Prologue: Kaleidoscope

The rain was pounding madly from the sky. The sky had lights that were so bright and erratic that it made the morning even more eerie and worrisome for Bella Brady as she drove to her Doctor's appointment. She was starting to feel some light contractions. She still had four more weeks to go before her schedule due date.

Her mother had warned her that first pregnancies were always alarming. She said that it was due to becoming a mother for the first time. Everything was far more intense and exciting. Bella had been excited but now she was starting to fear that maybe something was wrong with her pregnancy. She had woke up early this morning hurting so badly that she took a hot shower hoping to ease the pain in her back. It had barely taken the edge off. The pain was starting to increase.

When she spoke to her husband, Collin, he told her to relax and to go the Doctor like she was scheduled and he would be home very soon. He was out of town on a business trip. He hated being so far away from her with her being so close to her due date. She knew he was as anxious as she was about the arrival of their first child.

Although neither of them had planned for a baby so soon into their marriage. They had been married only six months when she got pregnant. They had been using birth control but Bella discovered that the antibiotic that her family physician had prescribed for her while she had a sinus infection had pretty much blew the affects of birth control out of the water. Four weeks after she had a speedy recovery from her prior illness she found herself vomiting for days The nausea stuck after the vomiting disappeared and when she realized she had not had a period she knew right away what had occurred.

When she heard the words actually spoken from her physician she was stunned. She was deeply in love with her husband but she knew that neither had wanted to rush into parenthood. They wanted the chance to have a better financial situation before that happened.

Her parents just laughed when she explained why she feared Collin would be disappointed. Both happily informed her that no one is ever financially prepared or mentally for that matter for a baby. They promised her that when this baby was born that neither would care that they might not be able to afford to go out to eat every weekend or out to the movies because they would be too tired to care.

Bella hoped they were right. She knew how much Collin enjoyed his personal entertainment of going to sports games and hanging out with his guy friends. Now she would need him more at home. Would he really accept the sacrifices that were expected of parents? Would he eventually resent her for having a baby so soon? Shaking those last thoughts from her head as another loud ominous booming sound of thunder shook the road she was on she began to focus on her route rather than to allow herself to worry about things that had not even happened yet.

The rain seemed to pour heavier by the second. Bella felt her heart skip a beat as the baby kicked hard under her ribs. She lost her breath for a few seconds before she was able to catch it again. She blinked her eyes as she began to watch the cars in front of her suddenly hit their brakes. Red tail lights were all in front of her just as she felt a hard impact from the rear of her car.

Her head slam against the steering wheel just seconds after her automatic air bag popped out shoving her head back slamming against the seat. The sound of metal screeching as it was ram against other metal was the last thing she heard as she felt the warm blood slide down her face. She wrapped her hands around her stomach protectively as everything grew dark around her. She wasn't sure what had happened next because she had slipped away unconsciously .

It was happening too fast she thought to herself as she drove slowly to the hospital. Hell, even breathing hurt. She was not ready to do this. She was not prepared to have a baby. Even if it was Jacob's baby she was having. Nope, she was only nineteen years old and now was not the time for her to become someone's mother or for that matter someone's wife. Jacob had been pressuring her into marriage ever since he discovered she was pregnant with his child.

It had started out as a good idea, getting pregnant, assuring her bond with Jacob would never be torn apart by something as complicated as this imprinting thing she had been informed about. Closing her eyes for a second as the pain swirled and tighten in her lower back. Letting out a long breath she realized she had made an enormous mistake driving herself to the hospital.

Jake had gone to work and she had tried to call him but he had not answered. She wondered if he had to slip out on a sudden patrol for vampires. Vampires. What the hell kind of world had she gotten her self into. She had grown up in a nice home, with upstanding parents, and never wanted for anything. Now she was living on a Indian reservation with men who turned into wolves when they came across the mythical creatures we called vampires.

Had she not come faced to face with one of them she would never have believed they existed. She loved Jacob Black. She loved him enough to let her parents practically disowned her when she announced she was going to have his baby and live with him. Yeppers, she had definitely gone off on them when they threaten her they would cut her out of the family inheritance that they often dangled in front of her when they wanted her to do something they felt was best for her.

She knew in her heart that they would cave in once they met their grandbaby. She felt the baby kick as if it could hear her thoughts. She smiled sadly as she rubbed her swollen stomach. She knew that Jacob did not mind how large she had grown in the last few months. In fact he was more amorous than ever. She smiled tenderly as she considered his reaction when he held their baby in his arms for the first time.

Yeah, having a baby was definitely the best plan she had ever constructed. She knew it was not what he had wanted for them so soon after he had become Alpha of the pack but she feared his "imprint" might suddenly make a appearance in his life and he would be lost to her forever.

Leah had let it slip one night a few weeks after she discovered the already maddening world of vampires and wolves. Leah had been one of the few girls she could tolerate in La Push. She had great taste in clothes and was a total bitch to the guys that often annoyed Sienna.

Leah had announced that Sienna's world seem wonderful now but once Jacob came across his imprint she would lose him forever the same way she had lost Sam to Emily. Sienna had been struck with sudden terror as Leah explained how it worked. Later Sienna had demanded Jacob tell her everything he knew about it as well. His story was the same was Leah's. It had nearly destroyed her.

How was it possible that Jacob was destined to be with one person whom fate had decided for him and not a natural choice selection like any other human being? It was a ridiculous thougth to her at first but the longer she was in LaPush, the more she saw Emily and Sam together, the more the fear set in. She knew it had to be true. With desperation in her heart she decided to have a baby with Jacob. She knew how great his love was for children. She also knew that he desired several children of his own someday. So she decided she would be the first woman to carry and deliver his child, even if she was not his imprint.

Now that time was drawing near and her heart was racing with fear. Although she had no doubts that Jacob would make a great father, she was however unsure of whether or not this baby was even Jacob's at all.

Feeling the butterflies flutter in her stomach she knew time was not only drawing near for a arrival of a baby but another discovery was possible as well.

Jacob had promised her that he would not leave her once he found his imprint. He even tried to convince them both that an imprint wasn't necessarily a "true love" sort of thing. He would be whatever his imprint wanted and that his imprint could possibly need a friend. Both of them doubted that but they hoped anyways.

After two months of secretly trying to getting pregnant by Jacob she had nearly gave up on the idea when she found herself in a funk. The guys had left for a trip to scan out some new vamps in the area when she found herself alone and not too happy. She was starting to fear that her life, the one she dreamed of ever since she laid eyes on Jacob Black, was slowly slipping away from her.

She got dressed and found herself at Leah's door. Together the two of them drove to a local bar outside of Forks. It was just suppose to be a little fun. A few drinks. A bit of dancing. A tab of flirting. Nothing more. She just needed to let loose a little.

The next day she found herself crawling out from underneath a stranger's arms. She was terrified. How had she ended up there? When she called Leah later that day she learned only that Leah had left with some guy she had just met and that Sienna had swore to her that she could find away home. Not sure if she was pleased or pissed off at Leah for abandoning her at the club, she remained silent about it. She showered several times knowing that Jacob had a great sense of smell. When he returned from their trip she pounced his body. She discovered a few weeks later she was pregnant.

She had no clue who the guy had been. She never saw him again after that day. Now ten months later she was about to have a child that might not belong to the only man she had ever truly loved. Would she lose him forever if he discovered the truth? Would he throw her out of their home? Would he understand why she had done something so stupid? She doubted it. Jacob was a good man. Like any other man Jacob had pride. He would considered it not only a dishonor to their love but the pack would no doubt demand she be thrown out. None of them really cared much for her. They accepted her because she was their alpha's girl but if they had to vote on her staying within their private group she would be voted out in a heart beat.

Pulling into the parking area of the hospital she prayed that this baby came out looking remotely like his or her father. The only good thing she had going for her was that the guy she had slept with had been dark skinned.

Her phone began to ring as another contraction hit her hard.

"Hello." She muttered as she bit down on the tip of her tongue.

"Hey baby. I just got your message. I'm stuck in traffic. The rain is really pouring down." Jacob sighed.

"I know." Sienna stared out of her window at the show mother nature was displaying today.

"Are you okay? You sound horrible." Jacob chuckled although he was definitely scared as hell. He knew that this day was coming but it still felt a bit surreal.

"I guess. I'm just hurting and scared." Sienna admitted as she gripped the steering wheel.

"I will be there soon. Get inside and I will be by your side when our baby lets out his first shout to the world." Jacob promised as he smiled tenderly.

"HIS. You still think it's a boy do you?" Sienna chuckled despite the pain.

"All I know is that we are going to have the most beautiful baby in the nursery today." Jacob cried out with pride.

"Okay." Sienna exhaled loudly.

"Go inside. Hurry." Jacob felt his heart race at the sound of pain in her breathe. He knew that she was a tough cookie. He knew she would survive child birthing. He just hoped that the traffic ahead would hurry up so he could be there with her. He hated she was alone.

"Okay." Sienna agreed as she hung up the phone.

Wiping away the tears that were streaming down her face she prayed that this day ended much better than it had started.

Jacob watched in horror as the cars began to collide ahead of him. He put his vehicle in park as he opened his truck door and began to run up ahead to help out the victims. It was unbelievable how the cars had began to crumble and collide into one another. He saw flames flare out of vehicles as he ran faster.

Several people stood outside of their vehicles while the rain poured heavily against them. Jacob could hear the sound of sirens as he began to check on the victims'. One guy looked pretty bruised up but he told Jacob he could walk. He continue to walk about the banged up cars. There had been about ten in all he figured that had collided. When he got to a small black compact vehicle he noticed a female with her head against the window. She was not moving like the other people had.

He tried to open the door but it was stuck. He pounded on the window hoping the loud sound would wake her up but she remained silent and unmoving. He felt the adrenaline raced through his veins as he ran over to the passenger side. The door opened after a few hard pulls. Slipping inside he leaned over the passenger seat to grab her frail wrists as he checked for a pulse. He felt a light pulse. Feeling slightly better he looked over her body and saw that she was pregnant. She was not nearly as big as Sienna was at this point in her pregnancy. He noted the airbag had been released with the impact. He saw blood dripping down the side of her head. Unbuckling her seat belt he reached over to and unlocked the door.

He wasn't sure what to do at this point. She seemed passed out. He heard the sounds of medics, police officers and firemen as they began to work the accident scene. Stepping out of the car he covered his upper face from the rain as he scanned the uniformed people, finally his eyes landed on what looked like a paramedic.

"I need help over here." He shouted out. He watched as the guy turned in his direction and began to run toward him. The car was a safe shelter from the rain. He found himself reaching over to touch her cheek. Her skin felt cool to his touch.

When he noticed her eyes flutter a few times before they finally opened up. He was amazed at the soft shade of brown that stared up at him with a hazy look.

"Help me." She whispered as her hands reached to her stomach.

Jacob stared into her eyes as he felt the earth shake beneath him. He felt the very air in his lungs fade away. His head began to spin around as a kaleidoscope of emotions swirled like a tornado in his heart.

As her eyes widen he saw the pain cross her face. She was in extreme pain. He could not explain it but he sensed it more than saw it.

"It will be alright." Jacob spoke softly as he wiped away the blood that was covering half of her face at this point.

"My baby." Bella whispered as tears swell in her eyes.

"It's okay." Jacob wasn't sure what else to say to her.

"It's too soon." She whimpered as she pushed her head back and stared out of the cracked windshield.

"It will be alright. I just know it." Which oddly he did know. He felt a peaceful, almost serene, emotion as he thought of her unborn child.

"It hurts…really…bad." She gulped as the paramedic pulled her door open.

"Hold on honey, we will get you out of that car." The paramedic announced as he shouted out several orders and a few minutes later several more people arrived at the car.

Jacob watched as they gently pulled her loose and placed her on the gurney. He found himself right by her side as they began to roll her toward the awaiting ambulance.

"Please don't leave me." Bella pleaded to the stranger who had been so kind and waited by her side until help came. She could not explain it but she felt so safe with him there. She did not want to go to the hospital alone. She was frighten of what might be wrong with her unborn child. She had not felt any movement from him or her since she woke up. Earlier the baby had been kicking like crazy. Was it in danger? Had she lost their baby?

"Okay." The paramedic took her vitals while they sat in the ambulance.

"Honey how far along are you exactly?" The female paramedic ask with a sweet voice.

"I'm a month away." Bella croaked as a sudden burst of pain flooded her stomach.

"We need to get you to the hospital right away. The baby is fine. But you might have to have him or her a littler earlier than planned." She said as she patted Bella's hand.

Bella turned toward the stranger as tears poured out of her eyes.

"I'm scared." She informed him.

Jacob picked up her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"I'm sure you are. I am too." Jacob admitted as he smiled crookedly at her.

"Why are you scared?" Bella frowned.

"My girlfriend is at the hospital having our baby at this very moment. When she learns I'm with another woman I am going to pay like hell." He hoped his sense of humor eased some of the pain that she was experiencing.

"Yeah, I bet you will." Bella laughed despite the enormous amount of pain she was suffering with. This mere stranger who Bella found extremely handsome as well as tender hearted was making her forget about the pain.

"Don't worry, I think I will get a fast ride if they let me stay in here with you." He chuckled.

"Please let him stay." Bella pleaded with the two paramedics.

"Sure." They both said in union.

Both of them gave Jacob a look that said keep her busy talking. He picked up on the danger she and her baby was in. He could almost hear the tiny heart beat that laid in her abdomen. It was strange. He had never heard his own baby's heart beat but this strangers child seem to be bonding to him somehow.

His instincts to protect came flooding to the surface.

"So what are you naming your baby?" He asked curiously. He knew that was one sure way of getting a woman to talk. Sienna went through several baby books before they had finally decided on one they both could live with.

"If it's a girl we are calling her Colleen after my husband, Collin. It it's a boy we are naming him Collin Jr." She replied with a weak smile.

Jacob chuckled. Either way this baby was getting it's father's name. He could hear the loved and devotion she felt for him. He found himself envying the guy. Shaking the unexpected source of jealousy from his mind he went back to focusing on her.

"Sounds like a plan." Jacob replied.

"What about you?" Bella asked as she bit down hard on her lower lip as another spurge of pain hit her.

"Well if it's a boy, which I think it is, we are calling him Ephraim after my grandfather. If it's a girl we are naming her Elizabeth. Sienna wanted something more modern but I like it. I had a great Aunt whose name was Elizabeth and she was a force to be reckon with." Jacob explained as he laughed at the memory of the stories he was told as a child about his Great Aunt.

"I like that. They both sound lovely." Bella replied as she inhaled sharply.

"Are you okay?" Jacob sat up alert as he felt a sudden pain hit him hard.

"Yes…no…" Bella began to cry as she shook her head back and forth.

"What's happening?" Jacob demanded as he looked between the two paramedics.

"She is in labor." The female replied softly.

"It hurts like hell." Bella let out a long groan.

"It will get better once we get inside. They will give you something for the pain." The female paramedic wiped away the blood matted hair from her face.

"What is your name?" Bella asked as she felt the ambulance parking.

"Jacob. Jacob Black." He replied as held her frail hand in his.

"Thank you Jacob." Bella smiled softly at him.

"Anytime." Jacob smiled back.

The doors were opened as they pulled Bella out of the parked vehicle.

"Good luck." Jacob called out as they raced her through the automatic doors.

"You too." Bella moaned out as she felt the pain growing increasingly.

Jacob struggled physically and emotionally. He felt compelled to stay by her side. Forcing himself to walk to the front desk to check on Sienna. The nurse was polite as she looked up the information he needed to seek out his girlfriend and unborn child. The whole time he found himself wondering if the young female would truly be fine. Would her baby survive being born a month early?

Why did he feel so strange? How was it possible that he could hear her unborn child's heartbeat? Something was not right about this situation. He wished Sam or his father was there so he could discuss this with them. From the moment he saw the strangers eyes he felt extremely connected to her somehow. Which was strange because he had never laid eyes on her until today.

Why was he not excited to see Sienna? What in the hell was wrong with him? He should be jumping and shouting for joy that his baby was about to be born by the one and only woman he ever planned to love.

Then a sudden jolt of bittersweet sadness formed in his heart. He knew in that instant what had just occurred. Shaking his head in disbelief and denial, he swore to himself he would never reveal to anyone that this had happened to him. NO! He refused to allow it to happen. This was not the time for him to discover that his imprint existed in this world and she was about to have a child with another man. While his own child was being born upstairs by a woman he had hoped to marry someday.

Imprinting was the last thing he had on his agenda when he woke up this morning. It was the last thing he ever wanted to experience in his lifetime. Now he stood feeling the magical pull of it. He prayed silently that he had the strength he had promised Sienna he would have when this day, if it ever occurred, happened. If he did not find the will to stay away from this stranger then he would be lost forever to the hands of fate.

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