Okay people, we have a plan!

Yes, an actual, perfect plan.

You want to know how Ivory Five makes their stories?

You want to know the CHAOS that happens behind the curtain?

Well, coming soon to our Deviant art page (Ivory-Five) We're going to have comic-versions of our lives~!

There are only a few things we need from you guys:

1: Your support

2: An editor to make our comics look more professional (Only if you want to and have the ability to)

3: A logo-man

So, what does that mean? It means Ivory Five needs a "manager" of their photos and logo-ops.

Please apply by using these in the review, or email us at .net (don't spam our email, please~!)

Fill this out when you send:

1: Name

2: Tools (Windows Paint, etc.)

3: If you can give us a sample of your work, or a link TO your work, that'd be appreciated

4: Your email

We'd really love to have you with us and helping us~ You'll get our business schedule, and you can chat with us freely via email~!

Review with the application, or don't review at all. And only review if you love to make/edit pictures~!