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Chapter 1-Missing Persons 1 & 2.

~Luigi's Point of View~

I heard a harp outside of the window of my 4th story apartment. I don't know where it comes from-outside in the town square, on the rooftops, maybe even in my own delusions and imagination.

I doubt that last one. I wish my imagination could come up with such beauty.

The melodic sound captivates me. I'm drawn in, ever since the very first time I heard it playing from its mysterious perch. It's usually always the same 30 minute song, almost an orchestrated piece for one harp. And it never ceases to amaze me. I assume this person is trying to practice this routine for something, because they get better every time. Every day, for the past 2 weeks, at precisely 8:00pm, I turn my TV off, my DVR on, and I sit on the patio and overlook the city, the harp's beautiful and unique strings bending and stretching so smoothly and freely you'd think that the only thing playing them is the wind, gently brushing the strings along.

Every night I overlook the city with a human soul poured through a harp as my soundtrack.

It's been about a year now, a year since the Smash Tournaments ended. A year since I walked away with a humble 21st place. Unnoticeable, being neither good or bad. Unnoticeable doesn't really affect me the way it used to anymore. At least I can say this-I beat my brother Mario by 10 spots.

I decided after the tournament that I could live with unnoticeable. My ears deafened with the roar of crowds and the shriek of girls swooning after Ike, the Falcon Punches and Falchion Swipes both leaving me floating off the stage trying to desperately launch myself back on stage, the constant bickering between Mario and Sonic, Link and Marth, Fox and Falco, Samus and... pretty much any man who looked at her funny; those were kind of the driving forces behind my move to Mushroom City, about 100 miles away from Peach's Castle where Mario and Peach both lived.

And that's where I sat now, relaxed, hopeful and listening to a captivating symphony; a symphony by one, an audience of one.

At that moment someone knocked on the door, jarring me violently out of my thoughts. I leapt up onto my feet and quickly examined how I looked. Good grief. With my comfort clothes of a green turtleneck sweater and light beige pants, I looked like a younger Mr. Rogers with a mustache. Oh, well. Not like I was expecting a hot date.

I opened the door to see Daisy standing in front of it, a look of anxiety, however subtle, still evident on her face.

Daisy's my best friend. A sort of sister figure. While I'm collected, quiet and very easily startled, Daisy's brave, outspoken, and a loose cannon. We sort of balance each other out. She helps me loosen up a little bit and face my fears, I help her keep her temper in balance and when to relax and enjoy the view.

People have made the assumption that we're dating. Naturally, the rumors would be there when we're not, as it always seems to be. Seriously. Every time we're out, we're always asked. And it's the same response every time. Daisy shouts "No! We're NOT DATING!" and I then say "Actually, no. She's more of a sister. Good day." Like I always say, if you wanna prove their point, profusely deny it.

"Come in, Daisy." I say with a warm smile. She nods silently and takes a swift seat on the couch, jumping on it so hard she knocks some pillows up.

"Hey, Luigi." she says, with a slight smile that still doesn't shake off the anxiety her eyes betray, no matter how hard it tries. "Sorry I didn't let you know I was coming out here."

"S'all cool." I reply.

"Obviously." she says with a chuckle. "Everything is all cool with you."

I can't help but smile at that well made point. "Anyway, what brings you-"

"Do you hear that?" she asks.

I crane my neck. "Hear what?" I ask.

"That... harp." She says. Oh, that.

"Yeah, this person plays every night over around here. Really talented."

"It's... really captivating." she says. Rather profound word choice for her. I'm pleased to see that her anxiety has lifted as she enjoys the music with a peaceful smile on her face. Unfortunately, she drops it a split second later and then says "But that's not important. I came here because we sort of have an emergency."

"Regarding Princess Peach, again?" I say with a sigh. Sounds just like Mario to be one of the most heroic gods in the world and to be adored by many because of it, but to let the princess be captured right under his nose by the Mutant Ninja Turtle children of Bowser jumping out of a cake.

"Actually, no." she replies, but I know what she's thinking- Good Guess. "She's starting to defend herself ever since she started fighting in the tourneys."

And doing better than Mario. I chuckle at my legendary brother's 31st place title. "So what is it?"

"Well, she hasn't been kidnapped. But someone else has. Two people have." she explained.

"Well, if you're implying that I go after them, why me, exactly? Why not just have Mario do it?" I ask. But before Daisy can answer it, I've already figured it out. She didn't ask Mario to go after the kidnapped because-

"Mario's the one who was kidnapped." I say with a gasp of horror.

She nodded grimly.

Uncharacteristically, I blurt out a shocked "Holy shit."

This did not compute. Whatsoever. Mario's the one who saves him. As long as he's not Brawling, he's undefeated. Unstoppable. Who could have...?

"I... I'm in shock." I say, shocked.

She nodded again. "Yes. We haven't anyone to go after him except for you."

I raised my eyebrow. "Peach can't? She placed at least 15 spaces higher than Mario in the tournament."

"Leave an entire kingdom behind to rescue someone? She wishes she could, but she can't. Besides, this isn't a tournament. This is real life, real danger."

Duh. I closed my eyes and let this soak in. "So... who was the second person kidnapped."

"Well, that's what really concerns me." Daisy answered with a sigh. "The other person he kidnapped was Bowser."

Oh, okay. Wait, what? My brain record-scratched at her last statement. "Bowser?"



"Well, the way I see it, this guy wants the kingdom's biggest hero and worst menace out of the way. As if he wants to replace one of them; I'm thinking the latter."

"So... this guy could be worse than Bowser?"

"That's what it looks like."

"...holy shit."

"My sentiments exactly."

I sank deeper into my chair. This was a lot to process, without a shadow of a doubt. I've got to save my brother, the biggest hero in the kingdom. Not only that, but I've got to save; yes, save, the kingdom's worst enemy. And I've got to do it alone.

...or do I?

"Alrighty," I said, gathering my wits about me. "I'll go."

Daisy smiled. "Thanks, Weeg." she said as she got up and opened her arms, inviting me into a hug which I accepted.

After a few seconds, we pulled apart and she looked at me again. And I could have sworn she had a tear in her eye as she said "I can't believe I'm saying this, Luigi... but I'm really scared right now." She finished with a nervous chuckle.

I nodded. I could understand why. Fear for the kingdom, fear for Mario, fear of the unknown, fear of evil. Fear for me.

All this fear, and she isn't even the one going into battle.

Daisy grabbed me in one more hug. "I've got to go. I'm gonna be bunkering down with Peach till this all gets resolved. She's kind of freaked and I'm gonna keep her from losing her head."

"Heh, well good luck with that." I laughed.

"Yeah, sure gonna have my hands full." she said with a grin. "But, hey, so are you."

I nodded. "I sure do. Well, I guess I'll see you later then?"

"I'll see you when you come home." she replied on her way out of the door.

I smiled as she left. Scared as she can be, and she still believes that I'm gonna get it done. Well, best to not let her down, right?

The next evening, I packed a bag, a bag with nothing but a few changes of clothes, a book, a few fire flowers (that I placed in protective baggies), a toothbrush and a water bottle. With my plan I wasn't going to need to supply much.

The last of the harp's cords filled the air as I left my house through the city square. I left during the night because there was a train leaving the station at 9:05pm, but I mostly left because if there was a possibility that I didn't come back, I wanted to hear it one last time.

I looked up at my apartment building. A rather plain building, 6 stories tall, brick, a great view of the night sky. A rather cozy place. Cozy was just what I liked.

Out of curiosity, I looked up at the roof. I saw someone running off, not having seen me, and I saw an object about the size of one's torso in her hands. It looked... almost like a harp. Hmm, looks like that was them.

Off the roof, the wind blew a scarf towards me, descending lazily into the square where I stood, by the fountain. My eyes traced it until it came into my arm's reach. I leapt up and grabbed it before it could fall into the fountain.

I took it and put it in my bag. I suppose I would return it to the person when I came back. If I came back.

I departed the train at 6:15am and walked out of the Mute City terminal. This area was a far cry from the Mushroom Kingdom in distance and looks, but it was my first stop nontheless.

I was looking for a friend, a friend from the Smash tournaments. He was one of the few people I got along with rather smoothly, and I think his expertise would help me. Last time I emailed him, he was bunking with Jay Falcon, one of his good friends from the tournament, until he found a place to stay. I called Falcon earlier, and apparently my friend had moved to a new house over by the outskirts.

I went to cross the street... and nearly got mowed into the pavement by a hundred-mile an hour car passing by. Mute City. The buildings are tall, and it's damn near impossible to cross the streets. So I didn't bother, deciding to hail down a taxi. I got the first one I waved for. Not that I expected it. The guy went 60 to zero in 1 second flat. I leapt up in the air as it suddenly was parked right next to me.

Sheepishly, I got into the car and said "51144 Renault Drive."

The driver nodded, irritated for some reason. "Tourists." he muttered.

I ignored him as we sped through the city, trying to see the sights as they blurred by and also trying not to lose my lunch. I couldn't see much, just gray, tall buildings and blurs of racecars on bridges above us that went faster than I could imagine. I'd hate to be hit by one of those.

Finally, I arrived at a nice, cabin-esque house on a small court at the edge of development. 20 feet to its side was a forested hill with a trail through it. What a nice backyard. I exited the taxi with my bag, paid my fare, and watched as the taxi driver sped off, almost hitting a mailbox. In a city like this, who puts their mailboxes near the road?

But I digress.

I walked up the porch, which was a mess. You could tell that he was in the process of moving in. Cardboard boxes were strewn across the porch, some empty, some not. Cautiously, I walked up. Glancing sideways at an upside-down box, I nervously reached over and lifted it up with my foot.

Phew. Nothing.

I then rang on the doorbell and waited. Not a moment too soon, the door opened, and I saw my friend-a brown-haired man in his early 30s with a crazy 5 o'clock shadow, wearing a black ribboned bandana and black clothes. He breaks out into a grin when he sees me.

"Hey, Luigi!" he says. "What brings you here?"

I grin. "Hello, Snake." I say. "I need your help."