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Percy POV:

"So, how was the date with Annabeth last night, man?" Grover asked.

"Gods, Grover. Why do you have to be so nosy?" I replied

"I have an empathy link with you, Percy. I need to know this kind of stuff."

"Well, whatever. It went pretty well. I mean, we didn't make out or anything like that. We just went to go see a movie. We held hands, and Annabeth rested her head on my shoulder a few times, but that was it."

"Did you do that lame trick with how you 'pretend' to yawn and put your arms around her?" Grover asked chuckling.

"No! I did not, Mr. I-Must-Know-Everything," I retorted.

Grover put up his hands in surrender. "Alright, alright."

Annabeth POV:

I was in the middle of sword-fighting with Clarisse. Clarisse was a tough girl to beat, but I can easily take her. She's all offense, and no defense. No battle strategy, unlike me being daughter of Athena and all.

I jabbed and swung my bronze knife and sword around. Clarisse did the same, except she was backing up with every blow I made. I eventually knocked her sword out of her hands and had my knife to her throat.

"Fine, Prissy. You win…" She said in defeat.

"So, who's willing to face me?" I said, with (I admit it) a big head.

There was a slight pause until I heard a voice from the back of me.

"I will," the voice said. It was Percy. He walked up to me in full battle armor and Riptide in his right hand. He had a huge crooked smile on his face, as if he already knew he was going to win.

"Bring it on Seaweed Brain," I said accepting the challenge.

I got into my ready-position. In the background there was chanting.

"Per-cy! Per-cy!" Some parts of the crowd chanted.

"Ann-a-beth! Ann-a-beth!" chanted the rest of the campers.

"Ready, 1-2-3. BATTLE!" declared Clarisse. But before we could even start the fight, we were interrupted.

And the thing that interrupted us was a manticore. Percy looked stunned.

"How could it have gotten through the walls of camp?" he asked.

We both knew how though. Someone, from the inside of camp must have summoned it. Everyone drew out their weapons.

"Let's go. Percy said. And we ran at full speed towards the manticore.

I jabbed at the monster, as Percy was distracting it at the front. Golden blood trickled from its side. The manticore turned around, fast as lightning, to where I was standing. It then swiped its clawed-paw at my waist, and was about to indulge poison into me with its stinger.

Percy POV:

I saw the manticore have Annabeth trapped with no where to go, and its stinger aimed at her middle body. I did the only thing that I could do to save her. I probably should have thought about it twice, but I didn't have time for that. This was life or death.

I started to run towards her.

Annabeth POV:

I was waiting for searing pain, but all I could hear was loud thump and a loud cry. I opened my eyes and saw Percy on the ground hugging his leg. He took the manticore's poison for me. I needed to get him to Chiron, but I had the manticore right in front of me.

I ran toward it with my dagger held out in front of me. I was filled with rage. I slammed my knife into the chest of the manticore and it immediately turned to dust.

I went straight over to Percy, who was now unconscious. I didn't have the strength to carry him to the Big House, after the battle with the manticore, so I had to run. I didn't know that I could run that fast, but I did. When I finally got to the Big House, I burst open the doors.

"Chiron we need a medic and immediate help, FAST! Its Percy!"

He had me hop onto his back, and he galloped over to where the fight to took place. Percy was still in the same spot, unconscious. It was very clear where the manticore struck him, because his right leg was swollen and puffy. There was a huge gash on his thigh, with yellow puss oozing out of it.

Chiron held Percy in his arms and he ran all the way to the infirmary. He told me that I should head outside for a moment, until the examination is done. I tried to protest, but eventually gave up, because Chiron isn't the easiest guy to reason with.

About an hour later, I was still standing outside of the infirmary. I was wondering how Percy was doing, and if he was okay. It was complete torture to stand out here. I couldn't stop thinking about the worst-case-scenarios that could possibly happen.

Then finally Chiron came out. "You can come in, Annabeth."

I didn't hesitate, I practically ran into the infirmary, where I saw Percy on a cot, still unconscious. He had a huge bandage around his thigh, and the blood was already starting to seep into it.

"He'll live," said the Apollo camper that treated Percy. I think his name was Matthew. "But he might not be the same."

"How?" I asked nervously.

"You see, the poison didn't do much damage to his body, besides his leg," Matthew began. "His right leg has been severely injured. The poison killed most of the blood cells in his leg, and losing this circulation…" he paused dreading what he will have to say to Annabeth. "He may not be able to use that leg."

"Like, ever?" I asked, almost on the verge of crying.

"The odds aren't very good." He said with a shake in his voice. "It will be a shame to lose such a great fighter."

I couldn't believe that he could jut think of Percy as a 'great fighter.' He was so much more than that. He was my best friend, and not to mention boyfriend. Percy wouldn't just lose his ability to fight, he will lose his ability to walk.

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