Title: Wish You Were Here
Summary: Shuichi is upset when Yuki ignores him...

Disclaimer: I don't own Gravitation.

Wish You Were Here...

"Yuki! Yuki! Yukiiiii!"

Shuichi paused only to kick of his shoes and throw his jacket to the floor before he made a mad dash to the study where he knew his lover would be furiously typing away on his laptop. The golden-eyed man had mentioned something about a deadline coming up a few weeks ago and since then Shuichi had barely seen his beloved Yuki.

"Did you miss me?" Shuichi demanded as he burst into the study.

Yuki didn't answer or even look away from the glaring screen of his laptop. He raised a cigarette to his lips in a languid motion and continued to ignore his pink-haired partner.

Shuichi pouted and his amethyst eyes immediately filled up with tears. He was always over-emotional but lately he had a reason: his lover of almost two years was ignoring him once again in favour of meeting an important deadline.

'It's so close to our second anniversary too... I bet he doesn't even remember'.

"I'll just leave you to your work then..." Shuichi whispered as he dejectedly left the room, closing the door behind him.

He wished the blond-haired man would yell at him or kick him out. He just wanted to be acknowledged by his supposed 'lover'. Shuichi nearly snorted at the word, when was the last time they'd been intimate with each other anyway? When was the last time they'd even kissed?

Shuichi shuffled over to the sofa where he usually slept. He used to fall asleep in Yuki's arms but now... Things were a lot different now.

'It's like he's not really here with me anymore...' Shuichi thought sadly as he curled up into a tight ball, knees pressed up against his chest. Tears slipped down his cheeks as he cried. They weren't the usual over-dramatic, attention-seeking crocodile tears, either, they were tears of someone sad and lonely.

"Yuki..." Shuichi sniffed sadly as he fell asleep.

An hour later Yuki left the study and entered the bedroom with a fleeting glance towards the pink bundle fast asleep on the sofa. If he'd just paid closer attention he might've noticed the tear-tracks on his lover's cheeks.

"Quiet whispers that melt amidst the bustling crowd, reviving the memories that are scattered around footsteps..."

Shuichi had tried to sing 'Glaring Dream' but it sounded like the croak of a frog every time he tried; there was a lump in his throat he couldn't seem to shift. This song was linked to Yuki and right now he couldn't think about Yuki without almost bursting into tears.

Hiro watched the emotions as they flickered across his best friend's face. Shuichi was like a book, open and easy to read. Frustration was the first emotion Hiro saw and then, a little more hidden, was sadness.

"Why don't we take a break and come back to this tomorrow?" He suggested.

Surprisingly, Shuichi was the first to agree. "That sounds like a really good idea, Hiro."

After promising to make up the lost time by staying late the next day, Hiro and Shuichi left the studio together. Normally Shuichi would be eager to get home early to his Yuki but today he turned to Hiro and asked, "Can we do something?"

Hiro furrowed his brow in confusion. Why was Shuichi avoiding going home? He didn't voice his question as he knew Shuichi would talk to him about it when he was ready. "How about we go shopping, Shu?" He suggested.

"Yeah!" Shuichi yelled excitedly. "I need to buy an anniversary present for Yuki anyway-" He started rambling before cutting himself off suddenly and staring at the floor.

"Anniversary?" Hiro repeated dumbly.

Shuichi shuffled his feet against the gravel floor as he walked. "Tomorrow me and Yuki will have been together for two years," he explained sadly.

Hiro shoved his hands into his jacket pockets. "What's wrong, Shu?" He asked his pink-haired friend, noticing the frown.

"I miss him," Shuichi replied softly.

"Did he leave?" Hiro asked, shock wrinkling his features. He didn't understand what Shuichi meant by 'missing' him.

Shuichi's amethyst eyes caught sight of something in a shop window. It was perfect.

"Sometimes the person doesn't even have to be gone for you to miss them, Hiro."

Shuichi stood outside the study. He was extremely nervous; it was their 'anniversary' and now he was going to find out if Yuki remembered or not. Taking a deep breath the pink-haired boy pushed open the door.

Yuki was sat at his desk, hunched over his laptop. A cigarette was hanging from his lips and a recently-opened can of beer was on the desk nearby. As usual, Yuki didn't look up when Shuichi entered but the pink-haired boy could've sworn he heard a sigh of annoyance.


Not even a blink of acknowledgement from his so-called lover.

"I...I love you, OK?"

Yuki merely grunted in response. Shuichi's eyes sparkled with un-shed tears.

"Do you love me, Yuki?"


"Yuki?" Pleading.


Shuichi sighed, head hung in defeat as he turned to leave. There was just one more thing he needed to say. "I left your anniversary present on the table in the kitchen." He closed the door behind him, not bothering to observe the way Yuki's golden eyes widened ever so slightly.

Tears slipped down Shuichi's cheeks as he picked up the bags he'd already packed and left Yuki's apartment for the last time.

'I remember when he told me I could stay for a week... I guess I kinda outstayed my welcome...'

Yuki shuffled into the kitchen like a zombie. He was tired from trying so hard to finish his latest novel. A month or so had passed since he first started ignoring Shuichi. It was nothing personal, he liked having the brat around but he was a distraction.

A pink-haired, loud-mouthed distraction.

He planned to finish his latest novel (he was only a chapter or two away from the end now) and then spend the next few months making it up to his neglected lover.

Guilt settled in his stomach as he suddenly remembered Shuichi's words from last night.

"I left your anniversary present on the table in the kitchen."

How had he forgotten their two-year anniversary? He'd been so busy with work that nothing else really mattered... Not even his pink-haired baka.

Yuki looked on the table but all he could see was Shuichi's key and some sort of card... A postcard? Yuki's eyebrows knotted together in confusion. Why had the brat gotten him a postcard for an anniversary present?

It was an ordinary postcard, a picture of a sea-view and the words 'Wish you were here' on the front. He turned it over and saw Shuichi had left him a short message on the back of it in his untidy handwriting.


I miss you so much. I haven't heard your voice in so long. Sometimes I wish you'd yell at me just so I'd hear it again... But you don't yell at me anymore. You don't even acknowledge me. Even though we're living in the same apartment I feel as though we're seperated by the ocean.

I wish you were here.

All my love, Shuichi.

P.S. I'm sorry if I outstayed my welcome.

Yuki dropped the postcard and it fluttered back down to the table. "Shu," he whispered sadly. He had never felt so lost.

Author's note: Hum, this is meant to be a one-shot but I suppose I could continue it if enough people wanted me to? I got the idea for this fic when I zoned out, ignoring my mam, and she said I was so far away I should send her a postcard.

So, If you didn't get it (even though it is kinda obvious) Shuichi feels like there is a HUUUUGE distance between himself and Yuki, hence the postcard. :D Review?