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Chapter One

"Come on Dixie, it's not that bad." I pleaded as Dixie grabbed her stuff and angrily marched toward the door.

"Not that bad? He slept with me then said it was just 'fun'. I like you Milla but I can't be around that…that…player." She turned on her heel and slammed the door behind her. Great, now I had to find a new nurse.

I sighed in defeat and went into the living room. Damn Koz. I was finally alone for the first time in weeks and I relished it. I just had to be sure not to over exert myself. I was on a portable heart monitor and if it spiked I'd be treated like a child. I'd just gotten people to trust me again so I didn't want that to happen. I turned the TV on and turned it to the Food Network, it was my go to channel. As I watched Guy Fieri eat a sandwich that was unhealthily big but looked delicious, the doorbell rang and I sighed. So much for enjoying time to myself. I turned down the volume and hoisted myself up. As I made my way to the door I sighed again, damn my lower back hurt. The doorbell rang again and I got frustrated, couldn't people be patient?

"Hold tight, I'm coming!" I yelled as I got closer to the door. Once there I looked through the peephole and was shocked by who I saw. I wasted no time opening the door and my guest looked just as shocked as I was.

"Milla? You live here?" Gillian, the most competent nurse at St. Thomas and object of Koz's insane stalkerish affection was standing on the stoop.

"Yeah, have for a while." I gave her a smile and she blushed. "What can I help you with Gillian?"

"Umm, it's about my car. Koz said I could pick up some paperwork here since I couldn't make it to the garage." She blushed brighter when she said his name and I bit my cheek to keep from laughing, the girl had it as bad as he did.

"Come in, I'll check for the paperwork." She nodded and I walked her into the living room where I was sure there was a folder Koz set down. "Sit down, I'll be with you once I find it."

She nodded and sat on the couch while I went to the rolltop desk in the corner which was my current work station and found the folder I was thinking of. Just a simple manila one with a single smudge in the corner which proved it was from TM. I'd been barred from TM and the clubhouse ever since I punched some croweater skank and broke her nose. Well I was barred because the incident had caused an unhealthy spike in my heart monitor…but still. What was I supposed to do? She called my man a fairy and said that he was probably currency on the inside. She didn't know how close to home that hit so I hit her. With a shake of my head I picked up the folder and flipped through it, inside there was the order slip for the two tires and an insurance slip which she needed to sign and send into her company and a workorder which she needed to sign and we'd take the original. It was very simple paper work.

"I found it." I turned around and saw Gillian staring at the entertainment system with the huge flatscreen at the center and various game consoles and different kinds of media players. It had taken me about a month but I finally figured out how to work the damn thing. Now when Ellie, Kenny and Piper wanted to play Wii they could. And Koz already knew how to use the PS3 and Xbox. I almost rolled my eyes as I thought about how much time and effort Juice put into making everything perfect. He measured the space down to the millimeter and spent hours calibrating everything from the soundsystem down to the playback speed on the dvd player. The only thing he put more time into was his bike and that made me smile. In reality what he put the most time and effort into was us so I could give him a pass on the technolust.

"Thanks. Do you use all that stuff?" She pointed to the entertainment center and I smiled as I sat in the chair next to the couch. With my belly I tended to spread out when I sat and I didn't want to crowd my guest.

"I don't but the kids are here all the time and Koz likes to play on the Xbox and have Mariocart tournaments with Chantal. I can't really participate with this." I gestured to my arm and she nodded. I knew that she knew my file backwards and forwards, she was that thorough. "I'm being a terrible hostess, would you like something to drink?"

"Don't put yourself to any trouble on my account." She said and I shook my head. The least I could do was make her comfortable.

"No problem, the kitchen's just through that door. We have bottled water, different kinds of soda, orange, apple and grape juice and of course brews. Anything sound good?" I asked and she smiled.

"I guess I'll have some water." I nodded as I hoisted myself up and went into the kitchen. As I was rummaging through the fridge I heard a bike pull up followed by a little girl's voice and I grimaced. Ellie shouldn't have been home, it was barely eleven.

There was a knock at the kitchen door and I sighed before I went across the room and opened it. Standing there was an angry Ellie and an equally belligerent Opie. I gasped when I saw my baby's face. She had the start of what promised to be one hell of a black eye.

"Milla? Where's Dixie?" Opie was well aware of my staff's schedule. Juice had him held to the same promise as Koz and Paco. They were in charge of keeping me and Baby Ortiz happy and healthy.

"She took off, now please tell me what happened to my Elliedoll." I reached out my arm and Ellie moved into the safety of my arms before her Dad continued.

"Shit, you're alone?" I gave him a glare and he sighed but he was still angry. "Little Miss Anger Management got into a fight with this boy. He said shit about SAMCRO so she went at him. The little bastard punched her."

"Why are you mad at her? She was defending her family." I rubbed her back while she sniffled and Ope sighed again.

"Brains before brawn Milla. It would've been fine if she hadn't thrown the first punch. I don't know where she got the strength from but she knocked out three of his teeth." There was the ghost of a smile on his face before he continued, still playing the hardass. "I brought her here because I have to go to Oakland for a meet with some contacts and Lyla's at that financing thing so I thought between you and Dixie she'd have someone to watch her."

"Of course, I have a guest right now but Ellie knows where everything is and how to use it." Ellie nodded before she had me lean over and she kissed my cheek. With one last glare at her Dad she ran behind me and I could hear her talking in the living room.

"Who's your guest?" Opie was on alert. He obviously thought I was at risk being alone.

"Koz's girl, Gillian." I smirked when I thought of all the shit he pulled to simply get to know her and she was not making things easy for him.

"Ah, the nurse who's been making him a fool. I'd love to say hi, but I gotta run Mills. I'll have Lyla pop over when she's done. Until then stay away from the windows and don't be surprised if you hear bikes driving by." I nodded and he started to turn before I stopped him.

"Did you hear anything about Putlova?" I was nervous. Part of the reason I was never alone was my health but a larger, harsher reason stemmed from the fact that Putlova and the whole Russian crew wanted revenge and were not picky about how they got it. Me being so entangled with key members of SAMCRO painted a nice target on my forehead.

"Whispers in Lodi, I want you safe Milla. I don't care if we have to have another lockdown but nothing's going to happen to our women again. But for now stay inside, stay safe and take care of Ellie. I know you're gonna spoil her so I won't even waste my breath telling you not to." It made me laugh and I watched him swing his leg onto his bike and head down the driveway.

I turned and picked up the water bottle from the kitchen table. It was slightly warmer so I went to the fridge and got her a new one before I went into the living room. I was glad that I went when I did because I was suddenly privy to what had to be the most hilariously awkward conversation I'd ever heard in my life.

"Are you gonna marry Uncle Koz?" I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing at the completely shocked deer-in-headlights look on Gillian's face.

"Umm, ah I..don't.." She sputtered and Ellie paid it no mind as she continued.

"If you don't that's ok. Aunt Milla didn't marry Uncle Juice for a long time and Uncle Bobby hasn't married any of his girlfriends. You should have a baby though, they're fun and Espy and Abel are gonna need friends who understand this life. I'm Espy's Auntie, it's my job to make sure she's happy and I know she'd like any kids that you had. Don't have a boy though; they don't know how to be anything other than asses." I stared at her in shock shock but not before I noticed the sad look on Gillian's eyes, as I moved into the living room.

"Elizabeth Marianne Winston, language." I admonished her but I knew my smile took the power of it away.

"It's true, they are!" She countered before she turned back to Gillian who grabbed the water from my hand and drank it in an effort to compose herself. "If you want a baby, just have sex. It's the only way to do it. That stork stuff is bullshit."

"Ellie! That's enough! Watch your language. You don't talk like this in school do you?" I wanted to save Gillian from any more embarrassment but from the bright red face she was sporting I could see she'd weathered the worst of it.

"No I don't. Grampa says that there's a time and a place for bad language and school isn't the time or the place. Lyla doesn't mind if I swear." There was just enough truth to it that I knew I'd have to talk to Lyla about it later.

"Well I do, why don't you go to the nursery and check out the new rocking chair Uncle Koz picked up?" She nodded and got off the couch. I watched her run down the hall before I shook my head. "Sorry about that she's normally a really good kid but things have been tough for her lately."

"What happened to her eye?" Gillian asked as she took a sip of her water and I sighed as I rubbed my eyes.

"She got in a fight with a boy at school. I didn't get into all the reasons or the punishments but she's fine." Gillian nodded as I reached my hand to the back of my neck and rubbed.

"You ok?" She sat up and looked closely at me while I nodded.

"Yeah, just stress." She got up and took my hand away before she started rubbing my neck. It felt really good so I let her continue and by the time she was done the stress was gone. It was the best massage I'd had since Juice went in.

"That better?" She asked as she pressed her thumb to a spot at the back of my neck.

"Yeah, that's fabulous." I smiled at her and she smiled back before she turned and picked up the envelope.

"I should be going. I have to get to my insurance company with this, and then enjoy the rest of the time off that I have today. Thanks for the water .Tell Ellie it was wonderful to meet her. And please, don't fight with her too much just because she got into a fight with a boy. I'm sure there was a reason for it. She was just defending herself." Suddenly I got a crazy thought and I grabbed her arm as she passed, not missing her flinch but she composed herself.

"Wait. I have to ask you something." She looked expectantly at me and I continued, "Have you ever done freelance work?"

"What?" She looked confused and I released her before I elaborated.

"My fill-in nurse just abandoned me this morning and I need someone to fill in odd spots in the schedule." She gave me a considering look.

"I don't know, I just started at St. Thomas and am trying to find a place for myself here. Taking on an extra job may be too much." I nodded, it made sense but I wanted her to consider it.

"Just think about it. It would just be a few hours a week, sitting with me, making sure I don't over exert myself. Just stuff like that. Besides it would be nice to have a female presence around here. Koz can be a bit overwhelming." She smiled despite herself before she gave herself a little shake and put a hand on my shoulder.

"I'll think about it. Thanks for the water." I got up and walked her out, giving a little wave as she walked down the street. I liked her and hoped that Koz didn't do anything stupid enough to scare her away.

"Elliedoll!" I shouted as I went to sit on the couch again.

"Yeah!" She shouted from the nursery.

"Wanna watch Suite Life?" She didn't even respond she just came bounding down the hall and joined me on the couch where we cuddled. I'd get the whole story later but right now I could just enjoy being with her.

"You're good to go." The guard said as he handed me back my ID and put his metal detecting wand thingy back in its holster.

"Thanks." I put the ID back in my pocket and went to stand by Tara while we waited for the doors to unlock and let us into the private room. Koz, Opie and Chibs were standing in a different group since the family meetings took priority.

Stahl had been a smart, calculating bitch when she'd worked out her deal for Jax. Due to the bad blood SAMCRO had managed to accumulate with the just about every group inside the prison walls it had been decided that they would be in protective custody away from gen pop. Stahl in that calculating way of hers had ensured that the boys would be safe and secured and I was grateful for the foresight but not enough to wish her back into the land of the living.

"You ok babe?" Koz asked as he moved away from Opie and placed his arm across my shoulders.

"Yeah, this just never gets easy, seeing him in the jumpsuit, not being able to touch him. That's the hardest thing. Fucking federal prisons." I grumbled and he squeezed me tighter. Suddenly there was the telltale noise of the locks being disengaged and Koz pulled away as we waited to be brought in. I straightened my shirt and smoothed my khakis as I waited for the guard with the clipboard.

"Millicent Ortiz?" The big guard asked and I nodded as he took my id again and put it next to the list. "Ok, you get to visit Jean Carlos Ortiz, for the duration of one hour. Sign this sheet and I will lead you in."

I nodded and signed the sheet before he nodded and let me go into the meeting room. Juice was at one table, Dad at the next and Jax in the corner. In the next row there was Bobby and Tig. Happy was conspicuously absent and it made me nervous but that nervousness was overshadowed by the joy I felt when I saw my husband. He grinned and I felt an answering smile on my face. I looked at each of the guys and nodded before I sat down and had to rub my palm against my pants, my hands were literally itching to touch Juice.

"You look so good baby." Juice said and I watched him flex his hands, he was feeling the same itch.

"You look pretty good yourself. Any more trouble?" The last time I visited he'd pissed off another guy in protective custody and had gotten knocked around a little.

"Nah, Clay fixed things. What did the doctor say?" I believed him that Dad fixed things and I had no doubt that that was the reason Hap was missing.

"Dr. Nior wants to have more control over my labor so we've decided to induce on the 13th, which is coincidentally a Friday." I grinned at him and he shook his head.

"Only you would do that baby. How are you? The heart, the blood-pressure?" Great, another visit wasted on medical talk.

"Baby, you can have Lowen give you the run down on my medical status. I'm sitting here across from you, I'm not hooked up to an IV, my monitor's been off for two days. What does that say?" He let out a breath I didn't know he'd been holding and reached across the table before he stopped himself and darted his hand back to his lap.

"I should be there with you baby, rubbing your back, reading to the baby. I'm so sorry." I shook my head and wanted nothing more than to have him in my arms.

"Every time, every fucking time you bring this up. Baby, don't be sorry. I'm fine, Espy's fine and you'll be out before either of us know it. Oh, did Lowen send you the pictures of the nursery?" There, we could talk about the house.

"Yep, I liked it. The cartoon Harleys were a nice touch and I'm glad it's not pink." I rolled my eyes and he laughed.

"I fought Ma tooth and nail on that one. She said that if she was paying she got to choose color. I told her that if she wanted to see her granddaughter I'd pick the colors and since she knows I'm capable of keeping her grandbaby away she caved and Esperanza got a bright, sunny yellow nursery with white accents and pale green ivy on the walls. I had no idea Chick was such a good artist." I smiled as I thought of the new room. I had to give up my tiny office but that was ok, I could do any work I needed to do from the rolltop in the living room and when Juice came back he'd have his office just as he left it.

"God I wanna touch you." He practically growled and I took a deep breath.

"I want you to, but you're gonna have to wait. Now, tell me about how Dad took care of your little problem." Juice sighed before he reluctantly told me about the whole situation. Apparently the whole fight happened because one of the prisoners saw the Paiute symbol he had on his bicep and called him on not being Native. Juice's defense wasn't good enough so they knocked heads and since Juice didn't start the fight he didn't get a write up but the dude got punished. After the dude who fought Juice got out of solitary Dad had a discussion with him about leaving his men alone and showed his own Tribal ink. Now they had new allies on the inside.

"At least something good came of it." Juice said as he finished the story and I could do nothing but agree.

"You bitch!" Koz shouted as he elbowed Chantal in the ribs and she responded by doing something with her finger which caused his character to blow up. As "Game Over" flashed on the screen he sent her a death glare.

"Oh stop it or I'll tell your nurse that you're mean t women." She stuck her tongue out at him and it was hilarious to watch him cave.

"Shut it. Aren't you going to defend me Mills, sweetheart?" Koz affected a hurt tone and I laughed from my spot on the recliner.

"You're a grown ass man and SaA you can defend your own damn self." He chuckled and got up.

"Need anything, I'm gonna get a brew?" He asked as he stood and stretched.

"I'll take some orange juice; I need to up my vitamin C." He nodded and went to the kitchen while Chantal took another game off the shelf and put it in.

"So, you tell Juice I'm living in his house yet?" Chantal asked and I hissed. He had no idea and I wanted to keep it that way. She was just living with me to help with my personal care and to be there when Esperanza was born. She was gonna be moved out by the time Juice got home so I was hoping it wouldn't be an issue.

"No I didn't tell him. An hour isn't long enough to go through the issues this would bring up." She nodded as she sat back and started creating a player profile.

"You have to tell him, otherwise those issues are just gonna grow. Besides we worked through most of our shit and he knows I won't capitalize on your vulnerability. I mean look, I can actually say his name now, no bitchy nicknames or descriptors." She was speaking the truth but I knew he still didn't completely trust her.

"I'll tell him during my next visit." She looked satisfied and started playing her game.

Koz came in a second later and handed me a glass of orange juice with some ice. Before he sat on the couch and took a long pull of his brew. He looked so content, so domestic that I had to give him shit about it.

"Shouldn't you be at the clubhouse dude? I bet the croweaters miss you." I gave him mock-sad eyes and he rolled his.

"Let them miss me. I'm here with my girls. Nowhere else I'd rather be." It was so honest that it made me smile. I liked having my surrogate big brother around, it made life easier.

"Except for in bed with a certain nurse." Chantal piped up from her seat on the floor before she was pushed over by Koz. "Hey you just killed me."

"Sorry slipped and I dare you to prove otherwise." He took another drink of his beer and she smiled.

"Don't need to I'll get you back, you won't know when or where or how, but it will happen and I will get the last laugh." She smirked and Koz just shook his head. He was in for trouble and didn't even realize it.

I laughed and smiled as I sat and tried to find a comfortable position. My back had been hurting for hours and no position seemed to work for me. At about my fifth shift Koz looked over and his brow furrowed.

"Are you ok sweetheart?" He set down his brew and moved over before Chantal crawled toward me and put her hand on my knee.

"What's wrong?" She patted my hand and I sighed.

"I'm fine, just some back pain, I'm fine. It's been hurting all day." They looked at each other before Koz took out his cell.

"Where on your back baby?" Chantal asked as Koz got up and went into my bedroom.

"The lower back. I'm fine it comes and goes." She got this big smile on her face and stood up before she went to my coat rack and got my shoes, "What are you doing?

"I'm getting your stuff sweetheart. You're gonna have a baby." I shook my head and she nodded.

"No, not for another two weeks. It's planned." I shook my head, I wasn't ready.

"Esperanza has other plans, now get your ass up and get ready. What did she say?" Chantal asked as Koz came back with my emergency bag.

"Tara will meet us at the hospital; she's already called Dr. Nior and told her to prep the operating room. Looks like you're having this baby tonight." Koz helped me stand and actually picked me up and carried me bridal style.

"I'm not ready." I said with tears in my eyes and Koz gave me his smile.

"No one ever is sweetheart." He moved through the door and we went to the car. I was more frightened than I'd ever been in my life. Could I do this?

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