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It was safe to say that getting comfortable in the situation they were into now was more than awkward. Izaya took a seat across from the coffee table placed in Mikado's apartment while Masaomi leaned against the said-raven, a death grip nearly on his sleeve with Mikado looking up at the informant with a dark expression.

"Oh~ What's that look for, Ryuugamine-kun?" Izaya prompted, smirk tugging at his lips.

"Why are you putting him through this torture? It's been this long and even voicing the name of the person that both you know is going to tear him apart. He's not ready." Mikado frowned, a hand slipping between the blonde's fingers and holding their hands together under the table.

Izaya grinned, noticing the movement of the arms. "Mikado, Mikado, Mikado~" He started, "I'm just trying to help my dear friend Masaomi out. I don't want him in this pain as much as you do, but do you really think having him bottle it up and not tell anyone about this incident is a better idea?" He rambled on, "Kida-kun will need to speak eventually, he just asked me to be his voice until it was too late. Isn't that right, Kida?" Izaya turned to the blonde, grinning maliciously.

Masaomi averted his glance from the broker, nodding against Mikado's shoulder.

Mikado frowned, staring down at his best friend. "Masaomi...are you sure?" He asked softly, staring down at him. "Izaya-san does not have to be a part of this if you don't want him to be."

Masaomi slowly glanced back to the information broker who just gave him his signature grin and then hesitantly back to the raven beside him. "I- I can't say what he's about to say."

Mikado furrowed his eyebrows together, trying to understand his fragile friend. "What do you mean by that?" Mikado frowned, "I'll get hurt, right?"

Masaomi nodded.

"A-" Izaya began to recite the rapists name before he noticed the blonde wince against the younger raven. Izaya's grin grew malicious, knowing this would be more fun than he would have ever expected. Kida was always predictable. "I have a better idea~! Why don't we guess, Mikado-kun~"

Mikado frowned, moving his gaze to the blonde by his side. "Masaomi, this is your choice. Do you want Orihara-san and I to torture you with this nonsensical guessing game or should he just spit it out?" Mikado hissed, glaring up at the man across the table.

Masaomi's fingers wrapped around Mikado's hand tightly.

Seconds passed.



Masaomi jumped at his name, quickly looking up at his friend. "What?" He asked absent-mindedly.

"Your rapist, Masaomi. Do you want Izaya to just say the name of your rapist?"

Masaomi nodded hesitantly, "y-yes, or we can just forget about it and do things that make us happy." He replied, his eyes lighting up at the idea and tugging on Mikado's sleeve with his other arm. "You know, like how you, me, and Anri-chan would hang out and go to Russia Sushi. We can do that, can't we?"

"Right now?"

Masaomi grinned and stood up from his place at the table. "Yeah! Right now." He said, reaching down and pulling on Mikado's arm. "Come on, let's go!"

Izaya rose an eyebrow at the sudden turnabout of the blonde's personality. "Mikado. What the hell is going on?"

Mikado frowned, turning his attention back to the informant. "It's really none of your business, is it?"

Izaya frowned in response, and leaned over the coffee table. "Isn't it though? Did you not call me to help you figure out what's going on?"

"I called you to figure out who hurt Masaomi, not for you to interrogate him about his situation." Mikado spat back coldly. "So why don't you just tell me who his damn rapist is since that's what you came here for."

"First, we play the game." Izaya grinned.

Mikado's eyes would have bulged out of his face if they could. "Are you even fucking kidding me right now?" He frowned, before turning back to the blonde. "Masaomi. Please. Just sit. We'll see if Sonohara-san is available okay, but just sit for right now, okay?"

Massaomi frowned in disappointment, but did as he was told, sitting back down next to his best friend.

"Masaomi, I need you to focus, okay?" Mikado replied, turning his body to face him and placing hands on his cheeks. "Is your rapist in this room right now?"

Masaomi blinked, shaking his head. "No."

Mikado gritted his teeth, looking over at Izaya. "Tell me."

Masaomi tugged on Mikado's clothes, "Mikadooo," he whined. "Come on, let's go see if Anri-chan is busy!" He pouted.

"Tell me why he's acting like that and I will."

"It's none of your business, Izaya."

Izaya sighed softly, and stood up from his spot on the floor. "Fine, I guess you don't need me to help you on this case then. I mean, paying an informant could potentially get you all the information you ever wanted, but if you're unwilling to cooperate anymore - I'll just take the money and take my leave~" he said, brushing his pants off before moving to the door. A hand placed on the doorknob and-

"Wait!" Mikado groaned. "After the incident-"


"Izaya, don't play innocent. You know what I'm talking about."

"Ah, an information broker always needs to know every little detail. It's essential for the correct information. There could have been a lot of incidents while I was away~" Izaya replied, grinning.

Mikado glared darkly up at the raven. "After he tried to commit suicide." He answered.

"Ah~ That incident."

"Shut up." Mikado scoffed, this was not a time to play coy, especially now that Masaomi's behavorial changes were acting up. "He was committed to a bipolar disorder." He said. "Now, tell me who his attacker was."

"Well, I guess he really does live by the saying: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." Izaya responded.

"What the hell are you talking about? Who was it, Izaya?"

"Aoba Kuronuma."

Masaomi stood up from his spot without a second though, and ran into Mikado's bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

"What?" Mikado said blankly. It seemed as if the whole world stopped for him. It couldn't have been Aoba. Why? What would Aoba gain from doing anything like that? "It can't be. Why? How did you find out? Is there any proof?" The questions and predictions were racing through his head of how and why he would and how he could, but Mikado couldn't come to the conclusion Aoba would actually do something like that.

Izaya's eyebrows raised, "you're honestly trying to find Aoba a way out of this situation?" He chuckled in amusement. "Did you even realize that your beloved Masaomi just locked himself in your room while he's still like that? Before drawing hypothesis and conclusions - I'd make sure Kida-kun isn't trying to jump out of your bedroom window." He replied, "If you need any more information from me, you know my number~" He bid his farewell, waving as he exited the apartment door.