Song One: Honeybear

(Album: Show Your Bones)

Pairing one: Eliteunder (Lucian/Aaron)

I do not own The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, their songs, or Pokemon…(cry)

Let me warn you that this story gets a little sexy, because Karen O. is sexy, and has sung this sexy song of sexiness, therefore the story must be doused in a pinch of sexy. Sexy.

This'll be fun to do. So, enjoy, and I'll continue writing until this is over! Boy, don't I love Miss Karen O…


Dangerous—if life wasn't, then we'd all be bored into oblivion. Some of us can live without all the outbursts and spontaneity of the world, but others go out and seek the adventure, the delicious dangers lurking around every corner.

A seventeen year-old boy on an adrenaline-fueled rush out in the dangerous, dangerous world—how will this story end?

Aaron, a recent runaway child, has broken the chains of conservatism his parents had forced upon his free spirit to run off and enjoin the world of risk-taking—accompanied by one of his most trusted partners, a lovely Beautifly outside of its ball. He was tired of all the nagging his parents would hit him with—"You're too young, you're too dangerous, Lord knows what you're doing, blah blah blah." Aaron felt that it was time for him to venture off into the world on his own for once, and be rid of his parents for good. He gradually made up his mind; to run away in the middle of the night, taking nothing but his partner and his loose sense of direction. This cool autumn night, Aaron has found himself in Hearthome City, one of the largest locations in Sinnoh—infamous for its risqué and sensual nightlife; night clubs, raves, bars, and of course, those who sell themselves for one night of passion. The boy was more than ready to take on the adult life, alone and carefree.

"Beautifly, look over there! Aren't those pretty lights?" the green-eyed boy pointed to the various neon lights on the city's buildings, taking in all the excitement and hustle-n-bustle of nightlife. Some late-night travelers looked at the boy and his Pokémon like they were country bumpkin going out into the world for the first time, laughing at their 'oohs' and 'ahs'. This didn't bother them much, for they were too caught up in the moment to care.

"Beautifly~" the Pokémon sang. The duo walked the streets of Hearthome to their hearts content…until the inevitable happened…


Aaron stopped in his tracks, holding his stomach.


"Ngh…shit…" he cursed quietly.


A second stomach joined in. Beautifly was hungry, too…the only problem was…

Aaron had no money…

"Shit…I should've thought this through, right, Beautifly? Should've gotten some money from home before leaving…" Aaron's shoulders sagged down and his Beautifly nodded in agreement.

"Well, what can we do now? No money means no food, Beauty, and I doubt I can get a job in twenty-five minutes! I don't even have a place to stay…" Aaron sighed, looking hopelessly at his Pokémon. Just then, Beauty (I'm nicknaming his Beautifly this) sensed something from afar, twitching his mouth-straw.

Beautifly! He cried, fluttering ahead of his master. Aaron looked at Beauty with confusion. "Beauty? What's wrong?" he called, running over to his bug-type. Beautifly, Beautifly! He cried, flying off into the city. "Ah! Beauty, wait!" his master called, chasing behind.

After flying a great distance away from the street they were once walking through, Beauty finally stopped at a rather nice-looking building. Aaron eventually caught up.

"Ha…Beauty, what is the matter with you? You could've gotten lost, and there goes my only friend in the world!" the green-haired boy huffed, sweating and tense. "Goddamn, Beauty, don't pull that shit on me again, or I'll…uh…ooh…" the boy trailed off. "What's that smell? Mmm, smells like something's cooking…"

Beauty cried its name in delight. The bug had lead Aaron to a fancy restaurant, filled with all sorts of sustenance. "Oh, boy, Beauty, you hit the jackpot this time! It's feeding time! But what about money…Aw, it's fine! I've got it all planned out! We'll stay for the breadsticks and water, and then get out scotch free! It's the perfect plan!" Aaron laughed, Beauty squealing in satisfaction.

Just as the two were about to enter, a man with a snobbish-looking moustache and a Cockney accent came out of the restaurant, noticing from outside the glass doors they were about to come in.

"Ahem. Are you planning to come in with that…thing?" the man said, glaring at Beauty.

"Hey, who do ya think you are? Don't call my Pokemon a thing! It's a Beautifly! And, yeah, of course I was gonna come in with him!" Aaron snapped. The man chuckled.

"Please, boy, I won't allow such a filthy thing to come into my restaurant…or the Pokémon either." He smiled.

Aaron gasped at this douche's rudeness. "Hey, asshole, don't you mess with me! I can kick your holier-than-thou ass with Beauty here right now!"

"Ha ha ha. Please, child, you're not the only one in this city with Pokémon on his hand. Now, turn yourself around—you weren't invited." the moustache man chuckled and turned, going back into the restaurant.

Aaron made a face and flipped the man off. "Fuck you, douche! We don't need you anyways!" the boy yelled, Beauty tittering angrily behind him. "Sigh…"

"Oh, my. Is there a problem around here?" someone asked from behind. "Hm?" Aaron jumped, turning to see who was there.

A pale, six feet-tall bespectacled man with shoulder-length wavy lavender hair, snazzy crimson suit, and a rather svelte waistline looked at Aaron with concern. Oh, Lord… the boy thought, his eyes instantly fixated at the man's long, slender legs. "You're tall…" he whispered.

The older man let out a dry chuckle. "Um, I was on my way over here for a dinner party for a newlywed couple I'm friends with, and I hear some cacophony going on over here… was there a fight, young man?" he asked, pushing up his glasses, whose lenses had a purple tint to them.

Aaron looked up into the man's eyes. "Oh, um, no, I was just…yeah, kinda. I don't have much money, you see, and the man with this obnoxious moustache comes out here and kicks me and my Beauty," pointing to his Beautifly, "…out of the restaurant. I didn't mean for this to become a public thing, but I just wish he wouldn't have been such a jerkass—pardon my French." Aaron blushed lightly, now averting the man's gaze.

"Oh, my. Is that so? Well, young man, I happen to be friends with this… 'jerkass', if you will, and I can reason with him, if you and your…Beauty…want me to. However, you look a little young to be out here so late. Aren't your parents worried?" the svelte man asked, examining the younger boy. He found Aaron compellingly adorable, with beautiful eyes that shone vibrantly.

The sudden interrogation caught Aaron off-guard. "Uh, no, my parents don't really know that I'm out, but it's ok…and I'm seventeen, so I can look after myself. Besides, I have Beauty to look after me!" he argued, stroking Beauty's wing lightly. The svelte man smiled. He was interested in this charming boy and his desire for nightlife.

"Fine, I suppose."

"By the way, is the offer for getting into the restaurant still on the table?"

The svelte man laughed. "Of course."


"Heh heh heh, I love how that jerkass is all sorts of butt-hurt because you managed to get me in!" Aaron laughed, peeking over his shoulder to see the douche gritting his teeth, turning redder and redder. Both Aaron and the tall, svelte man were sitting at a table in which the newlywed couple—a young, pretty blonde lady and a handsome silver-blue haired man—and the tall man's brother, a violet-haired man in a pristine vest, were seated. The svelte man chuckled.

"Now, now, the deal was that you don't heckle the man, and you keep Beauty in its ball, right, young man?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know! I'll be on my best behavior, Mister…uh…" Aaron stopped, looking dumbly at the man.

"Lucian." He said.

Lucian… "Fancy. I like that name. Very high-class." Aaron smiled. Lucian couldn't help but to laugh at the boy's remarks. "You certainly are a character. And what is your name, small one?" he asked.


"Mm. Aaron. I like it—it's very fitting." Lucian smiled slightly.

"Oh, Lucian, honey, I'm so glad you and Willy could join us! Finally, just me, my new hubby, and my two favorite drinking buddies!" Cynthia—the blonde lady, giggled, arm wrapped around her husband.

"It was our pleasure, Cindy." Will smiled, taking a drink of some very expensive champagne.

"I'm just glad I convinced Stevie to let me hang out with my two good friends, right, babe?" she asked, kissing her husband's cheek.

"Oh, of course, hon. Besides, I work with these two—they're great company." said Steven.

"Oh, Lucian, darling, who is your date? I'm so sorry for not asking sooner! I just didn't want to impose, is all, but you two have been giggling and talking like the cutest couple!" Cynthia looked at Aaron with big glossy eyes.

Aaron blushed. Date? Does Lucian swing that way?

"Yes, brother, who is he? This one's real cute; unlike the other one you dated from Canalave…Riley, was it?" Will asked coyly.

"Oh, please, Will, he's nothing like Riley. This is Aaron, and we met only today. He needed some help, so I was happy to oblige." Lucian smiled at Aaron. Aaron looked confused. Okay, so I ask for help because some dick in a tie won't let me into a restaurant, and now I am a tall dude's boyfriend. This makes sense…how?

"Aaron here is my new acquaintance, not my boyfriend. So sorry to disappoint everyone." Lucian laughed. Cynthia frowned, and then grew a devilish smile.

Aaron forced a crooked smile, laughing sheepishly.

"I'm more refined than that." Lucian said quietly, sipping his champagne.


The rest of the dinner went by nicely, chatting and laughing, and Lucian even told Aaron that he would pay for his meal! Whatever Aaron got himself into, he liked it, regardless of the fact that he wasn't invited.

After staying a while, the newlyweds and Will decided to part ways, bidding each other good night.

"Brother, are you coming? Do you want me to call my Xatu to teleport us?" Will asked Lucian, readying his Pokéball.

"No, that's fine, Will. You can go ahead back home. I'm going to stay here in Sinnoh overnight." Lucian walked over and kissed his younger brother's forehead.

"Alright then," Will called out his Xatu, a magnificent looking bird with haunting eyes. "Xatu, teleport!" After the psychic Pokémon gave a loud screech, both Will and his Xatu were gone.

Lucian turned to Aaron. "Well, Aaron, it was good meeting you. I enjoyed your company. So now, I suppose I shall bid you adieu," he extended his arm, giving a warm smile. "Good night, Aaron."

Aaron stared at Lucian's hand blankly, not knowing what to say. "Um…Lucian…" he began.

Lucian looked at the younger boy's saddened face. He retracted his arm. "What's the matter, small one?"

Aaron's eyes shifted. "Well, you see, Lucian…" he blushed a bit, fidgeting his thumbs around. "I kind of sort of…don't have a place to stay. And I can't go back to my parents, one, because if they find out I've been here, this far from home for about five hours, I'd be exiled from the house anyways, two, because I don't even know my way back…" Lucian raised an eyebrow at this.

"Would you happen to know where I can stay just for a night, just until I get back on the road with Beauty?" Aaron's big glittering green eyes were soft, desperate, and just begging for some help. That youthful face with that irresistible full bottom lip sticking out slightly—Lucian couldn't resist it. Aaron was cute—really cute. His childishness was very attractive, and it just drew Lucian closer, making him want to help.

He could've stayed at a Pokémon Center, which were free and open to the public, however, Lucian had the fear of some ruffian egging the boy on, him only having a Beautifly, and the fear that in such a big city, a lot of people can take advantage of such a small person.

"Hmm, well, Aaron, I know this may seem a bit unconventional, but I own a condominium here in Hearthome," Lucian started.

"Whoa, Lucian, that sort of business should be kept private!" Aaron blushed.

"What? No—no! I mean an apartment building! I have a guest room there, and you are free to come with me and sleep there if you'd like…" The lavender-haired man smiled as Aaron's eyes lit up at the offer.

"You're just a pot of gold, aren't you? The gift that keeps on giving! Hell yeah, I'll stay with you! Just lead the way, jefe*, and I'll be right behind you!"


The inside of Lucian's condo was that of a hotel room—very swanky, and to an extent, very sexy. Everything was a creamy champagne colour with shades of red, brown, and orange. Aaron, mouth agape, was already running about the housing, giving himself the grand tour.

"Ha ha, I see you've already taken a liking to my home. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable. The guest room is the door next to the broom closet." Lucian pointed out, taking off his lovely crimson suit, wearing a very flattering black silk dress shirt underneath. Lucian is a very well-groomed man, and keeps things in order—his condo was clean and neat, without so much as a speck of dust anywhere.

"Dude, I love your house." Aaron said, plopping himself on the cream coloured loveseat sofa, burying his face in a plush pillow. "Oh, and is there anywhere I can leave Beauty?" he said, taking the Pokéball out of his pocket.

"Why, yes, I do. Here, I'll take that," he grabbed the ball from Aaron's hand. "I have a place where I keep my Pokémon in a separate room—"

"Wait, you have Pokémon, too? I swear you're pulling all of this out of your ass! You have everything!" Aaron exclaimed, bouncing on the couch. "Ha, yes, I train, too. I'm more of a psychic type trainer myself."

"I think I'm in love." Aaron said, hugging the plush pillow. Lucian was nice, considerate, rich, and he trained Pokémon. And one of the hardest types to train at that! There was nothing Lucian couldn't do.

Lucian put the ball away, coming out of the room to see Aaron laying on the loveseat, still rubbing his face into the pillow. Oh, my, he is adorable, Lucian thought,staring at the boy. Funny, cute, childish, just a joy to be around—Lucian liked this about his new friend. Although, he thought, the four year age gap annoyed him a bit, yet something was just drawing him closer and closer to the boy. However, Lucian did find it morally wrong to have such feelings for someone he's barely met—which is probably why the temptation feels so much greater for him.

"Mmm, Lucian, come over here and sit with me!" the green-eyed boy sang, sitting up. Lucian hesitantly walked over to the loveseat and sat beside the boy.

"My dear Lord, this is the best sofa I've ever sat on in my life. It's like, orgasmic good. Fuck the guest room, I'm sleeping here!" Aaron bounced up and down the cushion. The sudden movement and choice of words made Lucian heat up.

"For someone so young, you do curse a lot. I'm four years your senior and I hardly curse at all. You, on the other hand, are a sailor." Lucian chuckled. Aaron stopped bouncing and blushed.

"Ha ha ha, that's a nasty habit I picked up from my dad. I'm sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable, though." Aaron laughed. "Oh, not to worry, I'm quite used to it. My brother has a very dirty mouth, even though he never reveals it in public."

The younger boy yawned and stretched, letting himself fall over onto Lucian's lap. The older man took a sharp breath, as Aaron's shoulder had lightly brushed against his crotch.

"Lucian, I'm tired. Too tired to want to get up. Carry me." Aaron extended his arms upward, signaling Lucian to carry him. "Did you undergo surgery for anything recently?" Lucian asked.


"Have you been to the hospital for such things as chemotherapy, blood transfusions, or a treatment for a rare disease, such as polio or tuberculosis, per se?"


"Do you have a functioning brain?"


"Then you can walk to the room by yourself."

Aaron dropped his arms, pouting. "You're mean. Screw what I said about you being all kick-ass and cool and shit…" Lucian laughed. "I kid, Aaron." Lucian picked the boy up from his waist and sat him up on his lap. "Although, I probably could carry you if I wanted to…"

Aaron liked the thought of this. He positioned himself to where he was straddling Lucian, his arms wrapped around the older man's neck. "Now you can take me." Aaron whispered in Lucian's ear.

…Lovely choice of wording that sentence.

A deep red stained Lucian's cheeks; all this felt a bit sudden, even though Aaron's intention wasn't one of sexual connotation. He felt a bit guilty having these thoughts enter his mind, as he knew he was better than that—better than some pervert trying to make his way down someone's pants as quickly as possible. Yet something bothered him greatly about this green-eyed boy, in the sense that he needed to get something off his chest.

Lucian raised a hand to cradle the younger boy's head, pulling him away. Aaron stared into Lucian's bespectacled eyes, waiting for a response. The lavender-haired man shifted his eyes back and forth from the younger boy's eyes to his lips. Lucian just couldn't help himself—this direct, close contact with the boy just wasn't enough. He wanted more…so much more….

Without any second thoughts, Lucian pulled the boy's head closer to his and kissed him. The unexpectedness startled Aaron, resulting in a small noise. The boy's eyes widened, not responding to the kiss in any way. Dissatisfied and ashamed, Lucian pulled back, looking into Aaron's eyes with humiliation.

"A…Aaron…I'm so sorry, I couldn't help myself. I feel terrible; I'm sure now I've made the both of us feel very uncomfortable, and you probably would like to leave," Lucian took his hands off of Aaron and looked away. The boy had an odd feeling inside of him; the kiss felt different…a good sort of different, Aaron thought. He felt that he would like to continue with this engagement to see what else Lucian can do.

Aaron blinked then, arms still around the older man's neck, pulled him close, engaging the kiss once more. Lucian was taken aback by this, as he had thought he had done something wrong in kissing him—apparently not.

"Mm, I like how you make your guests feel so welcomed," Aaron whispered, breaking the kiss, trying to close any breadth of space between them. "I still don't feel completely comfortable, yet…" Aaron kissed the man's neck, trailing his left hand up and down Lucian's waist, feeling that it was indeed as svelte as it looked. "Ah…" small moans were expelled from Lucian, tilting his head slightly, giving the boy more access to his hot, tender flesh.

"Mm, such a young, sweet little thing you are. However did you get this naughty?" Lucian had his hands explore the younger's body, eventually going up his shirt, making Aaron shudder.

"Ah, your hands are cold…" the boy stopped kissing Lucian's neck, pulling back and writhing on top of the lavender-haired man. His touch was cold, although he wanted more from him; stopping Lucian for a moment, Aaron unzipped the black and orange vest he sported, taking it off and tossing it on Lucian's coffee table. Lucian held Aaron by his waist, planting kisses on his exposed shoulders. With his right hand, he traced his fingers up the boy's chest, stopping at a perked nipple, rubbing softly, enough to elicit soft moans from the boy. "Oh, Lucian…" he gasped as the man had trailed his tongue downward to Aaron's nipple, swirling around it.

"Ah…I…want more…"

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