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~Hand me a smoke, babe~

"Breakfast is ready, guys!" the younger psychic called from the kitchen. It had been about three weeks since Aaron and Lucian first met, and after a long night of intimacy, Lucian brought it upon himself to keep the boy as his lover, still trying to convince the boy's parents otherwise (as they believe Lucian is a child prostitution trafficker in the Russian Mafia). On this bright, sunny morning in Johto, staying over at Will's house, the trio was eagerly anticipating a delicious breakfast made by said host.

"Big brother! Aaron! Come on, it might get cold!" Will called. His pancakes were losing their fluff, and he knew how much his big brother hated deflated pancakes.

"We're here, we're here, Willy. We were just dressing." Said a still drowsy (Ha, drowsy… Drowzee…psychic…ha) voice. Will turned at the voice, seeing Aaron in his Pokémon pajamas and Lucian in a silk crimson robe.

"Rough night?" asked Will.

"You don't even know the half of it…"

"Trust me, I've been getting calls from the Hoenn Elite Four telling you guys to shut the hell up."

"Oh. Sorry about that, brother." Said Lucian.

The trio sat at the table, Aaron helping himself to pancakes, eggs, and bacon (and Hilda is somewhere asking where her Tepig went), and the purple-haired brothers served each other coffee.

"So, brother, how did you pass the night?" Lucian pulled back a wavy strand of hair and sipped his coffee, a bit disappointed because it had gotten cold.

"Well, there isn't anything a little bit of sleeping pills and earplugs can't do, now, is there, big brother?" Will chuckled, also noticing his coffee was cold.

"Then why have us over if you know we're going to be a disturbance?" Lucian asked.

"Well, you're my brother, Lucian, and I feel obliged to do so."

"If we are as much trouble as you express, maybe we just won't come over anymore."

"Oh, no need for that. It's…it's fine…"

"Please, I can hear the exasperation dripping from your mouth. We'll be off after breakfast, never to return."

"Big brother, don't be like that. I didn't mean to sound—"

"Well, it did. So,"

"Lucian, let's be adults about this…"

"Well, William, I suppose you'd know a lot about being an adult, seeing as though you and a certain blond Gym Leader from Ecruteak have been expressing very adult scenarios behind my back."

Will stood up from the table. "Lucian, do not bring my personal life into this, please. I am trying to be a good house guest." The younger psychic took a breath in and released it slowly, not wanting to fight with his older brother in front of another guest. Aaron just sat there eating pancakes.

"Please, brother, you're a good host as much as Morty is a good lover."

Will blushed deeply and gasped. "LUCIAN! You've slept with my boyfriend?"

"Who hasn't, Will?"

Aaron spat out his Oran juice.



"Well, at least I'm honest. We dated back when you were barely becoming Elite. Safe to say our relationship didn't last long, and neither did he."

"…Lucian, before I do something I regret, please get out of my kitchen."

"So be it. Your pancakes were disappointingly flat. Come, my Aaron, let's leave and go back to Sinnoh." Aaron got up slowly, still trying to comprehend the fact that his lover just openly admitted a past lover in front of him, and his younger brother as well. The two left the kitchen, leaving Will fuming.

"Oh, and Will, Aaron and I made love on your sofa as well. My, is it comfortable. We didn't bother to clean, since you're the host. Arrivederci, fratello."

"…Well, there isn't anything some iodine and an incinerator can't do, now, is there, big brother…"

In the back of his mind, Will thought two things throughout the day:

How much of an ass his older brother is…

And to remember to break up with Morty later.

~Get me a beer, too, babe~

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