She saw the malicious glint in his eyes before she saw the massive cup that signified her inevitable trip to the McKinley High bathrooms.

For a split second she wondered what flavour it would be.

She knew it was awful to hope for grape. No-one should have to hope for a specific flavour slushie to be thrown in their face.

Regardless, the blonde haired mullet and the rest of the evil entity attached to it was slowly walking towards her. It had broken off from it's pack of other stick possessing horde, and had singled out it's target.

Her. Rachel Berry.

Yes, they had won Sectionals. (Sort of, A draw was less to be desired. But she conceded that The Warblers had Kurt. And that was sort of enough.) They had won Regional's. (As it should be.) And now they were on their way to Nationals. In New York City.

The school should be revelling, celebrating the fact that some people in this place had managed to accomplish something out of Lima. They should be patting New Directions on the back. Spurring themselves to want to get out here. Inspiration was theirs for the taking.

Instead, slushies were back and no doubt with a vengeance.

Rachel shut her eyes as he was only a few feet away, slushie was better with the eyes closed. It was always worse when you couldn't see after. The last thing she wanted was to have the Regionals win overshadowed by another accidental trip to the males vicinity and then another into the principals office. Only to have her fathers ask her if she was 'really okay?"

The footsteps stopped. But something else was in front of her. It was big and clothed. She dared to open her eyes. Some back was presented to her, it was clothed in gray. Gasps came from in front and around her, but she couldn't see.

She looked up.

Big and gray had a mohawk.

She poked her head around one of his arms and then gaped. He was drinking out of the aforementioned cup lazily. Mullet boy was standing there, his hand still out in front of him and looking like it had just been holding a Big Quench. He had.

Puck had swiped the slushie from his hands.

Rachel looked at him, he was still sipping nonchalantly.

Were people allowed to do this?

"You may think that I'm a zero."

She heard the quiet strains of the song she had come to really love.

"but hey, gimme just a little time, I bet you're gonna change your mind."

Puck was singing them quietly, the lyrics to the song he had made. Right in front of the hockey players. The Gleeks - all of whom were at their respective lockers. There were a few Football and other sports related students mulling around as well.

"All of the dirt you've been throwing my way, it ain't so hard to take (that's right.)"

He shook the cup lightly and looked down at it.

"Cause I know one day you'll be screaming my name and I'll just look away (that's right.)"

With a well-practised thrust of the wrist, the bright green slushie moulded itself to Mullet boy's hair, face and neck.

There was nothing but silence. And the dripping of slushie."Just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouth (so everyone can hear.)"

Puck was loud, grinning and unrepentant as he burst into the chorus of their song.

"Hit me with the worst you got and knock me down (baby I don't care.)"

He hit his chest once as a challenge, Rachel couldn't help but sing that last part.

He grinned down at her. With his free hand he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and started to walk past the bright green mess of a hockey player.

"Keep it up and soon enough you'll figure out..."

Coach Beiste, along with Mr Schuester were trying not to smile as he handed them the empty cup. ("I'll see you in detention Puckerman.")

"You wanna be..."

He raised the fist that had held the cup in the air.

"You wanna be..."

Rachel couldn't help but smile as people moved out of their way.

"A loser like me!"

She clutched his waist tighter, and sang along in harmony.

"A loser like me!"