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Sin's List

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"Ok, so what's next on the list?" Dean asked as he glared straight ahead. Sam looked moderately disturbed as he looked at the CD in his hand. He didn't want to know where Becky had gotten this particularly nasty DVD from, but apparently it involved some seriously obsessed Supernatural fans.

"So, we're not gonna talk about this one?"

"No, no, we're not. What's next?" Dean growled eyes glued on the road as his grip tightened on the steering wheel. Some of the stuff they had to get was just plain stupid. Some of it seemed like the real deal, but one thing was for sure. Sin was having fun sending them out for stuff. She'd shown up twice during their hunt, each time grinning wickedly.

"It says we need a woman in white's victim, and a Wendigo crystal still." Sam mumbled frowning down at the sheet of paper. "Woman in White, though, they kill their victims, so, I think that one is a joke."

"No, you're a victim of a Woman in White, you survived. Just barely, but I think you'll do for that one. And the Wendigo crystal I looked up, apparently there's a statue of a creature called a Balverine made out of crystal that is a dead ringer for a Wendigo." Dean explained as he turned back on to the interstate. Sam frowned, but agreed. He'd do for the victim thing, but the Wendigo crystal was iffy.

"Why can't we just ask Sin what she means by a Wendigo crystal?" Sam asked turning to look at Dean. Dean glared at him.

"You want to call that psycho up? No, thank you. I'd rather pray for Cas to show up in something other than his trench coat." Dean answered gruffly, his mind immediately jumping to an image of Castiel in nothing, but his trench coat. Now, there was an image he didn't need in his head while he was driving with his younger brother.

"No, I mean, we need help. Why not just ask her? I mean, she's the one who wants all this stuff." Sam pointed out as he glanced in their back seat. After Castiel had helped them go through the things that he knew didn't exist the list had been narrowed down to just a few things. The angel stuff they got from Castiel himself, excluding the sperm. Apparently, there was no way to bring angel sperm to earth without it turning to normal sperm.

"Because if we ask her, she'll probably just laugh at us and not tell us anything." Dean pointed out making Sam nod in agreement. "In the mean time, call Cas, we need him to help us sort through some of this stuff."

"Fine, fine, I'll call your-"

"Don't say it, dude. He's not my anything, ok?" Dean growled pointing a finger at his brother. Sam rolled his eyes. While Dean was still awkwardly avoiding talking with Castiel about some of his more recent problems, he had told Sam about how the angel made him feel.

"Fine, sure, he's not. Whatever you say." Sam teased as he dialed. Dean didn't want to tell Castiel about his feelings, that was fine. But lately, all Dean did was take really hot or cold showers and avoid being alone with Castiel. The closest Dean had come was earlier at the start of this hellish job, when Cas had walked in on him jerking off in a rare moment of solitude. Sam had stepped out to give Dean his privacy after a particularly loud wet dream.

"Shut up, Sam." Dean growled angrily. He couldn't explain when exactly things changed, but they had. One second it was normal. Cas was just a friend who had no concept of personal space. Then, suddenly Cas was amazingly perfect for Dean, as more than just his personal guardian angel. His dreams started filling up with Castiel, and not all of it was about sex. Most of it was. But some nights it was just him and Castiel living together, holding each other, or even just kissing with no need or want to go any further.

"Hey, Castiel, we're about to pull over on- What do you mean you see us?" Sam asked suddenly paranoid, making Dean jump as well.

"I mean I see you." Castiel said suddenly appearing in the car, phone still held to his ear. Dean could hear the echo in the phone and was suddenly reminded of the morgue, when they had stood so close. Only inches away, just a breath away from kissing.

"Cas! Could you not do that!" Dean yelled nearly swerving off the road. "What the hell, man?"

"I was collecting a few ingredients Sin failed to list, nearby and saw the impala drive by." Castiel explained easily. "So, what do you need?" Dean really focused hard on not saying "for Sam to get the hell out and for me to join you in the backseat." Really hard. Like he should win an award for not shoving Sam out onto the road.

"It's the list, all that's left is a Wendigo Crystal." Sam said turning around to show Castiel the list. "Do you know what it is?" Sam asked when Castiel raised one eyebrow in surprise.

"Of course, everyone in Heaven knows of the Wendigo Crystal." Castiel answered, suddenly reaching out to take the list from Sam. "I'm surprised she listed it, though." Castiel stared down at the list as if in shock until Dean glanced in the rear mirror.

"So, What is it? And where can we find it?" Dean asked making Castiel look up from the scrap of paper. Cas' eyes locked onto him as if startled. Dammit, why did that go straight to his pants?

"It's a crystal that Sin had made especially for her. She created one of the first Wendigo's by waiting for a famine and causing a person to indulge in Gluttony. When Death found out he was shocked and ordered by an angel to kill Sin, to teach her lesson. Death went to Sin and told her to kill the Wendigo or he would kill her. Sin called the Wendigo to her and ripped out its heart. She told Death to kill it for her, he did, and she gave him the heart of the Wendigo. He took the heart and had an angel turn it into a crystal." Castiel explained pausing for a breath. Dean frowned, of course, the crystal had to have something to do with Sin and Death's weird obsession with each other.

"Death brought the crystal back to where he thought Sin was, but she was gone. He hid the crystal for her and left. Supposedly, Sin went back to look for it and when she found it she turned it into a necklace and wore it everywhere." Castiel finished. "But no one's really sure whether she actually has the necklace, or if the whole stories made up."

"Well, if it's the size of a heart, it would be pretty hard to miss. Did you see a necklace on her?" Dean asked with a shudder. Yep, Death holding a heart was definitely a boner killer. He'd have to keep that in mind, next time Castiel decided to come into their hotel room without warning.

"Yes, I saw a chain. But I couldn't see what was on it." Castiel answered shifting nervously as Dean began to pull off the road. "Supposedly, the heart was very small, and the crystal is even smaller."

"Yeah, well, that's just great." Dean growled as he parked the car. "So, now I have to turn around, go all the way back to Carthage, and ask Sin if she's the stupid thing." Dean growled already putting the car back in reverse.

"Or not." Crowley said suddenly appearing next to Castiel. Dean threw the car into park and both brothers spun on the demon.

"What the hell? How did you find us?" They asked at the same time. Crowley smirked and placed a set of sunglasses on his nose as he leaned back to relax.

"I looked for him." He explained pointing at Castiel. "Look, the Wendigo Crystal. Sin doesn't have it. Never did. Death had it made, but he never gave it to her. It's still hidden away." Crowley explained easily as he slid his sunglasses up his nose, despite it being near nightfall.

"So, do you know where it is?" Sam asked as Castiel proceeded to disembowel Crowley with his eyes.

"Sort of." Crowley answered with a shrug. "It's hard to say, really. Death would have placed the crystal some place where he and Sin would both know to look for it. So, you can rule out all the places Sin would go. As for Death and Sin, well, that narrows it down considerably."

"So, Where is it?" Dean growled tempted to punch the glasses right off Crowley's face. Castiel looked to be in a similar state of frustration, but kept his mouth shut, not wanting to speak with the demon.

"It's either where they first met, or where they first kissed." He answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"And where would that be?" Dean growled.

"Well, They met the first time over Able's dead body. And they kissed for the first time in a seedy house of ill repute right before Death flooded the earth." Crowley answered with a smirk. "But as for where those places are now…Well, lucky for you, I know right where they are for the right price."

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