Colours flashed into the sky shooting in different directions. Magenta, green, blue and orange formed large spirals whilst streaks of white and gold helped to create a bouquet effect. Afterwards the light against the black ceiling slowly faded, leaving misty clouds in their wake. Whilst the colours flashed, whistles could be heard as well as the bang of drums as other colours exploded, giving the impression of a disorganised orchestra giving their performance during the night.

Below were thousands of people, briefly illuminated by the fireworks. A sea stretched in every direction across the fields and hillocks of Bowleswood Fields. If you looked carefully you could almost make out gentle waves amongst the crowds as people walked in different directions.

Mayu looked up from her chair as she briefly saw magenta blossoms in the sky. The brief light flashed across her face, showing slightly messy black hair tied into a bun at the back. Her clothes were of a short pink jacket over a white t-shirt and blue jeans, with matching socks and black shoes. She was currently sitting on a small dark green camping chair. Her legs swayed about in a small breeze as well as loose strands of hair.

She stared at the explosions, the sounds not making her flinch at all, instead they seemed to add to the atmosphere as she stared wide-eyed and held her breath each time the colours flashed by. She smiled slightly after around half an hour as there was a light pause in the fireworks.

Next to Mayu was a green picnic cloth, spread out across the ground. The cloth sank slightly in the centre, where a small mud-brown bear sat cross-legged. A couple of black stones seemed to go down its front, as if it were wearing a coat. This was both true and false as the buttons were attached to its skin, although it wore a light green woolly jacket. If one were to walk past and stare it would seem as though there was only a girl enjoying the night's celebrations with her stuffed toy to keep her company.

The bear continued staring at a slight angle, positioned to enjoy the fireworks at their best. With the pause, its right ear twitched as it slightly now turned its head towards Mayu. Its lips were curled in a slight upwards angle.

Mayu slowly turned her head to look at the bear. She also smiled as an unseen understanding seemed to pass between them. She nodded and then fully turned her head up, staring over at a tall gentleman standing on the other side of the bear.

"Senpai, enjoyed the show?" she shouted.

"Mayu, not so loud. Calm down" he affirmed. Shaking his head from the scene he strolled over and stood in front of the bear. He wore a smart brown jumper and white business shirt, with what looked like a light blue colour underneath. He also wore black trousers and matching socks and shoes. He had black hair with strands of grey hair, barely visible even in the floodlights which had temporarily come back on whilst other fireworks were being set up.

"Yes, it has been a golden night", a soft spoke between them. The bear, Chuchidarumon, had now turned his head towards the gentleman and was still smiling. "Yes, how do you feel about tonight, Master Masa?"

Masahiro took a deep breath. "Yes, Chuchidarumon, Mayu. I enjoyed myself as well. This is only a brief pause, it's not over yet. Now then, now that I'm here are there any drinks either of you two would like? Orange juice? Water? Hot chocolateā€¦.?"

Mayu shook her head at each choice but nodded at the Hot Chocolate. Chuchidarumon awaited Mayu. "I too would like Hot Chocolate, Master Masa," he said politely.

Masahiro went back to Chuchidarumon's other side and picked up a small flask, lying on the ground amongst other scattered refreshments. He unscrewed the lid, placing both on the ground and then reached over to the picnic cloth. Just next to it were a load of cups. Lifting the flask, he poured the brown contents into three of the cups, although with the first one, he accidentally knocked it with his foot, spilling the contents. He grumbled, placing the flask down and picked up the cup again.

After the three cups were ready, he picked up two of them and took one to Mayu, who was slightly shaking from the cold autumn air. He held out a hand to her which she grasped as she tried to shift herself on the chair. Chuchidarumon slowly got up and also held the camping chair to balance her. His large brown hands did not get in the way of the chair and his grip was strong which was surprising considering the fact that he had no fingers.

Mayu paused as Chuchidarumon got up from the chair and moved back to the cloth. From the darkness he pulled out a small pink semi-transparent plastic stall which he unfolded and clicked into place. He then lifted it in front of him and placed it in front of Mayu, between her and Masahiro.

Masahiro placed the cup down on the stall within reach of Mayu, who gratefully accepted it. Immediately after picking the cup up, she dropped it, the weight keeping the cup upright. Chuchidarumon jumped.

"Are you alright, Mayu?" Chuchidarumon asked, frowning.

"It's okay. It was just a bit hot. Don't worry. I'm okay. See?" replied Mayu, calmly as she shook her hand. Masahiro nodded and then wandered back to the refreshments. Chuchidarumon still frowned meanwhile but accepted it at just that. He had accepted his cup from Masahiro and gripped it in his paw he reached up and drank the lot in one gulp. He did not seem to be affected by the heat.

Masahiro looked to his right and smiled, shaking his head in disbelief. He quietly sat down on the grass, knowing full well nobody could see his trousers were already muddy from before. On his side was his cup which he reached for and took a small sip.

The lights suddenly cut out as the sound of whistling occurred. A bright red object shot up in front of them, maybe only 10ft away. Smoke filled the air as the red object exploded, causing a blue star to briefly appear then dissipate. Numerous other multicoloured stars appeared as the rest of the fireworks began.

Mayu looked to her left and smiled at Chuchidarumon, who was staring ahead of himself again, sitting on the cloth, remaining as still as a statue. She reached in front and slowly picked up the cup, taking a sip. She closed her eyes. Much better.

After an hour and a half, the fireworks stopped and Mayu looked around. People were moving about hurriedly, most people laughing and shouting, a general sea of chattering and happiness. She smiled to herself and looked left at a sudden movement.

Chuchidarumon had slowly got up, brushing himself down and realising he was now feeling a little colder than usual, a definite breeze blowing around his extremities. He turned around and looked down, noticing the jacket on the floor and picked it up, laying it on his back, which it promptly fell off again. He tried again and it fell off. Trying once more and getting rather annoyed, he turned around again and flung it into the air.

"Heavy punch", whispered Chuchidarumon as he threw one of his paws towards the jacket, a slight energy glowing. Upon contact, the jacket fizzled and disappeared with visible numbers floating into the sky.

At this, Mayu laughed out loud, whilst Masahiro grumbled and rolled his eyes.

Shaking her head, Mayu gasped "not again, are you going to do that with every piece of clothing?"

"I will make sure no enemies become afoul of you or me, your ladyship", replied Chuchidarumon in a rather knightly voice. He then leant over the picnic cloth and started folding it up, his view no longer obscuring a brown wicker hamper in the background. Masahiro was meanwhile picking up all the refreshments. Both moved towards the hamper and placed the picnic in a haphazard order, to be cleared up when they got back home.

Mayu could only stare as she wished she could help. Only five minutes later Masahiro walked over into the darkness. There was the sound of a couple of thumps and some clinking before a rhythmic creaking approached behind Mayu. She nodded as a large steel chair approached her, with large spoked wheels on either side. She pinned her arms to her side as Chuchidarumon gently grabbed sides of her, carefully placing her in the wheelchair as her legs bounced off the camping chair.

Mayu held onto the arms of the chair and shifter herself back into the seat. She reached down and grabbed bars on the edge of the wheels. A small magenta rounded-T like device was also attached to the left chair handle.

Masahiro appeared from behind carrying the hamper. Chuchidarumon had meanwhile folded the camping chair with his paws and held it under one arm. His other arm grabbed the chair whilst Mayu turned the chair around and disappeared into the crowd, Masahiro following right behind.


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