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Chapter 2 of Mentor's Pet:

Angeal rushed through the hallways with urgency. He'd got caught up in an emergency meeting and although it was supposed to be a mere ten minutes, it had lasted for over two hours. He hoped that Zack was taking a break, though something told him he wouldn't have.

As soon as he reached the exit he was out in flash, able to not worry about running into someone, or someone running into him. He breathed in a sigh of relief as his gaze rest on upon the teen, who was currently sitting cross-legged on the track. If Angeal hadn't been gone for so long, he'd of been rather less-than-impressed. He couldn't help but grin as he walked towards the boy.

'I said up!" Angeal faltered in his step as another figure came charging towards his student. "Up you fucking waste of space!" His jaw dropped as the boy was dragged to his feet and hit, sending him backwards with a cry.

"When you are ordered by your Superior, you carry it out without fail!" Angeal was already on his way towards them, his blood raging though he tried to keep himself from tearing the man limb from limb. He was close enough to hear Zack arguing that he wasn't going to listen to any order he gave, and frowned as he heard, quite clearly, the threat being hurled at him in response. "Gym! Now!"

"I can't!" Zack practically screamed, shoving the man back. Angeal was between them before the other could retaliate. Zack however was too weak to withstand being pushed away and found himself on the floor with a startled sob. Angeal turned away from him, even though his first instinct was to scoop him up and take him to the safety of his dorm.

"Lieutenant Raft what is going on here? I left this Cadet to run laps till I was done and I did not expect to find someone intervening!"

"I'm sorry Sir, I had no idea! He was slacking off in class yesterday and when I saw him out here past curfew I was concerned that he was trying to catch up!" Zack didn't bother to hide his tears, nor could he control the rage bubbling from inside him. There was a severe heat building in his chest, and if he didn't tear something to shreds, he swore he was going to explode.

"That's not true!" Angeal glanced at him warningly but was startled by the boy's expression. The tears were gone, replaced with something in those violet orbs that Angeal swore shouldn't be there. Zack jumped to his feet, but stayed away from the two men.

"I was doing what you told me to do, and then he appears out of Shiva knows where! If someone would actually stop for a freaking second and listen to me dammit then none of this would have fucking happened!"

"Zackary Fair get yourself back to your dorm!" Angeal told him firmly.

Zack stared at the First Class coldly. "I hate this place!" He shouted, storming off towards the main building. As soon as the boy was out of ear-shot Angeal grabbed the smirking Officer by his collar.

"I ever catch you laying a hand on a student again Lieutenant and I'll make sure, personally, that you don't see the light of day again. Is that clear?" His voice was dangerously calm and he dropped the shocked man before leaving to find the teen who was in desperate need of his attention.

Zack threw himself into the corner of his bedroom, swiping one of his pillows from his bed and screaming into it as hard as he could. His arms tightened around it as he grit his teeth stubbornly. Thoughts and feelings were coming and going too fast and now that he had a second to actually feel, he realized his head was going to explode. Forget the aching in his legs and the burning in his chest, Zack had never experienced a headache so excruciating before.

Trying to calm himself, he hugged his pillow, burying his bruised face into it as he tried to shut out the world around him. He hadn't even realized someone had entered his room until the pillow (his best friend right now) was tugged away. He whimpered in protest, reaching out for it blindly.

"Zack, you need to listen to me." Zack nodded, not quite knowing what he was nodding for. He forced himself to look up, confirming that it was indeed Angeal Hewley before him. He blinked a few times before scrambling to his feet.

'I can't run anymore Sir, I promise I'll run all day tomorrow, I swear I will but I-" Zack rushed frantically. Angeal hushed him, just as urgently. He could see exactly where this was going, and cursed under breath as Zack, as predicted, threw up. Angeal skillfully sidestepped, letting out a sigh as his student mumbled something and leant on him.

"Come on, let's get you cleaned up. You need to have that healed and we need to talk."

Zack did feel better after a shower, a cure and a few painkillers. His legs felt like led and his head felt like it was constricted. It was uncomfortable, but better than before.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for him emotionally. He felt empty, confused and almost crushed. He was close to wishing he'd died out on the track, but then something would seep into his veins and he would defiantly change the thought to Raft, dying on the track. He smiled down at the table top as his mind played out the scenario.

'Here you go Zack," Angeal placed a mug of cocoa down before him. "Careful though. It's hot."

"Thank you Sir." He had never been in anyone's room but his own, and he didn't dare move. Angeal didn't exactly have a room. He had an apartment. Zack's bedroom could have fit in the bathroom alone.

"You're welcome. How are you feeling?"

"I don't know…" Zack admitted. "I can't explain it." He glanced up at the ceiling fan as it span, finding himself caught in its continuous rotating routine.

"I can understand. However Zack, I want you to know something." Angeal looked at him and started. He followed his gaze, waited for a few moments before placing a hand on the boys head and smoothly turning it his way. "What you did today regarding Lieutenant Raft was not wrong."

"It…wasn't?" Zack asked with wide eyes. Angeal frowned and shook his head.

"Not at all. Raft was behaving completely out of line and I had trouble letting him go in one piece. If anyone does anything to you like that again, you are to report to me immediately, is that clear Zack?" The cadet nodded dumbly.

Angeal laughed, ruffling the teen's untidy spikes. "We'll talk about that tomorrow." He quickly turned the fan off as he saw Zack's curious eyes wander upwards. He could see the ticking in the boys mind and knew the look. Reno had worn the exact, same expression just before Tseng's old apartment set alight.

"We'll talk about that tomorrow too…"

"Is it working yet?" Zack asked huffily as he stared up at the now-still ceiling fan with a pout.

"Is the pain gone?"


'Then no. It's not working." Angeal told his student as he whined loudly and rolled over onto his stomach.

"But Sir, it hurts!" Zack whimpered as he sat up, holding his head. Angeal reached forward to press his palm to the boy's face.

'Your temperature's gone, so maybe if you'd settle down for a few seconds it will subside." It had been an easy night for Angeal. Zack was exhausted, and since Angeal had 'officially' become Zack's mentor, the two were now roommates. Zack had gone out like a light, much to his relief.

They had been up for an hour, a mere hour and Angeal was wondering who it was that really should be suffering from a headache.

'I'm going to die!" Angeal rolled his eyes.

'Zackary Fair if you do not calm yourself, you're going to make yourself sick." He watched his student as he rolled around the floor pitifully.

"I'm going to throw up." The teen suddenly announced, before rushing to the bathroom. Angeal simply turned the page to his schedule and leaned back in his chair. A few moments later the teen was back looking weary and pale.

"I would advise that you sit down and stay down," Angeal told him. Zack grunted, rubbing his now healed cheek. The pain was still there.

"So how does this mentoring thing work?" Zack slumped himself down on the floor, opposite to where Angeal was sitting on the sofa.

"Same way everything else works," Angeal explained, setting his schedule on the table. "How ShinRa wants it to." He pointed to the door on the other side of the kitchen with his pen. "That's your room from here on. As my student, you can-and will- call me by my first name. Some lessons will continue as normal, though the majority will be taken over by me. Such as Physics." Zack blinked innocently as Angeal gave him a rather disapproving glance.

"So, what was the last straw?" Angeal paused, his mug half way from the table to his lips.

"Last straw for what?" Zack shifted, looping his arms around his knees.

"You know, what made them dump me onto you?" Angeal swallowed the immediate reply that wanted to spill forth and leant back.

"How do you figure you were 'dumped' on me, Zack?" The Cadet laughed, scratching the back of his head.

"I don't know. I haven't even seen my report and I know that I should have been thrown out ages ago. ShinRa's short-handed right now with the losses dealt in Wutai; they need everyone they can get. If they're losing so many out in the field, they can't afford to lose any here just because of bad behavior." He met Angeal's gaze wearily. "So I was wondering what I did that made them think I'm a hazard and need to be controlled…" He trailed off meekly.

Angeal frowned, and Zack took it that it was directed at him for asking something he shouldn't have. "Sorry Sir. I-I'm not very good at thinking before I speak…something that gets me into a lot of trouble."

"Zack I'm afraid you've got the wrong end of the stick,"

"Stick?" Zack repeated, confused. Angeal chuckled.

"You've got the wrong idea. You're here because ShinRa wants me to train you specifically for First Class. You have exceeded much higher than your current level and rather than have you hindered by the hustle of simply moving you to third class-"

"Really?" Angeal leant back, startled by how close Zack was. The boy had quite literally sprung from no-where. "Really? They saw something in me?" He was way too close for comfort, practically in the older man's lap. Despite feeling slightly uncomfortable, Angeal couldn't help but chuckle at how excited the youngster had gotten.

"Is it really that surprising Zack?" He asked, gently shifting the younger into the seat next to him. Zack nodded slowly with wide eyes.

"I-I always thought that-" He broke off, a pained expression washing over his face.

"Zack?" Angeal asked with concern as the boy slumped across his lap. "Zack!"

"I'm going to throw up again…"

"Don't you dare!" Angeal hastily pushed him off. Zack burst into giggles and Angeal held him firmly, wondering if the boy had gone mad.

"You're funny." Angeal frowned. He'd be paying Sephiroth a visit the first chance he got.

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