Kakei was in his office, with Saiga's arms around his waist. "The Ice Queen is stirring," he said. "Ever since those demonic snowmen came, Ice Creatures have been flooding the place, waiting to welcome her."

"But, the Ice Queen won't be able to wake now," Saiga replied. "She can only awaken during the winter solstice, which has already past."

"That may be true, but she can emerge through another loophole, as long as it is still winter here."

Saiga stroke Kakei's hair before replying. "I don't suppose that this loophole deals with something that is easily obtainable?"

A pause; a sigh follows. "It does. The Ice Queen needs to feast on the blood of a male virgin. The boy isn't just pretty; he also has to be naive as well."

"Don't worry about it, love," Saiga replied sweetly into his ear. "Rikuo won't let anything happen to Kazahaya."

That's what I'm afraid of," Kakei whispered. "If Rikuo is not with him, then Kazahaya…will die."


Kazahaya was working quietly, putting up boxes of lip balm on the shelves. Saiga then suddenly wrapped his arms around Kazahaya's waist, startling him into dropping the box that he was holding. "Ah, Saiga! What do you want?" he said.

"Kakei wants to see you in his office, along with Rikuo," Saiga said nonchalantly.

"Do I have to bring that idiot with me?" Kazahaya mumbled under his breath as he stalked off to get Rikuo. Said man slowly crept towards Kazahaya, and pounced on him. "Rikuo, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Kazahaya shrieked.

Rikuo then slipped away from view, already heading to Kakei's office.


"I have a job for you," Kakei said.

"Alright, so what do we do?" Kazahaya asked eagerly.

"There is a cavern in Hokkaido, where a pendant of pure ice is hidden. Your job is to retrieve that necklace and make sure that it isn't damaged in any way. I have already emailed the location to your cell phones. As for any expenses, please save the receipt and you will be reimbursed. Also, you two will need this particular flashlight." Kakei then gives them a peculiar flashlight whose handle was a hue of colors, from red, to white, to black.

"All right. Besides, I could use the money," Kazahaya said. "But does Rikuo have to come with me?"

"Yes, because there are various traps in the cavern that one person alone can't navigate."

"Right, we're on it," Kazahaya said as he and Rikuo left.

"Please stay safe," Kakei whispered worriedly.


"That is one tiny cavern," Kazahaya said in wonder. He shivered slightly in his thin coat. "And how come YOU get to have the nice warm thick coat! After all, you bought it with my money!"

Rikuo immediately clamped his hand around Kazahaya's mouth. "Shut up before someone sees us," he said quietly into Kazahaya's ear. "And don't be fooled by what you see on the outside. You shouldn't let your guard down."

Rikuo then proceeded to enter the cavern, followed by a sulking Kazahaya. The second that Kazahaya stepped into the cavern, a slippery surface was all it took for him to fall into an unseen, deep pit. "Kazahaya, are you alright? Answer me!" Rikuo called out.

"I'm okay," was the echoing reply. Rikuo jumped in after him, and together, they walked down the long tunnel with the peculiar flashlight. Along the tunnel walls were inscriptions that neither of them could read. After a few minutes of walking, Kazahaya stopped, utterly frozen in his tracks. "Idiot, don't just stand there. Keep walking," Rikuo said annoyed.

"But…don't you hear that noise?" Kazahaya asked, confused.

"I don't hear anything. Anyway, we should keep going."

Kazahaya, however, refused to budge an inch. "I can hear it. It sounds like something is coming towards us."

No sooner had he said that, than an enormous boulder the size of a colossal beach ball came tumbling their way. "Kazahaya, watch out!" Rikuo said, catching Kazahaya and pulling him out of danger.

"Rikuo, get off of me! And why's there something shining in my eyes?" Kazahaya said in one long breath.

Rikuo looked up at the object, and a single phrase came out of his mouth. "It's a door."


"A door," Kazahaya muttered. "But, where does it go?" A single touch and the large reflective ice door opened silently to reveal a room of nothing but ice. There were caskets that formed a circle enclosing more caskets in the same pattern that encircled a single casket in the middle, made of glass. Inside of it was a beautiful figure…girl or boy neither Kazahaya nor Rikuo could tell. This person wore a plain white shirt with gray three-quarter pants, and black dress shoes. Kazahaya took a closer look at the marvelous figure. "Look, a pendant!" he exclaimed. The jewel was in the shape of a horse, and very beautiful. Kazahaya moved to remove the lid when Rikuo stopped him from doing so. "You shouldn't touch it; the pendant might be cursed. And, the flashlight handle turned completely black when we entered this place."

"Is that also why the light that it's emitting is blue?" Kazahaya asked while observing the flashlight. Suddenly, he had the urge to touch that beautiful horse pendant and could no longer resist that desire. The second his fingers touched its cool surface, Kazahaya lost all consciousness.


"Kazahaya, wakeup. Wake up, Kazahaya," a voiced called. "Ah…my heads hurts," Kazahaya moaned. "Oi, you shouldn't be so gullible," Rikuo said.

"Gullible! What, exactly, made me gullible!" Kazahaya shouted, his face turning red.

"I'll leave you two alone now," Kakei said, slinking out the door. But neither of them took notice.

"Who do you think you are, calling me gullible!" Kazahaya raged. One second was all it took, for Rikuo to leave a peck on Kazahaya's lips.

"Good night, Kazahaya," he said quietly.


"Well, it seems that the Ice Queen will be sealed for all eternity," Kakei murmured to himself. He was on the couch in his office.

"But, what are we going to do about the pendant?" Saiga asked who was right beside him.

"The pendant was a request from someone, a sorceress, someone who can grant wishes. She is much stronger than me, and I…didn't want to offend her. At any rate, I asked Kazahaya to give the pendant to the girl who specifically asks for it."

"…And the money?"

"She paid six hundred thousand yen for the retrieval of that pendant. It must mean something special to her."

"…Like how you're special to me?"



The bell outside the shop rang as a new customer came in. "Um, excuse me, but I was supposed to come back today, to retrieve a horse pendant," she said. Kazahaya immediately went to her side.

"Are you the client who wanted this?" he said, producing the horse of ice.

"Yes, thank you," the girl said as she took the pendant. "I hope to see you again sometime, Kazahaya," she said sweetly, then promptly turned on her heels and left the drugstore.

"Wait, how did that girl know my name?" he wondered aloud, stunned and completely paralyzed with fear.

A/N: If you haven't read the one-shot manga 'Camelot Garden', then please read it. In fact, that's how I got the

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