Leprechauns aren't green!

A/N: this is the sequel to "Please Don't Kill Me" but this is in Ravens POV :D Enjoy.

I already know Beast boy told you all about his little valentines present, the tabloids had a field day with that—I still wonder what compelled Cyborg to take that picture and trick Beast boy into telling him of that day. This is the story of another holiday that isn't too far away from valentines and before Beast boy changes the story to make him seem more macho, I will tell you the completely true account of what will always be referred to as "The Leprechaun Accident".

I wake up at 6 A.M. and look at the calendar. It was another hallmark holiday that I had to live through. Why did people celebrate these holidays anyway? I mean grandparents day, seriously? Anyway I walk down the hallway half awake until I reach the Ops and suddenly awake—half because of the Irish music at such high volumes and half because of the food that I can smell—I look around and see that everyone is awake and happily eating green food.

Green pancakes, green bacon, green eggs, green tofu, green tea, green milk, green apples, green attire, gree- wait, green attire! That was a light surprise for me, an even bigger surprise when Beast boy acknowledged me and turned so I could read his shirt.

"Kiss me, I'm Irish!" he exclaimed with the biggest smile he could ever possibly have "come on Rae, its good luck." He finished wiggling his eyebrows. I looked him over and smirked as I formed my reply,

"You know Beast boy not all leprechauns are from Ireland." I said in my normal monotone. Beast boy's face fell about 500 feet below sea level at this and the other at least chuckled or giggled. He looked at me with a defiant smile "Rae-Rae, leprechauns aren't green." I gave him a rare smile and turned as I made my exit

"Really? You fit the other criteria: Short, Irish, childlike, and you hoard 'treasure'"

As I walked I could hear Cyborg's deep laugh echoing as they taunted Beast boy. Suddenly I heard steps chasing me down the hall; I turned and came face-to-face with the changeling. "So Raven how about that kiss?" I froze and remembered Valentines; my inner instinct took over and I kissed him like I had on that day. I destroyed 20 windows, 23 light bulbs, and 19 small trinkets in various rooms; much more controlled then before.

That's how my St. Patrick's Day went. How was yours?

A/N: so was that cute? And a day early! so glad I met the my deadline