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The country break-vacation was coming. Matthew glanced at Alfred curiously. "You still won't tell me what this 'surprise' is," he said. Alfred flashed his brother a smile. "It's over there," he said, pointing over to a bus. Matthew looked carefully, and he froze on the spot, because there, leaning against the bus, was Gilbert.

His head was tilted down, crimson eyes closed. Headphones invaded his wild, silver hair, pressing on it to make it look a little neater. He wore a black t-shirt and jeans, his foot tapping against the pavement.

Matthew grabbed Alfred's shoulder, pulling him behind a pillar, invisible from the bus' view. "Why is he here?" Matthew hissed, heat in his face. He and Gilbert were good friends, both crushing on the other. (They don't realize how the other feels, though!)

Alfred grinned. "You've like him for years, silly Canadia!" he said, "So suck it up and make a move!" Matthew's blush flared on his face. "Why bother?" he muttered, "he only flirts to be funny…" Alfred laughed loud. "You'd be surprised," he said, not noticing the confused stare from his brother. "Come on, we're going to the beach!"

Gilbert nearly started to sing, he loved this song so much! But he didn't when his brother, Ludwig, gave him a warning glare. So, the albino tapped his foot and hummed to Fall Out Boy's "I Don't Care" lazily.

Arthur, a Brit that was helping pack up the luggage, tapped Gilbert's shoulder. The albino's eyes flashed open and he paused his music.

"Ja, what do you want?" he asked. Arthur sighed. "Maybe you could help us a little with the stuff?" he asked, raising a thick eyebrow skeptically. Gilbert shrugged. "I'm too awesome for that!" he said. Arthur made a move to reply when he noticed a blush spread over the albino's face.

"H-Hi Gil," a voice muttered. Arthur felt something attack his middle in the form of a hug, making him stumble.

"Iggy!" Alfred cheered happily, squeezing the life out of Arthur. "Off me, wanker!" the Brit yelped, attempting to squirm from Alfred's grasp. Gilbert waltzed over to Matthew, putting an arm around him.

"How are you, Birdie?" he asked, a smirk on his face. Matthew rolled his eyes. "I'm starting to hate that nickname," he said. Gilbert grinned. "Let me try again," he said, "How are you, Sugar cube?"

"Are you calling me a square?" Matthew asked, trying to sound upset, but failing. "Sexy beast?" Gilbert offered, laughing when Matthew blushed. "…Birdie's fine," he muttered. Gilbert brushed his thumb over Matthew's lips, making him blush harder.

Gilbert loved what he saw. Matthew's wavy, dirty blonde hair around his red, blushing face, his stray curl waving slightly in the little breeze. But what he loved most was Matthew's eyes, which sparkled with their violet beauty behind his glasses.

"Come on you two," Arthur said, "we're ready to leave." Gilbert snapped back to reality faster than Matthew.

"Awesome!" the albino shouted, running onto the bus, "Sweet, sweet vacation!" Matthew rolled his eyes and climbed into the bus, taking the seat behind Gilbert, who turned around in his seat and laid himself on the back of his chair so he could see Matthew.

"You didn't answer my question," Gilbert said, poking Matthew's forehead. The blonde swatted his hand away, smiling. "And what question is that?" he asked. Gilbert's eyes narrowed. "'How are you, Birdie?'" he asked, pulling Matthew's long strand of hair.

Matthew blushed intensely, gasping. His knees pressed together, and his hand went to his mouth. "G-Gilbert!" he yelped, "D-Don't! You know how sensitive that is!" Gilbert rolled his eyes, pulling the curl a little harder.

"I'll stop when you answer my question," the albino said. Matthew's eyes shut tight, his breathing getting faster. "I-I was-s do-doing fin-ne until-l n-n-now!" the blonde stammered. Gilbert, satisfied, gave the curl one last tug, pulling it long enough to be less than an inch from his face. And, without thinking, he gave it a lick before letting go.

Matthew looked as if he was going to explode in a burst of flames, his face and neck red, eyes shut tight, sweat on his forehead, and he was panting. "Th-That was u-uncalled f-f-for!" the blonde gasped. "I don't care what you think," Gilbert said, "As long as it's about me!"

Matthew shook his head, the bus beginning to drive off. "That song fits you so much, in so many ways…" he muttered. Gilbert stood and climbed over the seat, landing in Matthew's lap. "Especially 'a heat wave in your pants'," the albino purred. Matthew glared at his friend.

"Ha," he said, "Now that you've had your fun, get off me." Gilbert crawled off, pouting. He kept one leg on Matthew, and an arm over the blonde's chest. "You've never complained before," he said in a whining tone. Matthew looked at Gilbert, a smart reply about the albino's maturity level, but all his words, and his breath, were taken away.

Gilbert's eyes were sparkling, a tinge of pink in each bright glare from the sun. His lips were pressed together, bottom lip sticking out slightly.

Matthew opened his mouth, but no words could pass his lips. Gilbert raised an eyebrow. "Birdie?" he said, snapping his fingers between Matthew's eyes. The blonde jumped, his face reddening again.

"S-Sorry!" he said, pulling away from Gilbert. The albino cocked his head sideways. "Did it really bother you that much?" he asked. Matthew sighed. On many occasions, Matthew's feelings showed themselves like a giant, light-up sign that read "I freaking love you, Gil!"

(In the paper version, there's a drawing of a light-up sign. Y'know, like the ones you'd see at Sports Bars? For Beer and stuff? Yeah, those kind of light-up signs.)

Yet somehow, every time that sign lights up, only Gilbert doesn't see it. That was the only thing Matthew hated about the albino. Gilbert was so oblivious to the obvious!

"I-It isn't y-you…" Matthew muttered, "I-I just—"

"Mattie! Can you get up here for a bit?" Alfred's voice called from the front of the bus. Matthew stood up and began to move passed Gilbert, stumbling over the albino's feet as he went.

"Yeah?" Matthew sat down next to Ludwig, who was reading. Alfred looked at the back of the bus, content to see Gilbert's feet against the other seat. "I know what you feel," Alfred said, "But I just want you to be careful."

Ludwig looked up from his book. "Is this about Gilbert?" he asked. Alfred nodded and Matthew lowered his head to hide the light blush. Ludwig raised an eyebrow, closing his book. "What about hi—" "Nothing!" Matthew said quickly, shaking his head. Ludwig looked at Alfred who made a heart with his fingers.

Ludwig knew Gilbert's feelings for Matthew, so learning this was very interesting. Turning back to his book, Ludwig listened carefully.

Alfred: "If that Prussian pulls and kink crap, let me know."

Matthew: "A-Alfred!"

Alfred: "I just don't want you to—"

Matthew: "Sh-Shut up!"

Matthew, blushing and fuming, walked to the back of the bus, only to lay eyes on a sleeping Gilbert…

A sleeping shirtless Gilbert.

Matthew stood there, staring at the albino's chest. He knew Gilbert had muscle, and he could see that clearly, and every muscle made him look even stronger…

Matthew noticed that Gilbert's eyes were open, a smirk on his face. "What's wrong?" he said, "Never seen a shirtless before?" Matthew shook his head, looking away. Gilbert's eyes widened. "Nude?" he asked. Matthew kicked Gilbert's foot, blushing like mad.

"No!" he said. Gilbert sat up and grabbed Matthew's hand and pulled hard, causing Matthew to fall and land on the albino. "G-Gil!" Matthew yelped, his blush moving down his neck. His hands were on Gilbert's chest, legs on either side of Gilbert's.

"You're staying here 'till you get used to the shirtless me," the albino said, his hands on Matthew's back, "… Or until we get there." Matthew squirmed. "I d-don't agree with th-this…" he said, nearly sweating from the head of his face.

Gilbert grinned. "When we get to the hotel, I'll show you nudity," he said with a wink. Matthew smacked Gilbert's chest in embarrassment. "Sh-Shut it!"

Arthur left them all on the bus, going to check about the rooms. When Alfred found Gilbert and Matthew in the back, he punched Gilbert before dragging Matthew to the front.

After sitting in silence for a while, Arthur came back. "Three rooms," he said, "A room for two, and two rooms for one." Ludwig stood. "I get a room to myself," he said, going to the back to get his things. Arthur nodded, moving aside when Ludwig came back, giving him his room key as he left the bus.

"Can I be in the two bedroom?" Alfred asked. Arthur rolled his eyes, muttering curses under his breath. "Fine," he said, "Who wants to be with him?" The moment he said that, the now fully-clothed Gilbert stood and grabbed both his and Matthew's things.

"We don't want to deprive you of your America, Arthur," the albino said, "So me and Birdie will take the single bedroom." Matthew looked at Gilbert, slightly panicked. Then Gilbert, grinning, grabbed Matthew, dragging him off the bus, sneaking the room key from Arthur in the process.

Matthew was dragged to their room, which was small, with one narrow bed, a TV and a DVD player, plus a table. "'Kay, I'm gonna take a shower!" Gilbert declared, dropping their bags on the floor and going into the bathroom.

Matthew sat on the bed, listening to the shower water running.

What is this vacation going to be like?


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