I've seen a lot of fanfiction over the years. I have always liked the show Digimon, particularly the first Adventure series and Tamers. The other series have their merits as well. I'm probably rambling a little already. Anyway, I'm going to be bold and attempt an OC story. Note that this is set in its own universe.

This story will use official Digimon only. Please can you tell me if I am repeating myself?

Disclamer: I do not own Digimon. The story is unofficial fiction created by another fan of the shows. I only own the characters I've created.


Chapter 1: One man and his Plant

'We all wonder what it is like in our universe. Are we alone or are there any other beings out there? Even, are there other worlds or other universes? If they do exsist, why do we not know about them? Or do we know about them? I don't know. Are there other people out there? Have they tried contacting us? Have they even thought about all of the above? Are they even people? Who knows'

'I suppose we all wonder what else is out there. What things are going to happen in the next few moments, if anything at all? You always wonder if people are going to turn around and say "Allen, stop holding that folder, give it to Helen and get back to work" or something like "you are a winner" but then again...

Wait, what?

"Allen stop daydreaming and get that report done" shouted a coworker.


Allen Hayes marched towards his desk. This was after he had handed over the report he was tasked with from the central office downstairs. Helen, his coworker had not been there at the time, or he had not seen her, that he had got into his current train of thought. The person snapping him out of his dream had also given him a talk on wandering off from work, figuratively. So when he had been snapped out it seemed as if he had been acting as a lemon, not really doing much except standing around and making everyone else around him sour. Helen had taken the report off him, which was limply in his hand. Her long brown hair had also helped to wake Allen up.

Allen walked into his office, leaving the door open. His office was strewn with papers all over the place, as Allen was not quite the tidiest of people. He went over, cleared a small space on his desk, near his computer and slumped over, taking a small break. He then looked up quickly into a mirror on his whitewashed wall. He was currently wearing a thinly striped blue and white office shirt with a silky blue tie, black trousers with a brown belt and matching socks and shoes. He had very messed up chestnut-blonde hair which despite, if he ever applied a comb to, would not be tamed and might explain why he also had a broken comb or two on the office floor. He stood at 6ft 2" and was in his early twenties. Allen worked as an office worker and occaisional courier for Birch International, a large delivery company located near Ashwood Falls town centre.

Sighing, he sat up straight and began to look at his computer for any new orders people had placed or from other companies on shifting the products they had. He would have to do this at least once a day. There did not seem to be much, they had probably been catalogued by another worker. Still at least there were the other reports he had to finish, such as that one on improving efficiency of data transactions when couriers managed to get their packages signed off by the customers. Allen groaned!


Located behind Allen's office were other desks with other office workers. Behind them was a large window looking over the businesss park rooftops and skyline. The day was sunny with a few clouds in the cheery light blue sky on a crisp early spring day. There was only a small amount of wind blowing from the east. The temperature was warm and you could certainly say that this was one of the best days it had been so far in the year. Over the skyline, if someone had been looking out of the window at this point, they still may not have noticed a strange white hole briefly open in midair but they may have noticed a small green and white blur emerge that seemed to get bigger.


Allen had been quietly slumped over his computer, trying to look as though he was working. He suddenly bolted upright at the sound of all the noise and turned round. He noticed that a few other office workers had also stopped what they were doing to look at the window to investigate the commotion. However there was nothing there and so it seems they had shrugged it off as probably some sort of bird that had been caught in the wind and they got back to work. Needing a distraction, Allen got up and wandered over to the window. Now he seemed to be the only one interested as everyone else carried on. It looked like there was a strange round impression in the window. This was definitely bigger than a bird one of the other workers had suggested. Looking out the window, Allen noticed the garden below and decided he would investigate.


Allen's office was located on the 15th floor of Nimrod House, the building where Birch International was located. To go up and down, Allen had found that today, of all days, all three of the lifts in the building were out of order. So after a nice long stroll down the emergency stairs for the 5th time that day, Allen went to the lobby on the ground floor. Walking outside, he realised he was now on the wrong side of the building! Therefore he went back into Nimrod House, past the front reception and made his way through various corridors to the Garden of Tranquility, a place of rest for all the workers of Birch. Again, he went outside.

Looking around, he expected to find some sort of impact crater on the lawn in front. All he found, however, was a lawnmower and the nice smell of freshly cut grass. The garden itself was basically a large lawn, surrounded by colourful flowers such as roses, petunias and hellebores, as well as a hedge made of roan on the outside and four wooden garden benches at each side. Allen smiled as he thought peacefully of the place he was in. At least if there was one good space he could escape to if he needed it was here, which he did occaisionally.

Some rustling interrupted Allen's thoughts, coming from a flower bed to his left. Looking over there, the noise seemed to be coming from a space behind the tulips. He wandered over, knelt down next to them and gently pushed the flowers aside to find… a small plant that looked like it had only been growing a few months. There was not much to say other than it looked slightly odd with a long green stem, ending in two rather wilted green leaves. There were no more sounds of rustling and yet there was nothing else behind here except more soil.

Allen decided he was hearing things, put the tulips back as best he could and started to get up. However, more rustling startred occurring. Again Allen looked amongst these tulips and found nothing but the odd plant. This time, Allen decided he would hold for a few minutes. Ten minutes later, Allen was still staring at the strange plant. If anyone else had walked into the garden at this point, they would think it odd Allen was having a staring match with the flora. Allen had now decided to give up. Again he replaced the tulips. He decided to just walk away.


Meanwhile in the flower bed, the strange green plant rustled a lot now, revealing the green flowing into a cream forehead and two large red eyes on a rather rounded body and clawed feet looked out throught the tall plants above it. It saw a strange tall creature that was walking away from it. Deciding there was nothing to lose, it called out quietly,


Allen stopped as he walked away. He swore he heard something strange and quiet, maybe a small girl's voice coming from the flowers he was just at. Stopping, he listened as he heard the same call again. Turning around and looking down he now saw in place of the strange plant a small creature he had never seen before. Looking at the creature, it replied softly, "sorry!" Allen jumped slightly for two reasons, firstly there was a half plant bulb with feet sitting amonst the flowers with a strange face. Secondly, it had just spoken plain English, of all languages. It said in a lonely sounding voice, "Sorry if I startled you. Please could you come closer?" The surprised Allen obliged.

"I'm sorry. I don't know where I am. Before you ask, I didn't pop out before because I was scared. Do you know where this is?" asked the plant creature in its high pitched voice.

Allen replied "Wow, er… erm… I… Ahem! Sorry, well you are in the Garden of Tranquility."

The plant creature queried "that doesn't sound like any place I've been to. Is this not Cedar Plains?"

Allen answered in a nervous manner, "no, I haven't heard of that. Listen, are you from this world? I know that was a blunt question but from everything I've seen so far, I'm sure that there is not another creature that looks like a plant with eyes. Also, who or what are you?"

"So I'm guessing this is not the Digital World?"

"No, this world is called Earth."

"My name is Tanemon. I am what is called a Digimon or a Digital Monster."

"Digital?" asked Allen, now speaking normally. "So does that mean you are from a computer?"

"Computer? What is a computer?"

"Erm… I'll show you later. First off, do you want to remain in this flower bed?"

"Flower bed? Oh! Errr…"

"Tell you what; I'll go fetch something from inside to hide you. You seem very shy and I'm guessing you do not want other people to notice you?" Allen asked, now staring at the Digimon in amazement.

"Yes thanks. By the way, what are you? You never introduced yourself."

Allen paused for a moment. "My name is Allen Hayes but please just call me Allen. I am a creature known as a human. Also that is with an a, not an o".

With that, Allen left Tanemon to her own devices in the flower bed.


Walking back into Nimrod House, Allen climbed the stairs again and returned to his floor. As soon as he opened the door, he was greeted with some angry shouting. Helen was there, wearing a light green cardigan and pink top plus blue trousers. She was scolding him for taking an unexpected the quarters of an hour break. Allen wasn't bothering to listen and walked straight past her, heading back to his office. Meanwhile, Helen noticed that he wasn't taking notice and grumbled, saying she would catch him at the proper break, which was in fifteen minutes anyway.

Back in Allen's office, next to his desk was a brown metal filing cabinet. On top of the filing cabinet was a rather red plastic plant pot with a wilted fern in. It looked as though it was about to die. Allen got out a measuring tape from the drawers in his desk, whilst a large report that looked like it had only been placed there fell on the floor with a crash, creating a sea of more papers. Allen facepalmed. He measured the width and depth of the plant pot and then picked it up. He walked out of the office and past Helen, who was silently peering at him going past with a puzzled expression. She then decided she would go to one of the other computers and wait for him.

Allen carried the plant pot slowly down the stairs, trying to be careful not to drop it. He was panting a lot now that he reached the bottom floor. Going back to the Garden of Tranquilty, he found that Tanemon had not moved from where she was and was silently watching the world go by. Allen walked over to Tanemon. He put the plant pot down, removed what was the fern and threw it into the bushes.

"Look, I'm not sure you can stay here all the time. I think you should come with me as-", started Allen.

"Why?" interrupted Tanemon.

"It is not safe. You are timid and you want to hide from people, right?"

"Stop being blunt. But yes."

"I've just brought with me the perfect disguise."

"That container?"

"Its called a plant pot! Trust me, its nice and snuggly, at least for you."

"Erm… okay."

Tanemon jumped high out of the ground and landed in the plant pot, causing Allen to fall over and get covered in mud. Looking over, he saw again a strange green two-leaved plant and not much else covered in soil in his plant pot. The only evidence that Tanemon had been amongst the tulips was a small hole in the soil. Allen looked at his shirt and found that he was not as muddy as he has thought. The ground had been dry and must of it had brushed off. Unfortunately he did not bring any spare shirts with him. Another sound of a facepalm followed.


Allen had now carried his heaver-than-usual plant, but only just, up the stairs. Helen was still in her seat. "Where have you been?"

"Outside" said Allen sheepishly.

"Nice plant by the way and don't think you are off the hook for these unexplained interruptions. Just because it is coffee break. Where did you get it anyway?" stated Helen.

"The plant? A friend gave it to me at reception, I thought I would place it in the Garden of Tranquility but decided I'm moving it to my office"

"Who gave it?"

"A family friend. But they've left now."

"Well, I hope to see your report finished by the end of today. I gave it back after a skim through and noticed you've left something out. Just read it!"


Allen heaved the plant pot over to his office. "Phew that was close."

"Yeah", said the plant pot rather loudly.

Helen had got up and was walking to a water cooler to get a drink. As she passed Allen's hole, she could have sworn she saw both Allen talking to the plant pot and the leaves twich, in time with a reply that sounded a lot like "a long day".

"Allen, did you just say something? Were you just talking to that plant pot?"

Allen turned round and looked at Helen oddly. "I think you are hearing things, this hot office has gone to your head."

Helen sighed and went round the corner, disappearing into the stairwell. She closed the door behind her.


Allen had placed Tanemon's pot back on his filing cabinet, which slightly creaked under the weight but held. She was out and looking over at him. He decided he would just reach out and touch Tanemon, just to see if she felt like a plant. He had already asked her permission which she had given.

As soon as his hand touched her, they both felt a spark of something, like an electric jolt, pass between them. At this very moment a white orb suddenly appeared to the left of Tanemon, floating in midair, before floating towards his hand currently holding Tanemon. Allen found that his hand would not budge. A strange device appeared in place of the white orb.

Looking at his hand, the device was like a small control pad, except in the shape of the letter T. In the centre of the T was a grey plastic screen, surrounded by a four oblong buttons and a small button that could be rotated at the bottom. It also looked as though it was split in two halves, the bottom half grey and the top half teal. It was warm to the touch and when he moved his hand down, the device whipped out of his hand and seemed magnetically attracted to his belt.

"What the heck just happened?" they both said, surprised and looked at each other.



I'm glad I got that out the way, it finished slightly earlier than I expected but I wrote double the amount I expected. Please point out any mistakes I have done. And yes this is my first time writing here. I hope you enjoyed it so far. Also, thanks to the line breaks disappearing, streams of "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" represent the paragraph breaks.