CH 1

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"Naruto, you are going to be late!" a red haired woman called up the stairs of her small home. "Your brothers have left already!"

"Ma! You said they would wait for me!" her son Naruto called. There was a few loud thumps and crashes coming from his room from things falling to the floor. "They always leave without me!"

"Well if you wouldn't take so long maybe they wouldn't leave without you!" his mother called back.

Finally her youngest son came running down the stairs, clothes askew, school bag in hand. "Look at you, and look at the time!" she shook her head as she started straightening her sons clothes. "Now, we just moved here and you're going to be late. Why do you always do this?"

Naruto crossed his arms over his chest as he glared at his mother. "Why do we always have to move?" he asked back, "I always make close friends, and then we have to move!"

"All of you make good friends," his mother sighed as she shook her head again. "Go on… and hurry,"

Naruto walked out the front door before jogging into a sprint. Although Naruto had four elder brothers, each of them had what they were best at, and his was running long distances quickly. He was the only one out of the five who ran track and cross country for school. Thanks to his running, his mother never had to worry about him getting into college.

Catching sight of his school, the name 'Konoha High' written in big letters, he could see them starting to close the gates. He sped up slightly and slid onto school grounds just in time. He stood and brushed off his clothes before starting back into a sprint.

He ran through the halls, checking the time on his wristwatch and barely hearing someone yell at him to watch where he was going. Before Naruto knew it, he was sent flying to the floor, papers flying everywhere.

"I'm sorry," Naruto apologised instantly as he stood, rubbing his sore behind. He looked down to see the most beautiful man he'd ever laid eyes on, "Are you okay?"

The man looked up at Naruto, eyes dark and mysterious, hidden behind dark bangs. At first the man seemed curious, before those eyes narrowed into a dangerous glare. "You certainly have quite the mood swings," he commented as he stood, gathering his papers slowly. "Stay the hell away from me you psycho."

Naruto watched the dark haired man walk away feeling completely confused. Shaking his head, he walked down the hall looking at the numbers trying to find his class. "Ah, room 8A," he muttered reaching for the door before sliding it open slowly. The teacher stopped talking as the blonde walked in. "Sorry I'm late, over slept," he laughed sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head.

"Ah, Mr. Uzumaki, I presume," the teacher guessed, staring down at the blonde, "This is not the best way to start out at this school. You are a transfer student so we expect you to be on time. Got it?"

"Yes, sir," Naruto bowed.

"Very good, now your seat will be..." he paused to look around the class room, "Ah, yes right behind Mrs. Haruno," at the back of the class, a girl with short pink hair stood, looking quite annoyed. "Quickly take a seat so I can continue my class," with a nod of his head, Naruto walked towards the back of the room all the kids chattering and staring.

"Hey, I'm Kiba," a brown haired boy greeted from Naruto's right.

"Naruto," the blonde greeted with a grin, both keeping their voices down to a whisper.

"Nice to meet'chya," Kiba grinned wolfishly, half scaring -and worrying- Naruto. "I have a feeling you and I are going to be good friends,"

Naruto chuckled at this, doing his best to keep quiet. "Yeah, same here dude," they bumped fists and did their best to pay attention to the teacher up front. Of course, it was difficult considering neither boy enjoyed the class; History was never Naruto's forte. In fact, the main class he did like was not even a requirement any more, and that was Gym. After what seemed like the whole day the bell finally rang.

Almost instantly Naruto was swarmed with half the class. "So you're new here, huh?" a girl gushed, shoving her way to lean against his desk, her boobs practically almost falling out of her low buttoned shirt, "You have a girlfriend from… wherever you're from?"

"No," Naruto answered instantly.

"You looking for one?" another girl asked from the other side of the desk.

"Not exactly," he answered. All the girls left.

"What video games do you play?" Kiba asked.

Naruto had to think about this a moment, "I like just about any kind of gory game," he finally answered, "Especially zombie killing ones,"

"How about food?" a some-what chubby kid asked, bag of chips in hand.

"I love Ramen," he answered with a grin.

"What kind of scores do you average in school?" another boy asked, his hair pulled into a tight, almost pineapple like spiked ponytail.

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "Well, average I guess," he admitted.

"He's just another idiot, nothing special about him," someone stated from the classroom door. Everyone turned to the door to see the same person Naruto had run into. "Well, except for his multiple personality syndrome,"

Everyone turned back to Naruto as if they were all asking the same question, "Really?"

Naruto rolled his eyes and stood from his desk. "Actually that's not true," he stated glaring right back at those intoxicating dark eyes, "I think what happened is that you-"

"Alright everyone, find your seats," a tall grey haired man with an eye patch and face mask ordered, "According to my dearest Iruka, we apparently have a new student," the man stated leisurely, walking towards his desk while the rest of the students found their seats. "Naruto Uzumaki, was there anything you wanted to say about yourself before we start class?" Naruto merely shook his head as he glared at the black haired boy who apparently sat two seats in front of him, in the row to his left. "Alright. Well then, everyone please pull out the book we started last week, Icha Icha Paradise." Instantly the pink haired girls hand went up, Haruno. Naruto remembered her name. "Yes, Sakura?"

Well, Kakashi-sensei isn't this book a bit… mature for a bunch of Junior's in high school?" she asked, a light blush tinting her cheeks.

Kakashi sighed and sat heavily on the edge of his desk, "If you would prefer to read something else, feel free to choose. Give your copy to Naruto instead,"

Sakura flung the book over her shoulder almost hitting Naruto in the face. Naruto picked up the book and frowned. "Um, Kakashi-sensei, I've already read all of these books," he announced raising his hand. The whole class looked at him, some full of disgust others bewildered.

"Have you now?" Kakashi asked curiously.

Naruto nodded and heaved a sigh, "Yeah, the author is my uncle," he stated placing the book on his desk.

Kakashi seemed quite intrigued by this news, "You're related to the Jiraiya?" he questioned.

"Yeah, he's just a big perv," Naruto stated leaning back in his seat, "I really don't see how his books sell so well,"

Kakashi seemed determined suddenly, a fire burning in his eye. "They are pure genius!" he exclaimed with passion, "All the detail, and the stories he comes up with! It wouldn't surprise me if he had actually lived through those experiences!"

Naruto rolled his eyes and shook his head, "Not exactly," he stated. "Not even in his straight novels. He may be a perv, and he likes women a lot, but he has not lived through any of those so called 'experiences'."

The gray haired teacher raised a brow at this, "How would you know this, Uzumaki?"

The student raised his brow back at the teacher, "How do you know that it's not all just conjured up by his imagination?"

"Kakashi-sensei, we do have class you know," the dark haired boy announced, raising his hand.

"Yes, sorry Sasuke," Kakashi sighed, sitting heavily on the edge of his desk again. "Let's read quietly for the rest of the class," this didn't seem to surprise anyone as they all pulled out random things to do.

Naruto looked back at the dark haired boy called Sasuke, and found his name was as beautiful as he was. He looked down at the blank page before him and started writing. Normally, whenever he felt like writing nothing good came of it. This time as he wrote, it would depend on who you asked if it was good or bad.

Finally class ended, also signalling that lunch was starting.

"So, Naruto, your uncle writes these dirty books," Kiba commented as they all walked out of class, "You seem really interesting, wanna hang for lunch?"

"Well, I would but," Naruto started, before something ran into him, a tan arm wrapping around his neck.

"Hey bro, been lookin for ya!" the person exclaimed.

Kiba did a double take as he saw two of his new friend, "You have a twin?" he asked.

"Not exactly," Naruto sighed, "I'm the youngest of-"

"Come on Naruto!" the brother exclaimed, tugging him away.

"Yuue, I'm trying to talk to someone!"

"Too bad, come on," Yuue stated, dragging Naruto off against his will.

"Sorry Kiba, maybe tomorrow!" Naruto called as he tried to catch his balance. When Kiba was well out of sight, Yuue stopped and allowed his brother the brush himself off. "Damn it Yuue, I hate it when you do that!"

Yuue turned to his brother, arms crossed over his chest, "You were taking too long, little brother."

Naruto glared at him even more, "I'm only younger by five fricken seconds!" he exclaimed.

"But you are still the youngest," another clone came from behind Naruto.

Before anyone knew it, there were five Naruto's standing together in the hall way. "Sorry you were the last to come out of quintuplets Naruto, but because you are the youngest, you know how things will be going on around here,"

"No," Naruto said determinedly, "I want things to be different. We can't all be together forever you know!"

"So you're just going to let a whole bunch of strangers get in the middle of brotherhood?" the middle, Uzumaki Riku, asked with a slight pout.

"That's not what I meant and you know it," Naruto ground out, glancing around them. "We're drawing a crowd lets go talk somewhere more private,"

All of the Uzumaki boys agreed as they walked down the hall, people staring the whole way until they were outside. "You guys, I just want to be able to make friends to hang out with. Don't any of you feel the same way?"

The other four fidgeted at this remark. "Well..." they all started, "Yeah, kind of,"

Naruto grinned at this and gave a tight nod. "On another note, did you guys meet the sexy Sasuke?"

"Which one is that?" the others asked.

"Dark hair, broods, has a bad attitude..." Naruto explained.

"Oh yeah, him," Yuue commented, "He's kind of an ass,"

"I think he's really cute," the eldest of the quintuplets, Arai, stated with a grin.

Naruto couldn't help but feel a touch of anger in the pit of his stomach.

"I agree with you Arai!"

"You too, Riku?" Naruto groaned.

"Meh, maybe if his hair was styled a bit differently,"

"Leon!" Naruto exclaimed.

All of the brothers stared at the youngest who seemed completely distraught, "I can't even have a crush by myself," he complained.

"We never said anything about a crush," Riku stated with a raised brow.

"We merely stated that we thought he was cute," Arai went on, a grin spreading across his face, "So our little brother has a little crush does he?"

Leon rolled his eyes as he leaned against a tree, "Why does it have to be an ass like him?" he asked with a shake of his head, "Why not a beauty like that Sakura girl in your class?"

Naruto nearly gagged. "She's kind of a stuck up little princess." he stated.

Just as he opened his mouth to comment on something else Naruto's stomach growled. "I'm hungry let's eat,"

"Which reminds me, mother is pulling us out of the rest of the day," Arai stated.

Naruto's jaw dropped. "Wah! But why?" he exclaimed, "For once I'm actually liking my first day of school!"

"Well, someone went and picked a fight with your little boy crush," Arai explained looking pointedly at Yuue.

"What can I say," Yuue said with a shrug. "He got on my last nerve." he stated glaring at the ground.

"He didn't do anything to you," Leon stated, "I saw it all happen from around the corner," Yuue glared up at his brother now, "Although I have to say… that Sasuke sure can kick ass."