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Two pairs of eyes looked down upon me as I fell, two pairs of very different eyes. One, wide and glassy, showing great fear; the other conveying that their owner was smirking in triumph at having sent me to my death. I turned in midair to face the earth, watching it approach rapidly. I closed my eyes in fear and curled up, preparing for the end.

2 days ago...

It was the last time for awhile that I felt safe.

I sighed in annoyance at the loud bout of cheering that ensued from the result of our team scoring. "Remind me how you made me come with you?" I asked Nadia for what seemed like the 20th time, which it probably was.

"Because" she said, poking me as she munched on her popcorn, "You need to get out more instead of being cooped up inside." We were at one of the varsity football games, which involves several things I despise. Social events, being in public, and I'm not exactly a fan of sports either. So somehow, she had convinced me to get out and "get some fresh air" as she put it. So now, I'm standing here against the side of the bleachers, thanking God that it was the second half.

I crumpled up the empty bad of sour gummy worms I'd been eating and held out my hand. "I'll take your trash" I offered to her. She smiled and gave it to me, turning back to the game for which I did not allow my attention. I walked through the crowd of eager freshman, the opposite of myself, and the upperclassmen to the small concession stand. Someone bumped shoulders with me while I glanced one way, and looking back I saw it was Drake, smirking as he walked away. It was surprising to me that someone as big as him wasn't actually out on the field, but then again the smartest thought that came into his head was to remember to breathe, so he probably didn't keep his grades up enough to qualify.

Dropping the litter in the trash can, I turned to walk back to Nadia, but then did a quick glance back; a pair of bright blue eyes had been coming from...somewhere...and had been entirely on me. Wherever I had seen them was devoid of them now. Shrugging as a way to comfort myself, I turned and fast walked, a feeling of dread creeping up my spine and causing me to shiver.

Finally, an hour or so later, the game ended, our team getting swamped 45-0. I wasn't caring or complaining about the loss at all, it didn't change anything. I turned to my brunette friend, "Can we go now? Please?"

She sighed and replied "Yeah, sure. Let's go."

Luckily, our high school was only a twenty minute walk from my apartment, and we were planning to crash there for an hour, since it was only eight. We were making our way there when I began to get that feeling again; that something was in the air, and that there was an alien presence.

However, as I has began to quickly glance around, I noticed the world wasn't fading to a gray texture, and the city was still very much alive. That was the moment when I realized something was wrong. Very, very wrong.

In the distance, at what is basically our city's Times Square, but called "The Crossroads", there came the sound of hundreds of people screaming. People up and down the block we were on became wide eyed, and being the curious people they were, started to make the job for a few blocks to get there. I glanced back at my friend, who also had her eyes open wide and her hand was covering her mouth. "Will, what was-"

I cut her off. "I'm going to check it out" I told her in a probably too aggressive tone, "I'll be back soon, just stay here, okay?"

She looked startled at this and shook her head, her eyes having that look that just said 'no.' "I'm not letting you go alone, it could be dangerous."

The wind began to pick up, and I realized whatever was at The Crossroads, I had to deal with. Reluctantly, I turned and starting running as I called out to her over the wind. "Fine!"

She surprisingly caught up to me within seconds, and stopped me, holding my shoulders. This was the most serious look she'd ever given me. "You know what's happening, don't you?" I tried to look amused, but I failed miserably. "I can're giving off something that's just...telling me..."

More screams. I couldn't talk to her now, bigger things were happening. I tried to take her hands off my shoulders in the quickest but the gentlest way possible, but to her I think she was just as hurt if I'd threw them away. "We'll talk later, I promise."

That was the first mistake I made today, as I ran away from the girl I cared for so dearly. She watched me for a few seconds before slowly walking the direction I took, toward The Crossroads.

By the time I made it there, the screams had subsided, but the tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. There were about a couple thousand people running along the outside of the square that made the Crossroads, and they were all quivering in fear, some staring up in wonder, and some looking dumbly at the center, where it looked like there had been some sort of earthquake/explosion; the earth was all torn up, and a crater as large as basketball court was in that wreckage.

My eyes widened when I saw the bodies-literally hundreds of them. Some had a person or two embracing them, sobbing in terror at the lost of their friend or loved one. I became enraged at this, and finally glared up at the one who was responsible.

A tiny speck of a figure that had been hovering near the top of the clock tower now descended enough to be seen clearly. It was about 4 feet tall, and was dressed in a red cloak, which covered what I assumed to be clothes made out of straw, which stuck out a few inches out from the cloak. It also wore gloves of the same material, a belt that was seemingly wooden circles and small sticks bound with string, and small pointed boots.

However, the eye drawing feature was the mask that it wore. It had a heart shape, with a horn on each bump, and four going down the sides. They two eyes were bright orange, and were surrounded by a red area that stretched down to the bottom of the mask. There were some other dots and shapes filling in the rest, with a yellow shape around the top horns, the rest being filled in with purple.

The figure laughed maniacally, and surprised; it was the voice of a kid, albeit more sinister in nature and mischievous.

"Ha ha ha, they're going to stay like that forever!" it laughed, basking in the destruction it had caused. In an abrupt change, it stopped laughing, paused for a moment, and looked around. "Oh poo, none of you think my power is funny, do you?"

The crowd gathered around the destruction stood silent, and I guessed most of them were still in shock or something. The figure seemed to pout. "Well fine then, I guess I'll just have to show some more of it!"

I couldn't think of anything to do to stop it, because revealing myself could have more dangerous consequences. All I knew at the moment was that an anomaly-the strangest one yet-had broken the rules from before. It could interact and kill people-and it still hadn't even acknowledged me, it's real only threat at the moment. My sword was no longer on my back-I had discovered that when running to the Crossroads, so I had no real weapon at the moment. I was powerless.

The figure stretched its arms and legs, its mask facing the starry sky, and it began to shake violently. For a second no one moved or said anything. Then, people began to scream, and looking up, I saw why.

The moon was getting bigger-much bigger. It was coming down toward the Earth at a high speed, and everyone began to scream louder and flee in terror. The figure didn't seem to mind, and stopped it's odd dance type ritual, looking down at me directly.

The moon was now only a few miles above us, but it was significantly smaller compared to normal. And it was twisted unto the figure's desires-it now had bright red eyes, a large crater filled nose, and a wide grimace. The few who had remained now joined the rest, running away in fear, but pretty much hopelessly running; the moon crashing would spread over miles and obliterate probably the entire state.

The figure chuckled, and I was somehow able to hear it over the still existing screams. "In less than three days, this city will be crushed underneath the might of the moon." It stated simply, and finished with "I can't wait to see the finale". It turned and rose up to the top of the clock tower, disappearing from view.

I stood there, and contemplated my chances. I was faced with the lives of over a million people on my shoulders, and already I had failed to save the lives of the hundreds in the crater of destruction in front of me. Sighing, I turned and sat on one of the benches, putting my face in my hands, before a hand was laid on my shoulder. I peeked out to see another familiar face-or familiar hood. The black cords that hung from his cloak swung back and forth as he sat down.

"We need to talk."

Yay, end of chapter. Wait, yay? I hope you're not saying that. Well, with Skyward Sword just around the bend, I'll hopefully be able to crank out another chapter before I get wrapped up in it.

And if my writing is so poor that you didn't know, the child like figure is indeed Skull Kid, wearing the cursed Majora's Mask.