Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns it all.

Rated M for several reasons.


Somewhere in Time

Distracted he hurries along the deserted street.

A whisper of wind blows across his face as he crosses at a junction.

Shuddering slightly he continues on his way, resolved to reach the warmth of the bar and lay his demons to rest for a little while.

The last few months have preyed heavily on him and for the first time in a while he is beginning to feel the weight of the years pressing down on him. A great weight.

But perhaps all is not lost. Experience carries many benefits and if you learn from your mistakes, as he has always tried to do, then there is always a chance you can wriggle free of your predicament.

Yes. All is not lost.

Just as he begins to relax strong arms grip him from behind.

"Oh dear." A soft feminine voice growls seductively. "I seem to have found you first. How terrible for you."