island.

She had. Her given name was Saffron Farrington, the extremely rich heiress to her family's corporation, with ties to some European royalty. They had their hands into a little bit of everything, it was impossible to know what her parents did for a living, although I was sure her mom used to model, and started her own line. Her father invested in real estate, and sprung up a chain of hotels all around the world. He also owned the apartment complex Saph was living in.

She winked at me, planting a kiss straight on Roy's lips. He kissed her back, then pulled away as he saw me gaping. "Well, here's my love situation," she smirked. "Come on, it's breakfast," she said grabbing toast out of the toaster and sausages out of the microwave.

"So why am I the babysitter?" Roy asked shaking his head after we started eating. "Didn't you tell the League you'd take full responsibility while she was in your care?"

"You know I meant it sweetie, but it's Sunday. I have plans," she pouted. I gagged on a piece of toast. Who was this, and what had they done to Saph?

"That's not very nice Ember," Saph said reading my thoughts. "You know about how my family is about appearances," she explained. "With all the businesses we're in, we're scrutinized by more than the average business people. We'd have our own reality TV show if my parents would let them. And to keep up the appearances of a happy family, we all go to church every Sunday morning, spend the day together, and have a big family dinner at some high-class restaurant where paparazzi are waiting to shower us with questions. You see, we don't go to interviews, they come to us."

"And I have to take over her training because…" Roy asked. "Can't she just take a day off?"

"A day off?" Saph asked incredulously. "I told the League I'd take full responsibility. Someone who goes back on their word is nothing more than scum. Come on, just think of it as a chance to train yourself too."

"Only because it's you," he sighed.

"Okay," she said looking at a clock. "I have to get ready. Ember come with me, I can start you up on some of you trend lessons." I sighed. As if training my body wasn't enough, Saph had to get me up to speed with fashion trends, political events, and proper etiquette since my new cover was one of her high-class friends.

"Since this is church, what type of dress would you put me in?" she asked inspecting my choices. I picked out a simple yellow sundress, with tan sandals and a big white sunhat. I grabbed a yellow ribbon for the hat, and a white one to tie around her waist. Then I grabbed a thin, white shrug to cover her shoulders.

"Acceptable," she said unpinning her hair from under her pink wig, letting her blonde hair fall into loose waves.

"So, you and Speedy, huh?" I smirked. "When did this happen?"

"Well, remember the falling in love in five minutes?" she asked. "True story. It wasn't the first time we met, but it meant the most. In five minutes he swept me away."

"Tell me more," I said like I was a young girl again.

"It was just shy of two and a half years ago," she said slipping into her dress. I helped her with the zipper as she continued, "We were doing a body guard mission together, at a bigwig's birthday party. It was so boring. When you grow up, parties are just for adults to stand around, listen to classical music, rub elbows and gloat how successful they are."

I coughed.

"Oh, yes, back to Speedster. I went as Lady Saffron, and Roy was my plus one. Turns out it was just an empty threat, so the two of us just had to enjoy the evening. At first he couldn't stand me since his focus had recently become solely to joining the Justice League. But that night, in five minutes, he completely changed my view of him, and I think I changed his too," she winked, refusing to tell me more.

"So tell me about the situation in Rhelasia," she asked, putting on foundation.

"Rhelasia was founded in 1855 and it was ruled by the Bokun Dynasty. It divided into North and Sound Rhelasia after World War II," I said rattling off facts from CADMUS and the newspapers. "Tensions are rising between the nations, and both are preparing for war. Talk of a peace summit is going around, but both countries are reluctant."

"Leaders?" she asked, pulling out a mascara wand.

"Prime Minister Tseng of the South, and General Singh Manh Li of the North," I replied instantly.

"Why are they coming to war?" Eyeshadow was next.

"The split occurred because two leaders wanted control over all of Rhelasia. They were both dissatisfied with the outcome, and tensions have been rising since."

"Tell me something the two nations have in common. War is such a heavy talk before church," Saph sighed, parting her lips for a pink lipstick.

"Uh, they both like a tea ceremony," I said unsure of what she was looking for.

"Oooh, so close brat, but you missed it right at the end. Stop saying uh, er, um, and all the others. Ladies don't stutter or falter in there words. And 'both like a tea ceremony'? Make it: both nations have a similar interest in their tea ceremony."

"Yes, I will keep that in mind," I said gracefully as we went into the living room. Roy was all geared up in a new costume. He had on black pants and boots, with a red, sleeveless tunic on top. He ditched the hat, but kept the mask and arrows.

"All right Speedy, I keep her in you capable hands," she said, putting her hands on his chest. I tried to keep my mind from reading between the lines.

"It's Red Arrow," he sighed. I could tell this wasn't the first time they had this conversation.

"You'll always be Speedy to me," she said seductively, kissing him before she left. "I'll be back around midnight," she said waiting in the doorframe. "And no slacking off," she ordered. Red Arrow and I both rolled our eyes.

"Let's get to training," he said taking me to the elevator. He had a key to B2, Saph's private gym. I also saw a few other keys on that ring.

"So this is where you've been staying, huh?" I asked putting the pieces together. "You know the others are worried about you, since you left Green Arrow."

He "hmphed," in reply. "I've been staying in a different apartment while you're here, but yes," he replied. "The others should know I can take care of myself."

"You should come visit the Cave sometime, it'd make everyone's moral skyrocket." The doors opened and he pushed me forward, not answering.

"Dodge this," he ordered, stringing arrow after arrow, and shooting them at me. They were the kind without real arrowheads, but they would still hurt if I got hit. I sighed as I started dodging and weaving past the arrows.

After evading arrows he switched to strength training like Saph would, but then unlike Saph's usual routine of etiquette, we followed with sparring.

He swung his leg at me, and I put up my arm to block, preparing for my next move. That is, until his leg actually made contact. He was more powerful than I thought, and I was knocked over.

"You may be strong, but I'm stronger, taller, and have more experience," he said seriously. "Use a cross block against enemies, and plant your feet into the ground," he showed me how to put my other arm behind my blocking one, so I wouldn't get hurt or taken down.

"If decreases maneuverability and takes away some options, but it's better to stay on your feet. You're a girl, so you have to compensate against larger opponents." I couldn't tell if he was trying to be sexist or not, but he seemed sincere enough, so I let it slide.

"So if I was up against Robin, I could block with one arm?" I asked.

"Maybe, maybe not. He's had training for years, and his boots are made of a sturdy material to balance out his stature."

"I think I could take him," I smirked.

Red Arrow just sighed. "Get ready for the next round," he said, stepping into position.

Twenty minutes later, everything was going well. I hadn't been able to best him, but I could tell I was improving.

Yes, but your true powers are still held dormant sister.

"Ah!" I screamed, feeling the Voice. I shook my head at Red Arrow, his arrow already strung in defense. The Voice wasn't something that could be attacked. It was different than the one I had been hearing recently, but still sounded familiar. It called me sister, but I know for a fact that it wasn't Alice.

"Oh, please don't tell me there are two of you," I groaned.

The Lady will be pleased that you noticed.

"Lady? What Lady?"

The Grey Lady. Or at least that is how it translates in human-tongue. She wishes to meet with you.

"And if I refuse?"

You cannot. She is the Grey Lady; to us the same as your Saphire is to you.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" I snarled, my patience thinning.

She is our leader, our queen. Report to these coordinates tomorrow at noon, sister. She says you may bring Saphire as company.

"If she can come, why'd you bother to wait until she was gone to contact me? You said before that you see what I see, and hear what I hear. I can't keep you out, right?"

With training, it is likely you could expel me from your mind, sister. I have not been in contact with you since your time in CADMUS; I was in charge of your re-education. The Grey Lady was the one communicating with you at that time. She did not wish for our conversation to be interrupted by your mind-reader.

"You are aware as soon as she gets back, I'll let Saph see everything that happened here, right?"

As you wish. As I have said, the Lady extended her an invitation as well. Until tomorrow, sister.

I screamed as I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Roy, don't do that!" I screamed at him, instantly regretting my words.

"Explain. Now." His glare burned through me as I scrambled to process what had just occurred.

"The Voice talked to me. It was telling me I wasn't using my powers the right way." For some reason, I felt Saph should be the first one to know about this "invitation."

"And that's what got you so frustrated? I'm not buying it. You mentioned two of them."

"Turns out I have two Voices in my head now. Look, can we just go back to training, please?" I asked. "I need some time to digest what it said."

"Tch, whatever." I could tell he was still pissed, but he didn't know what to do about me.

We ended up just doing physical training all day. I was panting and sore all over when he finally decided it was time for dinner. As I stretched, I could tell that he was going easy on me in the morning, but the Voice's appearance made him forget holding back.

After we ate, Roy reluctantly watched my etiquette training. I wore a glamorous, long, blue, evening gown Saph got me during my makeover, and severe high heels that were dyed to match. I did all the stereotypical stuff like balancing a dictionary on my head, reciting poetry, and saying "She sells sea shells by the sea shore."

Then I went onto the less conventional methods Saph designed for me such as reading through a dictionary and thesaurus to improve my already vamped vocabulary via CADMUS, practicing facial expressions in the mirror so I would have control in public, and tasting disgusting delicacies so I wouldn't gag and offend others.

I took a break from the delicacies that I was pretty sure were just mistakes Saph cooked up to test me with, and went back to saying the tongue twister. I was standing in front of Roy, who was lounging on the couch with horrendous posture when I was about to start.

"Why do you need to do this?" he asked.

"Saph lives in an elite world. I need to become at least a…" I was about to say lady, but stopped when I remembered the Voice, "an equal if I want to be seen in public with her."

"You're a thirteen year-old girl who had to change her whole world over some weird experiment. Why do you need to be an equal with an overly mature nineteen who spent her whole life with these lessons?" I gasped when I realized he must have had access to my files. And if he had access, who else did?

"How did you find that out?" I asked, wide-eyed. "You shouldn't have League clearance."

"Saffron told me after she first saw you back. She was really distressed, and needed someone to talk to," he said running his hand through his hair. "We're not very secretive with each other, but she keeps League things to the League, although she does tell me the going-ons that aren't classified. This was an exception, since it was you."

"Okay then," I said, taking a seat next to him. "So, you and Saph, huh?" I smirked.

"Okay, kids need to go to bed," he said getting up.

"Oh, come on. You can't just leave me hanging. You guys have been doing this for two and a half years, right? There's got to be at least one story."

"It seems like Saffron's already told you." It was great seeing the composed Roy Harper sweat, and I wasn't about to just let it go.

"Yeah, but tell me your side. It's gotta be good. Saph said you didn't like her at first. Tell me what changed."

"She admired my focus on becoming a League member, and told me."

"You are definitely skipping some parts," I said following him into the kitchen. "She told me you didn't like her. Was it because she left the League?"

"That was her choice," he said stiffly.

"So that was it, wasn't it? You wanted to join the League so bad, and here comes this fine girl who already was a member, and already was retired."

"Your point?"

"So, what made you get past that?" I asked, impatient.

"Why does this matter?" he asked trying to avoid the question.

"Why are you avoiding the question?"

"Bed. Now." I could tell he wasn't in the mood to talk to me, so I yielded, and went to my room and closed the door. It was still early, only nine-thirty. I made a rash decision and put my costume back on.

I had been thinking about it all day, but I didn't think I would actually act upon it. I made a weak camouflage of pillows under my blanket and stepped out onto the balcony I shared with Saph's room. Doing things halfheartedly was an insult. I sighed and snuck into Saph's room, looking for a black wig among her many disguises. I grabbed one similar to my own hair and crept back into my room and readjusted the pillows, and the wig, so the hair was poking out.

I placed my mask over my eyes, and stepped back onto the balcony.

"Don't fail me now," I said putting a force field around myself, so that the people below wouldn't see me. I tried lifting the field and I was lifted into the sky. The coordinates were all the way in D.C., and I was just passing over the Star Bridge. This type of flying disgusted me. I was caged in a little box, and couldn't even feel the wind on my skin.

These powers are a gift, the Voice said. I took a quick breath to steady myself. My powers had already threatened to fail a few times, and I couldn't let that happen.

"If they're such a gift, why give them to a girl like me?" I asked, calming down. Not that I was trying to sell myself short, but I really didn't see any connection.

You are eager to find out, aren't you? Our meeting was not supposed to be until tomorrow.

"I couldn't get Saph wrapped up into this, and besides her it sounded like a private invite. What would have happened if I brought someone else?"

You would not have gained entry, and your so-called Justice would have suspected you.

"Look, can we stop talking until I get there," I sighed. "It's a long travel, and I really need to be quick."

Allow me to help you. My field stopped short, with me still in it. Another field thin and tall emerged in front of me. It was in the shape of an oval, facing me. This was a deeper blue than my fields, and I couldn't see past it. Step inside and your questions shall be answered.

I took a deep breath and thought about it. I could still go back, but then I would be pissed at myself for letting this chance go. I steeled myself and took the first step forward, finding myself standing in front of the CADMUS building.

"How'd I get here? You just transported me across the continental U.S.!" I whispered hurriedly running to the shadows, not wanting to be caught.

You'll have to find me first. The Voice sounded… almost playful. I shook my head and went in, remembering that Guardian was now in charge of this place. If he saw me I'd be in a lot of trouble. Luckily, he wasn't in charge of the front desk, he must've been somewhere else, or off duty. It was ten-thirty.

The clerk seemed young, new to this. I had no idea where the Voice could be, so I put a field around me, hoping that I would stay invisible. I turned the first corner I saw to get out of his vision, and saw a map of the building. I turned to find a computer room, and no one was inside, but all the lights were on, and a computer was even logged on.

This seemed too easy.

I don't like to be kept waiting.

I looked around for traps, but it all seemed clear. I took off my field to go over to the computer and searched my CADMUS file, still standing for a quick getaway.

You should learn to control your powers, you are defenseless.

I couldn't keep my field up, or else it would block the computer. But I wasn't defenseless.

"Either tell me where you are, or keep quiet," I said frustrated. My file said that my powers were merely taken away. According to it, I wasn't supposed to get any new powers, and my aging was an unaccounted side-effect of stripping my flight. I smiled in pride as I read that no memories of mine were confiscated.

I shook my head and kept looking for a lead; whatever was keeping people out of this room wouldn't keep them occupied for long. I scanned the file over and over, but I was not scheduled for any re-education. I rattled of facts in my head that I knew were from my time in CADMUS. I looked at my watch and saw that it was already past eleven.

"Look," I sighed, "I don't have time for this. Please just tell me where you are, or send me home. I don't know why you brought me here, but isn't it rude to just keep me running in circles?"

Perhaps if you ask in our tongue, sister, the other Voice said.

"Tongue? What language do you speak? It seems like English to me."

Your friend is from Mars, no? the Voice that dragged me here said. Think about her people. You should be able to figure this out, or else you are not worth my time.

"Well that's nice," I huffed, rolling my eyes. I searched through my brain over all the things I new about Mars. It was one of the planets I didn't have a lot of information on. I knew tons on Krypton, and planets I didn't even know existed. Then I remembered my first mission with the team.

Will the Lady Grey speak with me now? I asked in the most formal voice I could muster.

Meet me in the chamber where Superboy was held, sister, the second Voice said.

I quickly looked that up on the computer and deleted my history, leaving it just as it was. I put my invisible field back up just as I heard the door click. I turned around and saw two whitecoats before me. I shrunk my field as much as I could and slipped past them before the door closed, making my way to the Project K.

Before me stood a weird bluish creature with yellow horns. He wore a white lab uniform and had red eyes, but black sclera.

Who are you? I asked, going into a defensive position.

"My name is Dubbilex, sister. I will take you to the Grey Lady," he said with a slight bow. "You may speak to me in your tongue, if that is more comfortable."

Take me to her, I ordered, tired of these games. It was half-past and Saph was due home at any time.

I held onto the back of his clothes as Dubbilex led me through pitch black, winding corridors underground before we reached a massive cavern. Little lights were glowing across the ceiling, and two came down to meet us. It was this grey and brownish, insect looking creature with multiple long, thin legs and wings. It's back produced a blue light.

"Come sister," Dubbilex said, leading me farther into the cavern.

Some massive creatures were hauling rocks around, for purposes I could only imagine. They had the stature of an elephant or something similar, and had the same complexion as the insects. We stopped in front of where the creatures were dropping the rocks. They were being placed in a sort of way that made… a house.

"Inside waits the Grey Lady," he said, leading me forward into a large room of stone lit by torches.

I braced myself for some big, powerful, crazy-looking being, and that's exactly what I got… although it was different than I imagined.

Six more grey-brownish creatures stood in front of me, with lean, muscular limbs, and wicked looking blades at their elbows. They each had a tail, and red eyes that glared at me from where they were positioned. Two little creatures stood on an altar, their big, red eyes watching my movements.

But the big, powerful, crazy being wasn't them. It was a tall grey woman with the same skin tone as Dubbilex, standing between the two little ones. She didn't have their brownish skin, but a bluish undertone. Her eyes were the same red, although hers were narrower, especially as she inspected me. She was taller than Superman, but her body was covered by a large, grey, billowing robe that went across her chest, exposing her lean shoulders. There was a light blue turtleneck sticking out of the top of the robe.

Yellow horns like Dubbilex's stuck out on her head, and two smaller nub horns stood in front of the longer ones, like the two small creatures beside her. Her head was round and bald except for her horns, and she had a strong, pointed jaw. The most astonishing thing was that she had no mouth. A blue glow was coming off from her back from under her cloak and I was wondering if I was supposed to pretend it wasn't there or not.

Ah, you are wondering about my light? She asked, warmly.

If you don't mind, Lady Grey. I wasn't sure if this was some kind of test or not, but I was really curious. And if she can see into my mind, there was no use hiding it from her.

Her horns glowed and her robes slipped off, unveiling a long, blue turtleneck dress. The neckline dropped in a diamond form down her flat chest and scooped low down her back revealing large wings that glowed blue like the small insect creatures from before.

I am the Grey Lady, she introduced.

My name is Ember Bane, I replied bowing. She stepped closer and I could see my reflection in her red eyes.

Such bright eyes… I shall name you Litia. It means light from where I come from, she explained.

Where you come from? Does that mean English isn't your language? I asked confused. I heard the tinkling of bells in my head.

You must pardon me. Thought is the universal language, and the language of my people. You cannot lie in your thoughts; your true ideas and nature are exposed for all to see. An idea does not need words, so all creatures can communicate this way.

So those bells were you laughing? I asked trying to make a connection.

Litia suits you well. Such a bright child, she replied. As for the first question, I come from a universe long and far away, destroyed beyond memory. Now it is known as Lost Space. You came to understand your powers. My powers are moving through dimensions, and so are yours.

Moving through dimensions? I asked in disbelief. I didn't doubt that she was capable of it, but me? I just made force fields.

Litia, when inside those fields and you seem to disappear, your tangible body transports to Lost Space. The shield itself is a mechanism to protect you from being split between spaces.

So when you whisked me hear earlier…. I'm sorry, it's not coming to me Grey, I said giving her my own nickname. I felt warm, like I was sitting my a hearth, and assumed Grey approved. This whole thing was insane though. I couldn't quite wrap my mind around it. Zeta beams were hard enough to understand.

I made a rip in this universe to bring you here. A tear in one side, led to the exit in another.

I think I understand, I said unsure. But why bring me here? And what about my time in CADMUS? I looked through my file, and I wasn't supposed to get re-educated, and I sure as hell wasn't supposed to get these powers, whatever they are. I was becoming fed up with all the riddles.

What a strange expression, the Grey said getting off topic. Sure as hell? From my understanding, this hell is an unknown, unproven existence many humans don't believe in.

That's why it's called an expression, I said crossing my arms. So would you please answer my questions?

I found you special. I wanted you to be equal to my son. While they stripped you of your powers, I gave you new ones, and had Dubbilex teach you in ways of the universe, and ways of the Earth.

Son? Now I was thoroughly confused. And what exactly are my powers? I'm still trying to control them, and it's not working out so well.

My sons are all the Genomorphs in existence. When I left Lost Space, it was just me and Dubbilex. We are original creatures. You are aware that the Genomorphs are clones, correct? And where do clones come from?

Parent D.N.A. I answered. So you're the clones' mother. Why do I have to be on equal terms with your son? I looked around at the creatures staring at me.

These Genomorphs are not my only sons. I have sons of human and Kryptonian origins.

Superboy? I asked.

Yes, he is my son. She replied trying to be coy, as if she wasn't thinking about him.

You made me, so I could be on equal terms with your son?

Yes, my son. He's a child without access to the outside world. He is unstable and alone, but he is meant to be the ultimate life-form. You were able to accept my powers Litia and you will be there for him.

Sure, I said, not sure at all. But what are my powers? They never seem to work when I'm training with Saph.

You think too much, she said simply. You cannot read minds, but emotions Litia. Emotions are the truest form of thought. By feeling another's emotions, you can see into their thoughts.

That's great and all, but I didn't even know I had those powers until last week, and haven't used them since. On Earth, you mind is a private place, I said thinking of M'gann.

Yes Litia, but emotions can be so strong that you will not be able to block them from entering your mind. Your "fields" as you have named them respond to your emotions. You cannot tear through space, but you are able to control the ability to go to Lost Space, and perhaps other dimensions. They are as concrete or intangible as you make them to be, and can go into any form.

All right, I said gaining my energy back. Emotions, huh? I can work with that I guess.

Give it time, and it will come to you. I put my faith and power into you Litia. Use them wisely.

What she was saying seemed kind enough, but her words didn't match her actions. Besides the glow of her horns and wings, she hadn't moved a millimeter since I arrived. Her guards all fidgeted while they waited for us to finish talking, and even Dubbilex moved about, rearranging the stones the large creatures from before brought in with his mind.

I am not human Litia. I do not act to your human standards. She must have read my mind, or emotions. I looked down sheepishly, embarrassed my assumption. I looked at my wrist and saw the watch over my gold bands. It was quarter after twelve.

Crap! I exclaimed. Grey, it was great and all talking to you, but I really have to go. Saph was supposed to be back fifteen minutes ago.

I shall send you back, but this is the last time I will make a tear for you. I have made my home on this world, and as such I must follow this world's standards. This was an exception that will not be repeated.

Yes, yes. I can find my way here again from CADMUS or whatever. I said hurriedly, shifting my weight from one foot to another.

Be cautious Litia. CADMUS is unaware of my existence. Since you kept your Saphire from meeting me, you must keep it from her as well.

Unaware? I asked perplexed. Aren't all the Genomorphs from your D.N.A.? Why don't they know about you?

The few that started Project Cadmus have been since… detained. Their memories of me have been disposed of. Before I could inquire more, a dark blue box surrounded me, and her horns glowed the brightest I had seen all night.

I blinked and was back in my room. I heard the front door click, and Saph say hello to Roy. Quickly I stripped out of my Blue Jay costume threw on a nightgown, and chucked the wig under my bed, pulling the pillows so they were more or less around my head. As soon as I closed my eyes, I heard my door open and the two of them walk in.

"So she heard the Voice?" Saph asked Roy.

"During our training today," he replied. "I have no idea what it said to her, she seemed evasive when I asked."

"It's been a while since she heard it; she must have been shocked. And did you say there were two?"

"Seems like it."

"Well, let her sleep. I'll talk to her about it tomorrow."

Authoress' Note: Hurray! Next chapter is up! I hope that all my chapters will come this quickly, but I won't make any promises. So, Grey Lady, now we know where the Genomorphs come from. And a shout out to xasianbuddyx for figuring out half of the Voice! Sorry Ember's been gone from the team for so long, I had to set up for Grey. But the good news is she gets back with them in time for Amazo. So just to clarify, Ember's powers are mind-reading, control of force fields, and transporting to a dimension called the Lost Space. The reason she still sees Earth while in the fields and transports is that Lost Space is, well, lost. So there's nothing to see. And she only actually transports to Lost Space when she goes invisible. Hope that helps, I have no idea where I thought of these powers from, but I think that they're pretty cool. Anyways please review and tell me what you think about Ember's powers and the whole Grey Lady thing. She's going to be pretty important, so I hope you like her.