A/N: First off, Hi! This is my first Supernatural fanfic. But not my first slash fic. I fully intend to make this into a multi-chapter fic, but please be patient. I have a bad habit of dropping my fics randomly and picking them back up later. Ok, so I was watching Season 5 of Supernatural while reading Castiel/Dean and vice versa dirtiness and I noticed in everyone before Season 5 they mention Sam leaving Dean and me being me I was like, so what, Dean loves Sam, but he'll settle for Cas? Keep in mind I haven't seen Seasons 1-4 but I gather that's not what they really mean. So, then I thought why not make a fic about Cas/Dean without Sam angst? Of course then I started thinking about all the different figures from religion that show up and I noticed one missing. One, that perhaps ought to be seven, but I'm making one with seven different personalities. So, Here's the story description.

Description: Dean and Sam have stopped the apocalypse and Sam is back, (and because I have no idea what's happening in Season 6) so is Castiel and Crowley. Crowley drops in to tell the boys about a young woman who is trying to raise one of the four horsemen. Just one little snag, she wants to bring back Death.

Pairings: Dean/Castiel Death/OC

Sin's Tantrum

Listening to: Jen Titus' Oh, Death

Crowley was sure of several things at once when he appeared in the Winchester's current residence. One, someone had indulged in some serious getting off time. Two, It wasn't Sam as he was in a deep sleep on the couch. Three, someone hadn't finished getting off, because of someone else popping in. And lastly, that the one who'd been caught was Dean Winchester, and the one who caught him was his pet angel Castiel.

Both sat awkwardly at the table, Dean kept readjusting his pants under the table and Castiel was just staring at him. Clearly, the two were at a loss to what to do with this situation. "Hey, boys." Crowley crowed, deciding, it'd have to be up to him to fix this. "Having fun?"

"Go away, Demon." Castiel bit off turning his head to stare at Crowley.

"Oh, I'm hurt." Crowley pouted as he sat down in between the two men. While, man and angel, but who cares? "I just came to deliver you a job. A perfectly good job with hardly any risk, and this is what I get?" Crowley whined.

"Yeah, ok, sure. Look, Crowley, No offense, but we can't deal with you right now. We have other things on our plate, right now." Dean growled shooting Crowley a particularly scathing glare.

"Yes, I suppose you're right. You're busy dealing with getting caught by an angel while getting off is a much more important issue than a good-looking sexy young woman who wants to summon one of the four horseman." Crowley replied with a grin. Dean's ears visibly perked at the word sexy, and Castiel's eyes widened at the word horseman.

"What do you mean?" Castiel and Dean asked both giving their attention to Crowley fully now.

"Oh, so we'll just glaze over the whole masturbating thing, eh?" Crowley asked with a smirk. Both men glared at him. Sam snorted in his sleep.

"Ok, so I was passing through this little nowhere town when I happened to notice a few odd things." Crowley offered. "Lots of people were acting strangely and I looked into and I find out this woman is manipulating them into making them act a certain way in order to bring out one of the four horsemen."

"Ok," Dean began slowly frowning at Crowley's rushed explanation. "So, was she successful? Do we need to stop her?" Crowley frowned and pursed his lips. He had to word this just right, or he was going to be knee-deep in a world of despair.

"No, she wasn't successful. No, you don't need to stop her." Crowley answered easily. He glanced sideways at Castiel. Who was simply doing his usual nerdy stare.

"Then what do you need us for?" Castiel asked.

"I need you to help her actually." Crowley didn't have much time between the words leaving his mouth and his body being slammed against the wall by the angel. "Wait!" He yelled before Cas could do any more damage. "It's not what you think! Let me explain, ok?" Crowley asked, Castiel stepped back, but not far enough. Crowley shivered slightly. That angel had punch! "Ok, now look. She just wants to bring one horseman back. It's not to start the apocalypse, again. She just wants to talk to him."

"Yeah, sure, no problem. She wanna talk to Satan, too?" Dean growled angrily already standing up. No one seemed to notice the woman seated on the counter watching them. "Maybe we ought to hand over the antichrist to the demons while we're at it!"

"Dean, we lost him." Cas pointed out in his usual manner.

"Cas, It's sarcasm." Dean growled before turning back to Crowley. Still not noticing the woman watching them from her perch. "Crowley, have you lost it? Bring back one of the horsemen? We pissed them all off. Well, except maybe Death, but I think he at least dislikes me." Dean growled. Crowley winced slightly as he finally recognized the creature seated on the counter. He was in a world of suffering. He already felt the familiar tightening in his chest and lower abdomen. "There's no way we're bringing any of them back."

"Dean, you have to. It has to be you and Sam." Crowley growled, bending over at his waist. The pain was building. Faster than normal. "It's not a request."

"Crowley, don't you have someone waiting for you?" The woman spoke up, making Castiel and Dean both jerk in surprise to stare at her. She was stretched out along the counter perfectly. Her hair was long and wavy and draped in river lets along her long neck and traced down her long pale arms. Her alabaster skin disappeared underneath a strapless blue gown, her hips were wide and beautiful. She was curvy and wavy and just the picture of beauty. Dean stared in shock. She sat up slowly and crossed her impossibly long legs and pointed one blue high heel at Crowley. "You really ought to go see your angel." She warned her lips curling into a smirk. She was even wearing blue lipstick, and two blue cow earrings.

"Who the hell are you?" Dean growled already starting to reach for his gun. Which he left on his bed. Dammit. "What are you doing here?"

"Weren't you listening to Crowley? I need your help." The woman purred slowly sliding off the counter. Dean hesitated silently taking in the form in front of him. She was, truthfully, gorgeous and completely fuckable. She was like sex on legs. "And it's really not a request." She purred as she sauntered close to them. Dean heard Crowley make a pitiful whining noise and then he was gone.

"What'd you do to Crowley?" Dean asked glancing at where Crowley had been.

"Nothing. He left. Of his own free will. I just simply encouraged his leaving. Gave him an excuse, really." The woman explained as she leaned casually against their table. Her long locks falling over her bare shoulders once more.

"So, you want us to help you bring one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse back to life? Not gonna happen, lady." Dean growled. "Tell her, Cass." Dean said turning to get back up from Castiel, when he realized Castiel was busy staring holes into the girl. She simply smiled wickedly.

"So, Castiel, You gonna help?" She asked gently tracing one fingernail up his throat, one blue nail tapping his chin. Castiel didn't answer his eyes locked onto her, his whole body shaking as she lifted her thumbnail to brush lightly along his chin. "Oh, my sweet little Castiel. You haven't forgotten me, have you?" She asked. Castiel let out a slow shakey breath. "You'll help me, won't you?" She asked smirking as she looked back at Dean.

"Yes, Sin." Castiel whispered as a slow trail of blood trickled down his nose.

End Chapter 1. Why? Because if I don't it'll be one long chapter story converted into one chapter. So. Take a break. Breath. Check my references. If you already know who and what Sin is, kudos. Yes, that is her name. Yes, she will be explained in the next chapter. And here's a hint. The color she wears tells you what personality she's in. Also her eyes change color, too.