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I sat there, silently staring at the little piece of plastic in my hand for I don't know how long. So many thoughts were running through my head that it was extremely difficult to pick one. There were so many fears, so many doubts, so much uncertainty.

We'd never discussed this— not at length. Children were something we said we would discuss in detail when the time felt right. Our relationship had gone so smoothly, so comfortably, that we hadn't felt the need to sit down and have the more serious discussions such as children and marriage.

Edward and I had been living together for almost two years now, had been involved for over four years. I loved him more than anything in the world. I couldn't begin to imagine my life without him. He understood me in a way that no one else did; he knew me better than I knew myself at times. He was the one person I trusted most in the world. Even though I was scared out of my mind about this, there was a part of me that was beginning to fall in love with the idea of a child. Edward's child. A beautiful little boy with Edward's bronze hair. A little girl with my brown hair and his green eyes. Once the image was procured, it was hard to let go of it.

Of course I was terrified about becoming a mother. I didn't know the first thing about babies or children. Even though I always assumed I'd have kids one day, I figured it would be much later in life, and that it would be a decision that Edward and I would make together. I was by no means desperate to have a child, but it seemed it was a little late to be thinking like that, since a child was already on its way. Somehow, the thought brought a smile to my face. How could I reject the idea of a baby, if that baby was a part of Edward? How could I not love something that had been created out of Edward's and my love? I might have felt trepidation about my skills as a mother, but I knew that no matter how difficult it may be, I would learn how to be a good mother. I would strive to be a good mother, a loving, nurturing mother.

Several hours had passed since I took the pregnancy test. My bottom was cold and sore from sitting on the bathroom floor for so long. It was a good thing Edward was working late today, since he would have found it extremely odd if I went to the bathroom and spent two hours there. As Edward's name popped up in my mind, my nerves and fears began to take hold of me again. How would he react when I told him? How was I going to tell him? When should I tell him? Would he be angry he wasn't there to take the test with me? So many questions were running through my head that I was beginning to feel dizzy. Feeling like I was about to have a panic attack of epic proportions, I began taking deep breaths, exhaling after several seconds until my breathing steadied again and the dizziness passed. I got up and decided to jump in the shower before Edward got home.

After taking a soothing, hot shower, I got dressed and decided to make the one phone call I knew I couldn't put off. I called my OB/GYN and was able to schedule an appointment for the following day. I decided not to tell Edward anything one way or the other until I knew for sure after the appointment.

My restlessness was beginning to unnerve me, so I decided to make myself useful and prepare dinner. Edward would be back from work soon, hopefully. He had been so busy with cases piling up at his law firm that I wouldn't be all that surprised if he missed dinner. Still, I preferred risking making a meal he wouldn't be able to eat than to sit around and let my mind wander. At least this way I would be able to keep myself and my mind occupied.

I decided to make some lasagna, as I knew it was one of Edward's favorite dishes. It couldn't hurt to butter him up a bit before dropping the news. For the next hour I flitted about the kitchen, mixing ingredients, testing the flavors and stirring whatever needed stirring. I heard Edward opening the door and my hands began to sweat. Even though I didn't plan on saying anything, I still had the ridiculous idea that he would somehow take a look at me and just know. The rational part of my mind tried to remind me that it would be next to impossible for that to happen, seeing as, there were no noticeable changes in my body for one, and secondly, men, in particular Edward, were exceptionally unobservant.

Edward dropped his briefcase by the door and kicked off his shoes before making his way towards Bella. Just seeing her there instantly put him in a better mood, and to make things even better, she was cooking something that was sure to be delicious. He quickly wrapped his arms around her from behind and dropped a little kiss on the side of her neck before nuzzling her. Thankfully, the gesture seemed to have a calming effect on Bella, who was able to relax for the first time all day.

"You certainly are a sight for sore eyes," Edward mumbled against her neck.

"Hey," Bella said, slowly turning in Edward's arms to face him. "How was your day?"

"Absolute hell. I've never been so glad to step out of that place in my life," Edward complained. "Are you making lasagna?" he asked, having caught of whiff of the delicious smells emanating from the kitchen.

"Yeas, I am," Bella said. "Why don't you jump in the shower while I finish in here?

"Mmm, okay," he answered, kissing her before heading for the bedroom.

Bella finished the lasagna and set the table for the two of them. She grabbed a bottle of wine and was just about to open it before realizing she probably shouldn't drink, just in case her suspicions were confirmed. However, it would look a bit suspicious to Edward if they didn't have any wine, as they usually had during dinner. After considering it for a few minutes, she decided she would pour wine for Edward and decline drinking herself due to a headache.

Edward finished showering and changed into a comfortable pair of jeans and a long sleeved blue shirt that looked sinful on him. They sat down to enjoy dinner and Bella was relieved to find she was much more relaxed, and was able to get through dinner while listening to Edward complain about the load of cases he had been appointed.

After they had enjoyed their meal, Bella and Edward got ready for bed. Soon enough, they were both sleeping soundly.

The following morning, Bella woke up feeling restless. She leaned over to look at the clock on the nightstand and nearly growled out loud once she realized it was little past six in the morning. Knowing she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, she carefully pulled back the covers and slid out of bed, trying not to wake Edward. He had to be at the office at eight, and he'd been working so hard she really wanted to let him sleep as much as possible.

Putting on a robe, she headed for the kitchen to start a pot of coffee and was just about to pour herself a cup when two things happened: first, her brain reminded her that she shouldn't have coffee just in case the test turned out to be right. Second, even if her brain hadn't alerted her to the fact that coffee and a baby didn't mix well, her stomach took it upon itself to make sure she didn't have any, because as soon as the smell of the freshly brewed coffee entered her nostrils, her stomach churned unpleasantly, forcing her to run to the nearest bathroom, where she proceeded to empty her already empty stomach. It was getting harder and harder to ignore all the evidence.

Once she was sure her stomach had settled, she stood up on wobbly legs and brushed her teeth. Afterwards, she gingerly stepped into the kitchen, almost holding her breath, and proceeded to empty the offending pot of coffee as well as the cup she had poured, hoping Edward would decide to forego his usual cup.

She hesitated about making herself something to eat but she knew she couldn't spend the entire morning on an empty stomach, so she figured dry toast would be a safe choice. After putting a few slices of bread in the toaster, she began making some breakfast for Edward — blueberry pancakes were his favorite. While she was cooking she heard the sound of feet padding on the floor and turned to see a very disheveled Edward making his was towards her.

"Morning" he said, kissing her.

"Good morning," she replied. "Did you sleep well?"

"Best sleep I've had in a while. What's for breakfast?" Edward asked while peering over her shoulder.

"Blueberry pancakes," she told him with a knowing smile.

"Really?" He grinned. "You sure are spoiling me these days. Any particular reason why?" Edward asked as he pried her from the pancakes so that he could give her a very passionate kiss.

"You've been working very hard. I figured some pampering couldn't hurt," she said.

"I love you," Edward said, giving her a slow, burning kiss that left her a bit breathless.

"I love you, too. Now go sit. Breakfast will be served in a minute," Bella said, turning back to put her toast on a plate and finish the pancakes.

Once everything was done, she placed the pancakes in front of Edward, who was eagerly waiting, and sat down with her plate of toast.

"You're not having pancakes?" he asked, eyeing her dry toast, thinking it was an odd choice for her.

"No, I was just in the mood for toast," she lied.

He couldn't for the life of him remember Bella being in the mood for toast, but he decided it would be safer to just keep his opinion on the matter to himself. After a delicious breakfast, he hopped in the shower and dressed quickly before giving Bella a kiss goodbye and leaving for the office.

Once Edward had left, Bella did the washing, while checking the clock on the wall every few minutes. She had a ten o'clock appointment with her OB/GYN, Doctor Bradley, so she needed to take a shower and stop by her office to let Sophie, her assistant, know she would be unavailable for the morning.

Once she had showered, she had to choose an outfit. After debating for quite a while, she finally decided on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a short-sleeved cardigan that fell to mid thigh. She brushed her hair, grabbed her purse and headed towards her car to go to her office.

Ten minutes later, she had arrived and was greeted by Sophie as soon as she walked through the door.

"Hey Bella," Sophie said, as Bella approached her desk.

"Hey Sophie," Bella said, dropping her purse on Sophie's desk. "Any messages?"

"Yeah, I left them on your desk," Sophie answered.

"Do I have any appointments this morning?" Bella couldn't think of any previously-scheduled engagements, but she decided to confirm it with Sophie just in case.

"No, morning's clear, you do have a meeting scheduled with Andrea Miller for four o'clock today, said she wants to meet with you and go over some ideas for the wedding."

"Okay, that's good. I have to run some errands, so make sure the morning stays clear, okay?" Bella asked. It was almost 9:30, which meant she had to get going if she wanted to make her appointment in time.

"Sure, no problem," Sophie answered.

When Bella arrived at the doctor's office, the nurse told her that Dr. Bradley was running a bit late but would see her soon. Bella sighed and sat on the chairs in the waiting room, flipping back and forth through the magazine she had picked up, but not really paying attention to what she was reading. About forty minutes later, Doctor Bradley finally emerged and called her name. Bella nervously made her way towards the doctor's office, greeting her warmly as she entered.

"Hello, Bella, it's nice to see you." Doctor Bradley smiled.

"It's nice to see you too, Doctor," Bella answered while Doctor Bradley went through Bella's medical history.

"Well, it seems you were here not too long ago for your standard check up. So, what brings you here today?"

"Well," Bella began, nervously twisting her fingers. "I think I might be pregnant"

"I see. When was your last menstrual cycle?" the Doctor asked, scribbling on Bella's chart.

"About five weeks ago," Bella answered.

"Have you experienced any type of discomfort? Nausea, dizziness, tiredness?"

"No dizziness, but I have been pretty tired, though I wouldn't say I've been more tired than usual, and I hadn't felt any nausea until this morning. It was actually the smell of coffee that seemed to cause it."

"What about headaches?"

"I've had some headaches," she admitted.

"More so than usual?" the Doctor asked. Bella nodded.

"Okay, have you experienced any other type of pain, such as backaches, tender or swollen breasts?" Bella stopped to consider this question for a moment, and a memory of Edward making a comment about her breasts came to mind.

"Umm, my breasts are a little tender and slightly swollen."

"Okay, well everything seems to point towards pregnancy, but we'll run some tests just in case, okay? Doctor Bradley asked as she put Bella's chart down. Bella nodded and headed towards the bathroom to change into the paper gown the doctor gave her. Once she had changed, she sat on the examination table so that Doctor Bradley could take a blood sample and perform other routine tests. While they waited for the blood test results to come back, Doctor Bradley talked to Bella about her options in case she turned out to be pregnant. While they waited for the results, Bella went back to the bathroom to change back into her clothes. After about fifteen minutes, a nurse knocked on the door and walked over to give Doctor Bradley the results.

"You're pregnant," Doctor Bradley announced. "No surprise there, huh?" she asked with a smile. Bella smiled back.

"Not really,"

"You're about four weeks along, which means your due date should be around November fifth, however, due dates are tentative so any time between two weeks prior and two weeks after is fair game," Doctor Bradley explained while Bella's mind tried to wrap around all the information.

"I'm going to prescribe some prenatal vitamins. You should take one a day, if they cause any discomfort such as nausea you should stop by and I'll prescribe you another kind," the doctor said as she wrote the prescription.

"Now, let's talk about coffee." Doctor Bradley smiled at Bella.

"I don't think coffee is gonna be a problem for me Doctor Bradley," Bella said.

"Maybe not right now, since your hormones are going into overdrive and the morning sickness is starting to kick in. However, once it goes away you'll probably start missing coffee. My recommendation is that you drink as little coffee as possible, however, if you find that you absolutely need to have some then you can have a cup a day, and that's it. I'm afraid more than one cup a day would be overdoing it."

"Only one cup a day. Okay." Bella nodded.

"Of course, drinking and smoking are out of the question."

"Absolutely," she agreed.

"I'll give you some pamphlets about pregnancy care, breastfeeding and other topics, and any questions you may have feel free to call or just drop by. I'd like you to make an appointment for me to see you around the ninth week so we can do an ultrasound and make sure everything is going according to schedule, okay?" Doctor Bradley asked.

"Sure, I'll make an appointment on my way out," Bella said, gathering her purse and getting ready to leave.

"Okay then, congratulations," Doctor Bradley said warmly.

"Thank you," replied Bella.

After scheduling her next appointment, Bella got into her car and debated what she would do next. She should go back to work, but her mind was in such a haze she doubted she would be able to accomplish anything. She decided to head to a drugstore to pick up her prenatal vitamins first and then go to the office. Edward wouldn't be back until later tonight, so there was really no point in her going home. She might as well try to get some work done. Besides, there was much to figure out, like how her pregnancy would affect her working hours, and how her maternity leave would affect her work. She would have to prepare Sophie to run the place by herself while she was gone.

Also, there was the whole Edward thing. More specifically, the how-am-I-going-to-tell-Edward thing. Even though she was pretty terrified of the whole pregnancy herself, she was more worried about how Edward would take it. She realized they should have taken the time to have a proper conversation about this a long time ago, but they had always been careful, so they figured when they were ready they would sit down and have a serious discussion and decide whether or not they were ready to have a baby. Instead, she now had to sit down with her boyfriend and explain that a baby was ready to have them, apparently.

The rest of the day flew by, and Bella couldn't really remember anything about it after her appointment. Finally, it was time to close, so Bella left some instructions for Sophie and left her to close down.

The first thing she did when she arrived at Edward's and her apartment was to take her prenatal vitamin and stash the bottle in the medicine cabinet where he couldn't find them.

Then, she decided to shed her clothes and put on something a little sexier — like the sheer, black negligee Edward was so fond of — with a pair of skimpy panties underneath. While she was putting the finishing touches on herself, she went to stand in front of the mirror and was just about to adjust the straps of the negligee when her eyes fell to her breasts. She couldn't believe she hadn't noticed how swollen her breasts actually were. Edward would surely notice very quickly. Between how plunging the neckline was and how swollen her breasts were, he was sure to have a very hard time keeping his eyes off that area.

She sprayed on a little perfume and headed towards the kitchen to get the takeout menus, since she wasn't really in the mood to cook. She decided on Italian, so she ordered two servings of pasta with mascarpone cheese, chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach and for dessert, some tiramisu.

While she waited for the food, she tried to clean up a bit around the apartment, picking up some dirty clothes lying around and shoes that were scattered here and there. She called Edward to make sure he was going to make it to dinner and then she set the table in their small dinning room, placing a few candles on the table to be lit later.

The doorbell rang, so she ran to her bedroom to put on her robe and went to pay for the food. Since Edward wasn't there yet, she turned on the oven to keep the food warm and put the tiramisu in the fridge. About ten minutes later, she heard Edward open the door so she headed over there to greet him. He had his back to her and was in the process of kicking off his shoes by the door. Once he turned around and caught a glimpse of her, his jaw almost dropped to the floor. He quickly made his way towards her to get a much closer view of the incredible sight.

"Wow," he said.

"Do you like it?" Bella smiled.

"Wow," Edward repeated. As predicted, his eyes immediately fell to her breasts.

Bella slowly got closer, wrapping her arms around him before kissing him sweetly. He wrapped his arms around her and tried to deepen the kiss, but she broke it before he could do it.

"I have dinner ready. Why don't you go change into something more comfortable while I serve it?" Bella whispered.

"Whatever you say," Edward whispered back.

She lit the candles, served dinner, and was sitting at the table waiting when he came out. He sat down in front of her and could barely keep his eyes away from her long enough to eat. Dinner went by quietly. Once they were finished, Edward took the empty plates to the kitchen while Bella retrieved the tiramisu from the fridge and told him to sit on the couch. Grabbing two spoons, she headed towards the living room to join him. They shared dessert, feeding each other and kissing in between bites. Bella hesitated between telling him the news now or later.

"I have some news to tell you," she began in a timid voice, once they had finished eating.

"What's that?" Edward asked while nibbling on her neck while trying to lower the straps of her negligee.

"I actually need you to concentrate on what I'm saying," Bella lightly protested, not that she wasn't enjoying his ministrations.

"I'm concentrating very much," he said, taking her left earlobe in his mouth, lightly biting on it.

"Edward," Bella said.


"I'm pregnant." She felt him freeze, completely stopping his movements. He pulled back to look at her and stared at her for about a minute.

"You're what?" he asked.

"Pregnant," she repeated.

"But we've always been careful," he pointed out.

"I know, but sometimes these things happen. Birth control isn't one hundred percent accurate," Bella pointed out. He stayed silent for a bit after that.

"So, you're sure?"

"I went to my OB/GYN this morning. She confirmed it." Once again, Edward remained silent.

"Edward, are you okay?" Bella asked worriedly.

"It's just a lot to take in," Edward answered. Bella decided to take matters into her own hands. She couldn't stand to look at him just sitting there, knowing his mind was thousands of miles away. She slowly climbed onto his lap, and placing her hands on either side of his face, she inched closer to him until she was able to lightly place her lips on his. He didn't respond at first, which is why she decided to add a little pressure.

After a few seconds, she felt him begin to relax, and slowly his hands found their way to her bare legs, lightly caressing them, before moving up towards her hips. Bella softly traced his lips with her tongue, silently asking him to grant her permission, which he did. She slowly let her tongue enter his mouth and begin to play with his. She noticed his breathing was becoming more labored and decided to make her kisses even more passionate.

Edward's hands began roaming up and down her back, before one of his hands went up to the strap of her negligee and tried to lower it. Bella broke away from the kiss and told him to take her to their bedroom, so he did.

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