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"Babysitting?" I exclaimed. "You've got to be kidding me, right?" All I did was go over my phone bill! By 300 dollars. But this was stupid! Babysitting? Really? I swiveled around in my stool to face my parents walking to our bright orange couch.

My mom sat down and stated, "Alex, you know we have strict rules over going over your minutes. Do you know how much it'll cost us? So, yes. Babysitting seems like an appropriate punishment for you."

"Why can't you just make me skip a meal like normal parents? Or make me work an extra shift downstairs? I mean, seriously! Anything but babysitting!"

"Alex is babysitting? Sweet," my older brother Justin stated. He entered the room from the lair.

I glared at him. I walked over to the couch and sat next to my dad. "Daddy, please! Can't I just do something else? I'm sorry for going over my minutes." I stuck out my lower lip and gave him the puppy dog look.

His stern expression broke for just a second and turned soft. He pulled it back together and said, "Alex, that stopped working for me last year. You're babysitting, and that's final."

I groaned and fell back onto the couch. "Ugh! Fine..." I stressed out the word. "When do I have to do it?"

"Tonight," my parents both said in unison.

My mouth dropped. "Tonight? But it's Halloween! Harper and I are going to a Halloween party!"

Justin balanced against the kitchen counter. He smiled wide and said, "I am so enjoying this."

My mother shook her head. "That's the price you pay, mija. Hopefully you'll learn your lesson."

I threw up my hands. "This is so unfair! Can't it be tomorrow or the day after that? Mom, come on. You were a so-called 'popular kid' in school; you have to know how much this matters to me!"

Justin shook his head unconvincingly.

My mom nodded her head. "I was extremely popular in school - don't doubt that. Very popular. I remember all of the parties I went to back then, - since I was so extremely popular - and I know what you're going through." She swept away some of her hair. "But you're still going, Alex."

"Great. This is perfect," I stated sarcasticly.

Justin interjected. "Oh, boo-hoo. So you miss a party; what's the big deal?"

"Stay out of this, egghead. Like you're even doing anything." I raised a finger. "And if you are, you're probably going over to Zeke's and squeal over how amazing it is that you have a robot to pass out candy for you while watching stupid Sci-Fi movies."

He squinted at me. "So? What if we are? You'll be babysitting three kids under the age of ten."

A dropped my mouth and turned to my parents. "What? Three kids? I'm not even good with one, let alone three!"

My mom got up and headed for the kitchen. "Alex, the McCoy's said they were all sick anyways. They'll be sleeping the whole time." She grabbed some chips and placed them in a bowl.

I huffed and crossed my arms. "Whatever. I am not changing any diapers though."

"I'd love to see that," Justin stated. He grabbed a chip and munched on it.

"I bet you would," I stated snarkily.

My mom placed her elbows down on the counter. "Oh, and, Justin? You're driving her by the way."

His hand froze halfway into eating another chip. "What? Mom, come on. She can drive herself."

Dad said, "It's too long of a drive. We don't want her driving home in the dark."

I pointed at him. "Ha-ha."

He mumbled under his breathe.

"This is a long drive," I stated. We'd been driving down the same winding road for the past half hour. Before that, we'd been driving around for fifteen miuntes.

He tapped his fingers against the steering wheel. "Yeah, and you better not call me to pick you up an hour after I drop you off."

I looked at him. "What if I did?" I paused and added, "And what would be so important that you couldn't come and pick me up? Don't tell me you'll be so hypnotized by Pumpkinhead."

"So what if I am? It's a long-ass drive, and I don't want drive out here again until you're done babysitting."

"What a courteous brother you are, Justin. I love how much you care for me." I looked out the window on my side, but it was the same scene. Green, green, green, and brown. Just trees and nothing else. On Justin's side, their was a lake. "Who would even want to live out here anyway?" I asked skeptically. "I mean it has to get lonely. I bet they don't even have neighbors."

"That's probably why they asked you to babysit for them," Justin answered like it was the most obvious answer in the world.

Suddenly, the road ended, and a huge house came into view. "Wow," I said.

"That's a nice house," Justin muttered. He pulled up into the drive and turned off the ignition.

We got out of the car and took a closer look at the house. It was large alright. It could be considered a glass house if you thought of it that way. It was three stories and was very chic and modern. They didn't have any decorations up for Halloween, so it kind of looked bleak with with the sun setting. There was a small cabin across the lake.

Justin stated, "I wouldn't mind living here."

I moved my hands up and down my arms to warm myself up. There was a slight breeze. "It's kind of creepy if you ask me."

Justin stared at me solemnly for a moment.

"What?" I asked self-consciously.

He looked away and said, "Let's go inside."

We knocked on the door, and it opened a few seconds later.

A woman stood in the doorway. She yelled, "Eric, she's here!" She wore a tight, light blue tunic with black leggings underneath. She had a pair of black sunglasses perched on top of her dark, straight hair. She seemed to be in her mid-thirties. "Come inside! We're running a late for our dinner reservations, so I'm going to try and make this as quick as possible." She led the way into the living room. "Eric!" she yelled again.

Justin and I traded glances.

"Is this your boyfriend? We'd rather you not have anyone here with you," she asked suspiciously.

"No," Justin and I said at the same time. We were just as quick also.

"He's my brother. He just drove me here," I assured.

She eyed us suspiciously. "Well, alright. Anyways, this is the living room and you can tell. You can watch T.V., listen to music, use the phone; whatever you like." The room was bigger than our kitchen, dining room, and living room put together!

She started to walk again. She lead us to the kitchen. Everything was stainless steel, and I could only imagine how big the pantry was. "Kitchen, as you can tell. Eat whatever you like. Again, there's a phone in here. On the fridge, there's a list of all of the phone numbers. We're heading to dinner first, and we'll probably go to a movie after, so expect us back around midnight." She looked up towards the ceiling. "Eric, for christ's sake!"

She lead the way back into the entryway. "We have a live-in tutor for our children. She lives in the guest house across the lake, but comes in here frequently; so don't be alarmed if there's movement going on anywhere. She might be staying here the whole night or not. She might leave to go take care of her sister who's expecting." She added, "The kids' bedrooms are on the second floor, first and second doors on the right. There's Lacey, Rebecca, and Connor. They're sick with flu, so please don't disturb them. They're also not allowed any sweets after six."

Suddenly, a man came stalking down the steps of the stairs. He had blonde hair and wore a white, button-up shirt with a pair of jeans. He looked the same age as his wife. "Alex, is it?"

I smiled. "That's me."

"Is this your boyfriend?" he asked.

His wife stated, "Brother," with a non-believing expression.

"Ahh." He smiled. "Did my Ariel explain everthing to you? You seem kind of taken-back."

"I think so," I stated.

"Well, if you need anything, there's emergency contacts on the firdge."

"I already told them that," Ariel said annoyingly. She grabbed her purse from the table next to the door.

"We should be leaving then," he said. He opened the door, but added one more thing. "We have - or I should say had - an alarm system, but it's been out of whack lately, so it might go off at random times. If the operator asks for the number, it's 5813. Oh, and remember, we'd rather you not have company here. We should probably be leaving now. Happy Halloween."

They left.

"The wife's a bitch," I stated automatically.

"Don't curse in front of the kids," Justin stated.

I rolled my eyes. "Of course not."

"Remember, if you need anything just give me a call, okay?" he said genuinely.

"But you just said in the car not to call you."

"If it's not important. But it's not like I'm not going to come back up here if you need anything. I'm starting to worry a bit."

"So now you're feeling sorry, huh?" I asked.

He glanced at his watch. "Look, I need to go. Movies start in an hour."

I waved my hand. "Well, bye then."

"Are you sure you're gonna be okay?" He looked at me sympathetically.

"I can call you?" I asked.

"Of course." He twirled his keys around his finger.

"Then, yes, I will. You better pick up though."

He rolled his eyes. "Bye, Alex."

He shut the door behind him.

I headed straight for the kitchen.

Once I entered, I noticed three little kids eating out of a carton of chocolate ice cream.

A girl with strawberry blonde hair and bright green eyes asked, "You the babysitter?" She couldn't of been older than eight.

"You the kids?" I asked.

"You could say that," the girl stated.

Suddenly, the carton of ice cream fell to the tiled ground.

"Whoopsie," another girl asked. She had brown hair with startling blue eyes and looked five-ish. She had a lisp, so she really sounded like, "Whoopthee."

The ice cream starting to melt down the cracks of the tile.

"Well," I started. I placed my hands of my hips. "This should be fun."

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