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CH 18

Sasuke laid in the hospital waiting for Naruto to return for their little chat. One week passed and he still did not return. Then another week before he knew it a month passed. Sakura checked in on him making sure everything was almost healed, that his site was not going to go blind again at the slightest moment. No one knew how he got his site back the only thing they could think of was that getting rid of the Sharingan gave him his site back. He hadn't said anything about his site being back and when Sakura found his eyes following her through the room was it that she found out. She had reprimanded him for keeping such valid information withheld. He had just rolled his eyes and ignored her temper.

"Good morning Sasuke, and how are you feeling today?" Sakura chirped as she all but skipped into the room. Sasuke chose not to answer as he stared out the window, clouds covering the rising sun the smell of rain clear. "Alright lets get our usual tests going, you are most likely going to be released from the hospital to-"

"Where is Naruto?" he interrupted, not caring about being released. "He says a couple days and I expected him to keep to his promise!" his rather long bangs covered his eyes as he tilted his head down.

"He has been forbidden to see you as of late, by the council." Sakura said flatly. "He angered them by trying to by pass them to give you, your freedom back." Sasuke looked up to meet dark angry eyes. "I am to take you before the council once again with Naruto for your final trial."

"Final trial huh," Sasuke muttered looking up to the ceiling as Sakura ran her usual tests. "I'd be okay with the death penalty. I deserve it."

Sakura paused in her work before continuing. She would admit she was still upset with the Uchiha, but she could not find it in her heart to wish death upon him. Sure he probably deserved a lot of torture and wished he had been blinded for good; cause and effect kind of thing. "You have healed nicely. Shika," she called, the anbu by her side in less then a second. "Cuff him and let's go." she pushed her pink hair behind her shoulder and led the way.

"How troublesome," Shikamaru muttered as he cuffed Sasuke's hands behind his back, then shoved him to move forward.

"Wouldn't it be easier to lead me chains?" Sasuke sighed, irritated with being shoved in what ever direction was needed.

Shikamaru took a moment before he answered, "Naruto said that was cruel to do to you." he stated, Sasuke snapping his mouth shut with that answer.

As they walked out of the hospital onto the streets a lot of people crowded around to see the once mighty Uchiha, Sasuke led away in chains and irons. Sasuke ignored them like he had ignored the wandering and staring eyes of the hospital.

Five minutes later they finally walked into the main building and into the main council room. "Uchiha, Sasuke," he knew that voice, his face turned upward his eyes landing on Naruto instantly. "You have been charged with leaving the village and siding with the enemy. We have taken into account that you did indeed help us defeat Uchiha, Madara." Naruto met eyes with the other council members and took a deep breath. "With this in mind we have come to a conclusion. You have two choices Sasuke." Sasuke watched as something like pleading ran through his eyes before they steeled. "First is you can have your memories erased and be banned from the land of fire."(1) Sasuke figured that was fair enough, he deserved that kind of punishment. "Or, you could join the Anbu and become the Hokage's body guard. Sacrifice your life for the better of the greater good, for the village. You will have to be by his side at all times just in case of surprise attacks."

I could save him, Sasuke thought instantly. I could throw away my life for him and he wont leave behind what he has worked so hard on. Why would he agree on that if he already knows this?

"With this final choice also comes with certain rules," Tsunade spoke up, knowing that Naruto would skip this part. "You will have no medic nin to heal you if you are injured. Naruto has had some training in the medic field thanks to him becoming the Hokage, but he can not promise he will be able to save you. He can not order a medic nin to heal you either. You will be taking your life into your own hands."

"You would trust me to protect the Hokage?" Sasuke asked surprised.

"Closely monitored by the other Anbu for a while, yes." Gaara spoke up eying the man before him. "Even without your Sharingan you are skilled in the sward, kunai, and shuriken. Even with the slightest risk of you betraying everyone again, you are skilled enough to be the Hokage's body guard."

"But, he wont turn on us again if he knows what's good for him," Naruto spoke, his voice low and dangerous. Sasuke met his blue eyes something strange passing through them.

"I accept becoming the Hokage's body guard," he answered, kneeling before the blonde even with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Something else passed through Naruto's eyes that only Sasuke saw. Sasuke was sure that Naruto did not want either one for him, but to just live and try to be happy in the village at least. Both knew better then that though, most of the village hated Sasuke wanted him to be gone one way or the other. Nothing was ever simple though. Nothing would be simple for them ever again.

A few months passed, school about to come to a close and Naruto seemed to be doing better even without Sasuke being around. All his friends were careful with what they said not wanting to send him into depression again. Following Sasuke's warning he stopped messing with the paradox and went on living normally. Every now and then he would find himself out on his balcony watching the one across from him as if expecting Sasuke to walk out and call him a dobe. A couple of times he could of sworn he saw something or someone moving around the dark apartment wondering if perhaps it was Itachi looking for something or if it was just people cleaning out the apartment so they could rent it out again.

"Hey, Kit! Wanna go see that new movie that's coming out?" Kiba asked with his big goofy grin.

"Which one?" Naruto asked, looking up from his paper.

"The new Transformers movie of course!" the brunette exclaimed, his grin becoming wider. "I hear it's supposed to be even more epic then the second one."

Naruto thought about that a moment staring up at the ceiling. "Yeah, sounds good." he answered with a true smile. "Today after school?"

Kiba blinked a couple of times before bursting out laughing. "Yeah, sounds good," he agreed with a soft sigh. "Should we invite the others?"

"Oh, um Gaara is kind of going through a break up right now," Naruto stated, scratching the side of his nose. "Apparently Lee, broke up with him. Guess he realized he wasn't actually gay, perhaps bi but, yeah that's not the point." Naruto babbled, still having a hard time with even other people's relationships.

"Wasn't that like three months ago?" Kiba asked with a raised brow.

Naruto nodded and leaned back in his seat. "You don't get it mutt face," he stated running a hand through his hair. "Gaara, like never let's his defenses down unless he actually likes someone either as a friend or falling for them. He hates people and any kind of human contact for that fact."

"He lets you hang all over him." Kiba dead-panned.

Naruto blushed at this averting his eyes to his desk as if that were more interesting. "Yeah, well I'm a special case." he explained, rocking side to side in his chair with unease. "I personally think that Lee couldn't handle the whole; no touchy; with Gaara and broke it off. Lee is the kind who likes to hug a lot." he shuddered at that thought.

Kiba nodded in agreement and understanding. "Well, invite him to come along, perhaps that will help get him out of his funk (insert "Gaara-a of the Funk!" lol)2.

Naruto shrugged at this and heaved a sigh. "A broken heart takes a while to mend Kiba,"

"My God, all of y'all are saps!" Kiba exclaimed, throwing his arms in the hair.

"Hinata wouldn't happen to be coming along would she?" Naruto asked with a grin. Kiba blushed and started stammering about how Leon had introduced them and had convinced her over protective cousin to let them be. "Heh, yeah Leon had said something about giving up a cutie for the purpose of a poor sap."

"I am not a poor sap!" Kiba exclaimed.

Naruto held up his hands in defense. "Those were my brothers words not mine." he explained smiling none the less. "So, first date with Hinata. Why don't you two go alone?"

Kiba groaned at this, sitting in the seat in front of Naruto and bashed his head into Naruto's desk. "She's so shy and said she would feel better if we went in a small group," he muttered, resting his chin on the desk to look up at his friend. "Neji, told me that I had better take care of his little cousin or it would be hell to pay."

Naruto nodded in understanding. "Yeah, I wouldn't want to be caught fighting against that guy. He's been trained in multiple martial arts." he boasted with a wide grin. "I think the only person who could stand a chance against him would be bushy brows."

And Sasuke, Kiba added mentally knowing that's what Naruto was thinking.

"Heh, yeah I'll invite Gaara, let's get him out of the dumps!" Naruto exclaimed, pumping a fist into the air.

"Where'd you get this sudden energy from?" Kiba asked a little shocked at the blondes sudden outburst.

Naruto grinned and scratched the back of his head. "Well I just thought about what Sasuke would say," he laughed, his grin growing wider. "He'd say something like 'knock it off dobe and get your butt moving' or something like that, hehe."

Kiba scoffed at this his own grin widening, "No, I think it would be more like 'stupid dobe' then smack you upside the head as he walked by." he stated with a nod.

Naruto thought about that a moment then burst into laughter, "You are so right," he said through his laughter. Kiba gave the blonde a lop sided smile happy to see him able to laugh about the past finally. "Come on, lets go find Gaara!" he clasped his hand around the brunettes wrist and dragged him from the room and down the hall. "Gaara-Chan!" his voice rang out as he walked into the appropriate room.

"I swear Uzumaki if you call me that one more time-" Gaara began before looking up from the book he was reading. "Oh, it's you Naruto. What do you want?"

Naruto's grin grew wider as he stopped in front of the red heads desk. "You're coming to the movies with us after school." he stated, green eyes narrowing. "Aw, don't give me that Gaara, when was the last time you went out with all of us? Two, three months ago?"

"You're one to talk," Gaara droned, rolling his eyes a few people gasping at seeing something so human come from him. "You've been sulking over Sasuke's death for several months. You haven't even been responsive to anything."

Naruto bit back a growl as he slammed his hands on Gaara's desk. "He's dead Gaara! Why the fuck do you think I've been upset! I hate it when you-" his words were stopped as Gaara leaned up and pressed his lips to the blondes, one hand cupping his cheek his thumb wiping away a stray tear.

When Gaara pulled away Naruto's eyes were wide and round, everything silent around them. "I should come clean to you Naruto," he said softly, his hand never leaving the blondes cheek. "I broke it off with Lee. All this time I've been waiting for you to be you again. I wanted to ask you out. I've always liked you, but your brothers-" he shook his head and sighed, after all Naruto already knew.

"Great! Then we can do a double date tonight!" Kiba exclaimed leaving his dumbfounded friend to go find his girlfriend.

"Seems, Kiba made up your mind for you," Gaara mused, Naruto blinking a couple of times.

"You like me that way?" he asked, responding slowly. "My brothers threatened you... shouldn't you be the one threatening my brothers to stay out of your way?" he asked trying to sort everything out in his head. "Since when?"

Gaara thought about that a moment, "After that huge fight you and I got into," he stated. "At first it was just respect for someone who could beat me in such a nasty fight. I felt bad for the bones I broke." he shook his head to get back on track. "Any way, I watched you closely after that then we actually became friends. As we got closer I started developing feelings for you." he shrugged then groaned. "Do I really have to explain the whole process to you?"

"And back then, what you almost said to me before we left-" Naruto's words cut off as everything started to make sense. "My brothers must have had something good on you to keep you from saying anything."

"We wont even go there," Gaara ground out. "Any way what is your answer? Will you go out with me?"

Naruto thought about that a moment looking deep into Gaara's green eyes. For the first time in what seemed forever he could see some kind of emotion in them, emotion that was towards him. He felt his heart swell and gave the red head a soft smile. "Yeah, let's see what this relationship has."

"Sasuke, where the hell did Naruto go?" Sakura exclaimed, walking into the Hokage's office.

Sasuke stared at the girl and sighed, "He's skipping out on his duties at this present moment," he answered, the pinkette glared at him and he shrugged. "Don't worry, I know exactly where he is and can be there in a split second."

"Ramen shop," Sakura stated, walking out of the office.

"Is she gone?" Naruto asked from the window.

"Yeah, she just left," Sasuke sighed, turning to his Hokage. "You would think she would have more respect for her superior's."

"She was Tsunade's pupil after all," Naruto sighed, sitting in his chair. He looked up at Sasuke and his eyes became slightly distant. It had been half a year since Sasuke became his personal guard, always wearing his Anbu mask to see but not be seen. He had to admit, he really missed seeing Sasuke's real face, his eyes, who he really is under that mask.

"Everything okay Hokage-sama?" Sasuke asked, having noticed the mood shift in the blonde.

"Yeah, everything is fine," he sighed, picking up a stack of papers.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes leaning on his hands on the desk. "That's a lie," he demanded, Naruto's blue eyes slowly turning up to him. His heart stilled for a moment not liking the look in them. "Tell me right now."

Naruto shook his head and gave a small smile, "Everything is fine Sasuke," he stated. "It's just something trivial that can't be helped. You're alive and that's all that matters."

Sasuke stood and took a step back realizing that he was the one being out of line now. "You're still lying," he stated, moving to take his place beside the blonde.

Naruto heaved a sigh as he tried to concentrate on his paper work, his eyes darting to the man beside him. "I need a drink," a finally sighed standing from his place. "I'll finish this in the morning."

"It is still midday," Sasuke droned.

Naruto looked out the window the sun slowly falling from the middle of the sky. "Yeah, well I'm hungry too," he ground out taking the unorthodox way of leaving out the window. Sasuke followed close behind. "We can't go to Ichiraku since Sakura will be there. So let's go have some Bar-B-Q."

"We could call in," Sasuke sighed, keeping his eyes and ears peeled.

"I'm tired of being cooped up," Naruto complained. "The other Hokage's had more breathing room then I do."

"It's only been two years since the last war," Sasuke sighed, shaking his head. "You never know what enemies are still out there. This is for your own good."

"I'm not that delicate!" Naruto exclaimed, turning on the raven. "I wont break if someone touches me! I wont die from one little wound!"

Sasuke moved fast, grabbing one of Naruto's arms and pulling it around the blondes back and held a kunai to the blondes throat. "An enemy will think of any way to kill you," he hissed in Naruto's ear. "You see, they could use you as a bargaining chip to get their way, to destroy this very nation all they have to do is get rid of you. So if you want to protect everyone like you've always said then I would listen if I were you." he let the blonde go and took a step back.

Slowly Naruto turned back to Sasuke a wide grin on his face. "Glad to know you can still be yourself even with that mask," he chuckled, turning to head to their newest apartment. "You know, you would think with me being the Hokage they could at least give us a small house."

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he entered the apartment first as protocol. He made sure no one else was in the place, Naruto close behind after shutting and locking the door. "What would you like to eat?"

"Let's just make some instant Ramen," the blonde sighed, walking to the kitchen. "I don't see the point in wasting money for carryout."

But you would of if we were eating out, Sasuke thought heaving a sigh. "How about I cook something that is actually good, and good for you."

"Hey!" Naruto exclaimed, "Ramen is good and good for you! It has veggies in it!"

Sasuke shook his head as he pulled out a pan, "Not nearly enough veggies," he stated, all but kicking the blonde out of the kitchen. "I have no idea how you survived off of only Ramen when you were younger."

"Sasuke," Naruto whispered, leaning against the small bar area that separated the kitchen and the living room. "Could you at least take off your mask? We are in our own home after all."

Sasuke smirked as he turned back to the blonde who didn't even turn to look back at him, "Is that what has been bothering you?" he asked, walking to the counter. "The mask?" Naruto gave no hint on if he was right or not. "What will you do after I take it off? Hide it so I can never put it back on?"

"No," Naruto answered, "I just really hate not being able to tell what you're thinking. That stupid mask, it makes me feel like there is a whole new barrier between us."

Sasuke reached to the back of his head and undid the silk strings that held the mask in place and slowly pulled it off, setting it down softly to the side. "Alright, it's off," he stated, wrapping his arms around the blond. "Anything else I can do for you Hokage-Chan?"

"Teme," Naruto muttered, turning around to look at Sasuke. His eyes gleamed as he got the first gimps of Sasuke after what had felt like forever. He reached up and cupped his cheek before leaning up pausing mere centimeters away. "Your choice." he whispered, gasping slightly when Sasuke leaned in and their lips met. "I'm glad you're with me Sasuke. Please, don't ever put up a barrier between us again."

Sasuke smirked at this resting his head against the blondes, "When we're home the mask is off I promise," he chuckled.

Naruto jutted out his bottom lip, "You know that's not what I-"

Sasuke pressed his lips to Naruto's again getting him to shut up. "I know," he dead-panned. "But, it's still the same meaning moron."

"You wanna know the truth Sasuke?" Naruto asked, Sasuke tilting his head to the side in curiosity. "I hadn't wanted either of those choices for you. I wanted to find a way for you to live in the village so you could live a life of your own. Of course you would of still had to be a prisoner in your own home, your own village; unable to leave without my say so or be killed on site. But, Tsunade pointed out that no one in this village at this present time would allow you to live peacefully. You would have been miserable."

"Naruto," Sasuke began, hushed by a wave of Naruto's hand.

"Somehow though I like this better," he sighed smiling up at Sasuke. "Because Sasuke is by my side, how I've always wanted."

"Hn, dobe."


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