My father was a soldier when I was a little girl. During that time we lived in peace so i get to see my father almost everyday. I always thought that I had the best father ever, even if the times he came home he seemed to be tired, but he would always save time just to talk to me even if it was just for a minute. Times where he didnt seem tired he would tell me stories about adventures, heros, and the good guys always win. When I went to school I remember always telling people about how my father was so cool because he defeated the bad guys. My dad always said that he wanted me to become a great soldier that protected everybody and i would promise that i would do it just to protect him and mommy. He would just smile and ruffle my hair.

One day coming home i was met with my mom silently weeping on the kitchen floor. Alarmed I ran to her trying to see ifshe was hurt and uponed getting to her I noticed a piece of paper innocently lying next to her. Picking up the paper I was to young to really understand what all it said but I did understand that it was a letter from the army where my dad works. There was one word that Sakura really didn't understand so she asked her mother, "mommy what does fatality mean?"

Thta day it was like a piece of me died. There was no more heroic stories or dad's famous day I vowed that I would become a soldier to protect kids from getting the devastating news that I gotten. That day I also promised to find a way to prevent people dying in war. Of course I knew it was an impossible task, but that didnt deter me. I then decided that I would help go home to see there families.

At the age of 15 I enrolled into early classes preparing me for the millitary. I majored in medicine, but had a natural infinity for hand to hand combat, robotics, and weapons. Two years later i gained the attention of the dean. He told me that my skills were above ordinary and that it was my decision to go to a training facility that was built for my kind, the naturally gifted. Which now starts my story, the story of Sakura Haruno.

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