Owl-eyed Athena held the creature for a fortnight. Even in her endless wisdom, she could not think as to what to do with the braying thing. It was in council with the almighty gods when she was gifted with a plan to rid herself of the thing. The Daughter of Zeus decided it best to not offend any of her immortal companions, instead giving it directly unto her chosen recipient.

Grey-eyed Athena approached the Huntress Artemis after she returned from her Athenian worshippers. "Sister Artemis." Athena deftly held the creature behind herself. She was unsure how the huntress would take the gift. The Lady of the Beasts greeted Athena civilly and continued the upkeep of her weapons.

"I have something for you, sister." Lady Artemis took the beast in silence. "I mean no offense by it, only for you to add it to your protection."

"Thank you sister," The huntress said. "What did you say it was called?"

"It is an ass."

The Earthshaker returned from his ocean palace to the halls of his almighty brother. His trident crashed against the floors and echoed back through the halls of Olympus. The other denizens hid for fear of his impending wrath.

"Brother!" Poseidon called, "Zeus!"

The Thunderer swept out from behind a pillar, willing to face his brother. "There is no need to frighten half my subjects, brother. What is it you require?"

"Amphitrite wishes to see my creation." The sea god extended his great hand. "I require my ass back."

Mighty Zeus sat back on his golden throne. "I have it not, brother. I have passed it on," The Father of Gods and Men smiled. "With the same message."

Earthshaker hid his laughter behind his hand. "So it is with Sister Hera, I presume?"

"Travel with the wind brother. Good luck."

Poseidon bowed to Olympian Zeus, taking off to find Lady Hera.

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