Summary: Renee and Rene team up to make Kelly and Remy's dinner a perfect night.

In most part of the world, Love is part yes and no; but in Paris, love was wonderful and powerful. Remy and Kelly's love for each other was a perfect example of a perfect marriage and couple. They were like Romeo and Juliet, or like Lysander and Hermia. Rene and Renee always love to spy on their parents for fun as they wanted them to be closer every night. They smiled peacefully to see their parents as a team. They each have their differences, but they never complained. They never even argued about a perfect recipe or which spice would match. They would agree on the same thing, they would even test it, before deciding.

One night, as it was bedtime, Rene and Renee wanted them to love each other forever like one of those couples who pass away together through old age. Rene said, as he and his sister were walking to bed, "I think I know what we can do to make sure Mom and Dad will be together." Renee asked, "What, Rene?" Rene whispered, "Meet me at La Ratatouille tomorrow morning and you'll see." Renee nodded as they shut the door of their room. As La Ratatouille opened Alfredo and Colette got up extra early as they walked in the bistro. There they caught Rene and Renee whispering and giggling as they were holding a copy of Chef Gusteau's Anyone can Cook. As the children skimmed through pages for ideas, as Renee said, "No, no. Not that. I think Mommy and Daddy should have something else." Rene asked, "What do you mean, sis?" Before Renee said a word, Colette tapped her foot as she cleared her throat. The children turned to see the two adults as the two youngsters smiled nervously.

Swiftly, Rene hid the book behind him as Alfredo asked, "What did you put behind your back, Rene?" Renee said as her brother revealed it, "It's a copy of your Dad's book, Alfredo. We want to make a surprise dinner for our Mom and Dad." Colette asked, "Why?" as she put in, "You know mon Chef and Kelly make dinner. Besides they won't allow you two touch any of the dishes until you learn more on cooking." Rene implored, "We know, but my sister and I don't want our Mom and Dad to separate or even let us choose on whom we want to stay with. My sister and I love them so much."

The adults smiled as Alfredo said, "Well, I do want to see Little Chef and Kelly happy. Okay, we'll help; so what's the plan?" Rene said, "Okay, remember that our Mom and Dad are going to the market later on after closing hours?" Colette and Alfredo nodded as Renee said, "Go with them without being seen and help them buy Apple Cider that looks like Champagne and two flute glasses." Colette nodded and asked, "What will you two do?" Renee said, "A dinner may need some help. My brother and I will gather more help." Both brother and sister clapped hands and Rene said, "Dinner is served."

After La Ratatouille closed, Kelly and Remy walked to the market and came back home with the cider and glasses. They walked to the bistro as Colette and Alfredo ran back without being seen or heard, but why should they hide? Kelly has shrunk to Remy's size so she can talk to him and the bag wasn't too heavy.

Kelly said as she carried the bag of cider and glasses, "Can you believe that when the cashier gave this for us for free? It's like someone bought this for us." Remy nodded and replied, "Tell me about it. I can't wait to get home and have more of last night's soup with your cheese crumpets." Kelly blushed as they shared a laugh. Remy sighed at the sight of his loving wife, he had never been more in love with her. Kelly grew to size as she began to unlock the door and Remy climbed up to Kelly's shoulder.

As she began opening the door inside Emilia, her brother Eelier, Rene, Renee plus some boys and girls with their rat friends had finished clearing the kitchen as Colette pushed the trolley with small plates of food and Emily turned on the stereo for violin music. Kelly turned the knob when Remy stopped her as the violin was heard. Remy asked, "Kelly, what is that sound?" Kelly with still on knob in hand leaned closer to hear. She responded, "I think it's a violin."

Kelly turned the knob to see the bistro lights dimmed and the kitchen cleaned as a rat scurried to the closet and tossed the rag it used in the bucket. Kelly and Remy were awed as Colette and Emily served the soup from the other night as Rene and Renee used tongs to pick each crumpet and placed four crumpets on one plate.

Emilia snatched the bag from Kelly's hand as she carried it to Eelier. He pulled the cork from the bottle as it was pulled with a POP! Then Eelier with Linguini's help poured the cider into the glasses. Kelly gasped, "W-w-what's this?" Rene and Renee walked toward their parents as they bowed to come. Remy and Kelly walked to the table as Colette, Emilia, Eelier, and Alfredo smiled and walked away to give them privacy.

Rene and Renee embraced their parents as Kelly smiled and said, "Thank you so much, children." Remy nodded as Rene realized this was a sign that he was proud. The two children walked away to give their parents privacy as the violin music still played, Kelly said, "Our kids worked hard on making us dinner, so we might as well eat." Remy jumped of Kelly's palm as he felt her heartbeat on her wrist. They were fine with everyone arranged this dinner.

Remy and Kelly was proud to have two wonderful and very special children who care about them.

Tomorrow, they're both are buying the most expensive kitchen playset they could buy.