Soo. It seems that I am only able to write things that are not related to "Sleepers, Awake," right now. Darn it. Where is the inspiration for that?

Anyway, please note that the lines that Gothel says in this poem are not from the movie. I know that. I changed them so they would rhyme. So please don't leave a review saying that I got it wrong, because that was intentional.

Panic coursing through his veins
Hand clenched tight in fear
As he galloped to the hidden tower
To save the one he held dear

His long-haired beauty there awaited
In mortal danger, he was certain
Little did he know that it was
He who would feel the pain

Leaping lithely off the horse, shouting
Praying she could hear him up there
"Rapunzel! Rapunzel!
Let down your hair!"

At no reply, he felt his blood
Turn to ice in his fear
For where was his Rapunzel?
Was she even here?

In desperation he tried to climb,
But a sound stopped him in place
As Rapunzel's hair from the window was thrown
Falling at a fast pace

He ascended her hair quickly
Worry making him strong
His Rapunzel was here!
He would see her before long!

None of his fears of her safety
Could have prepared him for the sight
Of his beloved chained and gagged
Though she was putting up quite a fight

Too late he understood her yells;
A cry of pain flew from his lips
As a dagger forced its way through his ribs
And blood began to drip

Falling to the ground,
He heard Rapunzel scream
His name in utter panic:
"Eugene! Eugene!"

"Rapunzel, please," her mother sneered
"It's time for us to leave.
Your beau will not last long—
Even now he can hardly breathe."

"Now everything is made right,"
Continued she maliciously
"For he will soon be dead
And then we will be free."

To his horror, he heard his Rapunzel beg
To save him from the arms of death
By bartering her freedom for his life
He cried, "No, Rapunzel!" with a labored breath.

But his pleas were in vain
For before him came his love
Gentle stroking his face;
His angel from above

He was going to die
That much he knew
And he wouldn't let Rapunzel
Be a prisoner when his life was through

He would not let his angel
Be forever a prisoner
He could see only one solution
And he feared it would hurt her

With one quick movement,
He cut her beautiful long hair
And slumped back from lack of strength
And just lay there

He drifted in and out
Oblivious to what happened
For as Gothel fell to her death
He neared his own end

He felt her hands seize him
And pull his limp body to her
Her voice rang in his ears
As death came ever closer

His eyes fluttered weakly,
A last glance he needed
Of his beloved Rapunzel
Before he fell dead

Her fingers grasped his face
Calling him loudly
Begging him not to leave her
Crying, and singing fruitlessly

He felt Death's cold fingers
Reaching ever closer
He opened his mouth
To tell Rapunzel he loved her

"You were my new dream,"
He whispers with his last breath
He goes limp in her arms
As he falls into the hands of Death

And so he lost his battle
And also lost his life
But a battle lost is another won and
The winner was the one with the knife.

Yes, he wished that his life
Could have continued longer still
For there was much he wished to do
But Gothel had decided to kill

He could not regret meeting Rapunzel
For she had changed his life
And showed him how to live
Without greediness and strife

For before her, he was Flynn Rider
A self-centered, selfish thief
She brought back Eugene Fitzherbert
Though Eugene's stay was brief

She was his new dream
And he would never forget
The love she had brought into his life
From the moment that they met