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Chapter 4: The Trials of Sonah

People gathered around as the scene was cordoned off. The house stood, a whitewashed terraced 1930s house with a slated red roof and Victoria windows. In front of the house, the garden was trim with roses, colourful flowers and a small bush dividing it from next door. A small patch of green made up the front lawn with tarmac behind.

The garage attached to the house however told a different story. One side of the garage was a metal wall with a large hole, warped in such a way it appeared as a bubble in the middle of bursting. Shrapnel spread into the other neighbour's drive as well as bricks and other debris.

Sirens could be heard approaching the late-afternoon scene as two police cars arrived. From the back of the rear police car, Sonah got out and sighed, arms down, one hand holding her black bowler hat that she absentmindedly twirled around. One year on the force and she was already reduced to small investigations like this. Her white shirt was crumpled, in contrast to her prim black trousers. Despite her dark skin, she sweated in the sunlight, occasionally shivering with each passing wind.

She looked around at the relatively small crowd, some people looking on tiptoe over the barrier. They mainly consisted of elderly neighbours, wondering what was going on. A lady stood off to the side, holding a couple of Sainsbury's bags full of vegetables and a large roll of greaseproof paper. There were also a couple of men in business suits, one grey, the other maroon chatting animatedly to each other

Sonah reached into her police car, after getting instructions from her sergeant, picked up her notepad and began talking to the crowd, scribbling individual witness statements. With each person, there was not much to say even the neighbours. Although some accounts were conflicting, they all seem to generally agree that there wasn't even an explosion, just a small whine, a popping noise and the discovery of all the mess on the ground. There were no proper suspects either.

After the last witness was finished, she sighed, grumbling at what a waste of time this was under her breath.

"Sonah, have you finished yet?" called the authoritative voice of Superintendent Dudley.

"Yes, sir, not much from the witnesses either. I've collected all their statements but there wasn't anyone who directly witnessed anything, sir".

"Do you have anything?"

"At 9am, a Mrs Giles did report hearing a popping noise and then a loud bang like a balloon being popped. They thought nothing of it until later in the day around 11am they popped out for shopping and they discovered the mess. After looking around the corner, they discovered the rubbish. They were about to report it as another spate of vandalism when they noticed the hole in the garage. Other witnesses only arrived later, some returning for lunch."

"Thank you, Shah. That will be all for now. I will see you back at the station. Please wait here for Lyon and forensics" finished her boss. With that, he saluted her, put on his cap and got in the police car.

Sonah tapped on his car to get him to stop for a moment. She flipped her book shut and carefully put it in her back pocket whilst she used her other hand to open the rear car door. Making sure her notes and pen were secure, she reached in to get her black jacket and handbag. Afterwards she carefully closed the door and stood back as he pulled out of the driveway, putting the police lights on and siren. After reversing, he turned the car around and drove in the direction they had come.

Sonah sighed as she stood by the police tape. By now already, most of the people in the street had decided it was just another day and walked away. The wind rustled through her hair, making her realise she had misplaced her cap. She turned around and noticed it was lying on the ground just by the bushes. She groaned as she wandered over to collect it.


Half an hour and no police cars had turned up. She reached for her baton and bounced it on her leg, revealing a lilac T-shaped device sticking out slightly from her hip. One such bounce of her hand hit it and made her realise it was peeping out. She quickly stopped and crouched forward, swapping her hands over and placing her baton on the ground whilst she discretely moved the device under her belt. She bent around quickly and pushed the device back further under her belt. Some footsteps behind her startled her, making her quickly get up and spin around, baton raised.

A man in a chequered tweed jacket and country hat was standing nearby. She dealt with him quickly as he was just enquiring into the scene. She had had to do with many passers by, about four but they had shown little interest and soon passed by. She figured something like this must had been a common occurrence in the area.

Sonah turned around to face the house again and decided to make herself useful. She reached into her pocket and got out her notebook, writing a few notes on the description of the scene. No sooner had her pen reached the bottom of the next page she heard what sounded like heavy scratches running along a nearby wooden board followed by a large thud on concrete off to her left. She reached to her right side and unclipped her baton again, having stowed away the notebook. She also heard a faint high-pitched beeping noise.

Turning left she smiled. She reached to her belt and hand pressed the bottom button on her device, immediately ceasing the noise.

An orange tabby cat with unusually large claws sat down in the driveway. The eyes on the cat seemed bigger than any normal sized cat would have. It smiled back at her. "Hello Sonah", it said, a definite slightly feminine sound.

She nodded. "So, have you had a good walk here?"

"Yes, it was very relaxing. It is not very complicated getting around with these walkways here" replied the cat.

"I've already told you, they're fences. They are not a motorway." Sonah sighed but still smiled.

"How are things getting on here?"

"Quiet. I've been left in charge until Lyon gets here. Not much to say really. It's been windy I suppose."

The cat came over and rubbed her head against Sonah's leg, just as someone walked by. Sonah turned around and looked a bit embarrassed, although whoever it was seemed to have shrugged it off and wandered on.

"Have you chased any birds yet, Mikemon?" Sonah chuckled.

"I watched them go by as I was walking if that's what you mean. They didn't seem very playful but I didn't mind. Anyway I just thought I should tell you something about this."

"About the birds?"

"About the mess here."

"You caused it again?"

"No. Hmph."

"Then what?"

Mikemon turned around and walked towards the hole, Sonah eyeing her curiously. She extended her claws and lightly scraped the ground near one of the bricks.

"Careful! Don't disturb the scene, okay?" called Sonah.

Mikemon seemed to ignore her and walked on all four paws to the hole. Stopping just out the ring she lifted her paw. Putting it in the hole, her paw glowed slightly golden, only stopping when she pulled her paw out.

Sonah in the meantime had turned around again, making sure to divert anyone's attention if they walked by. Luckily nobody had, not even on the other side. A faint siren sound could be heard.

"Mikemon?" called Sonah in a hoarse whisper without turning around. Silence replied to her. With the siren sound coming closer, Sonah turned around. She caught a flash of an orange tail disappearing into the shadow of the garage. Making a mental note to herself to ask her this evening, she turned back towards street and awaited her colleagues.

A quick breeze ruffled her hair and a small thud could be heard. She face palmed as she went off again to look for her cap.


"And with that new deal, that means your new pay will be £13,502 ppa. I hope this is to your satisfaction."

"Satisfaction? Satisfaction? How exactly can I be satisfied with that? That's a bloody joke! How comes its that?"

"Look at it this way. The company is losing money. Whilst you have shown an exemplary job, Mitchell, cuts have to be made somewhere."

"Cuts? That's another bloody joke! How about the others?"

"They agreed quietly to the terms"

"How can you agree quietly? That doesn't make sense"

"If you don't like the terms, take it up with management"

"You are management! You expect me to accept this"

"Am I really? Hmmmm, thinking about it, you're right. How about £13,501?"

"You are a bloody disgrace. No! Get out of here?"

"And why should I do that?"

"Its my office"

"No, Mitchell, as of now, its mine"

Mitchell seethed, staring at his new boss, apparently, and grumbled. H was wearing a light blue office shirt and grey trousers. He scrunched his left hand and pulled his arm back. Already, he hesitated. He gritted his teeth, eyebrows furrowed, stomping out the office and slammed the door hard. The walls wobbled and a framed picture of a harbour within the office fell down and smashed in two.

The other man just chuckled to himself. His hand flew over his chequered grey jacket and red tie, feeling the smoothness and silkiness of each. He immediately went over to the corner desk and reached for the phone. Dialling the reception, he listened to the tone, which stopped very quickly.

"Amanda, Marc here…. Yes… yes… Tonight at the celebrations with the Mayor… Yes… With ice cream… Yes… yes… yes, tell him I will pick him up in about half an hour… yes err no not that… dandelions… handy dandelions… tell the others that Mitchell will no longer be taking any orders or meetings as he's left…. I know… he's quit… with ice cream as I said… lavender…. See you tonight"

Graham smiled to himself as he put the phone down. Another perfect job done. He walked around the desk and sat in his now leather chair.

On the other side of the door however, Mitchell had been listening, just coming back to grab his bag. Whilst he had been angry before, now he was livid. It obviously translated to him being fired. Amanda was never a good receptionist either. Mitchell barely held his jaw together to keep himself from screaming.

A thought clicked in his head. His company was supplying the fireworks tonight. So if Graham was going to be with the Mayor tonight, he would show them just how well the fireworks worked. The setting sun from the nearby windows now reflected his glowing smile


Stalls scattered the area. In the central aisle, Mayu moved through the crowds, her wheelchair squeaking and occasionally bouncing with waylaid bits of straw. Chuchidarumon sat quietly and stoically on her lap. To any passing crowd, Chuchidarumon blended in very well, looking as though Mayu had won the biggest stall prize of the night. Occasional comments accompanied this observation which Mayu and at least twice Masa brushed off.

"And what's a lovely little lady like you doing on a night like this?"

Mayu turned her head towards the speaker and giggled. Off to her left was an elderly man with a grey moustache and red top. He was standing behind a wooden stall fronting a tent. Above the stall read Ye Olde Swett Shope.

"How are you my little lady? This is a fine night wouldn't you say. You are looking lovely tonight. I hope things are going well", he said jovially.

"F-fine thanks sir. This is a wonderful night tonight. Its so colourful." She smiled, shivering slightly. Her Senpai just watched.

She looked up at the sign. "Swett Shope?" After which she giggled.

He chuckled whilst fidgeting with his moustache. "What great mistakes there are seems to have great benefits. And how about you sir? Having a nice evening?" It seemed many people had already asked this question although he didn't seem to mind.

Masahiro bowed his head. Mayu held her hand up.

"I'll have one…" she looked at Chuchidarumon "make that two Ashwood rocks, some liquorice and some humbugs."

The vendor looked at her oddly, although changed his expression quickly enough so that nobody noticed and was now beaming again. "Certainly little lady. Here have a few laces. Enjoy yourself"

After he handed the sweets over, Masahiro paid for them before grabbing the wheelchair handlebars and pushing again. As Mayu was wheeled off, the vendor thought he saw her hand some rock to her stuffed teddy which seemed possibly animated. A loud bang seemed to indicate the start of the next round of fireworks, making him briefly look away. As he looked back, they had blended in with the crowd. He shook his head and brushed it off, thinking about the rest of the night.


Near the centre of the celebrations stood a giant red tent. No public access was allowed with large rope which extended around the perimeter. On the west and south sides were two large holes with single flaps. Security guards stood guard at each entrance. A third, lesser known entrance was also located in the north-east corner, probably used for maintenance.

It was at this entrance that there was only one security guard located, looking thoroughly bored. He sighed and swelled his chest, giving menacing glares to any passing children, who only by this were scared enough to run away. Also located here on the other side was a wooden chair.

Sonah sighed. She had not produced any further answers from earlier and it looked already as though the investigation could not proceed. Forensics had been baffled as there was no DNA or chemicals or anything else that could have caused or be at least linked to the explosion, at least from the preliminary tests. At one point after in the police station, someone had come and asked for volunteers to help with the celebrations. Seeing as she had already written her report for that day and it looked like she was free that evening, she readily signed up as extra security for the town mayor and council. What she had not banked on was that volunteering meant being stationed by the fireworks store through the night.

Security throughout the whole festival was quite tight with patrols roaming everywhere, vendors on the lookout and even if someone had got passed her or the others, the tent was actually disguising the park's main visitor's centre, doubling tonight as the control room for the festival. Anyone who would want to get at this would have to be pretty stupid or know what they were doing.

She grumbled and sat in the wooden chair, radio in her lap. She could not speak to Mikemon at all, either through her T-Vice as she had christened it, no doubt it would look suspicious, or just out in the open for obvious reasons. The only person she could possibly talk to was the other guard. Although he was bored, he would not speak to her and would ignore her, no matter how she tried speaking. Just another day. Or night.


Before slipping out earlier that day, Mitchell had popped into an office and brushed a coworkers, sorry ex-coworkers desk, who had just happened to have been disorganised enough to leave a keycard amongst the papers. Slipping all the papers back on the desk, he had briefly spied bits of soil on the floor. Shrugging, he forcefully shoved the card into his back trouser pocket.

A slam could be heard behind him, startling him into haphazardly knocking an already messy pile over. "Mitchell, what are you still doing here? Get out of the office now" called Graham unmistakably.

He glared daggers at his ex-boss and quickly noticed two guards also appearing from Graham's office. He did not need telling twice and marched out of the room, furiously pushing other workers out of the way who were staring at him. Everyone single one shouted something unintelligible either in surprise or annoyance. Mitchell had had enough however and steamrolled out of the floor exit.


Sonah quietly leaned against the tent and started humming to herself a song she knew from childhood. At each pause in the tune was the quiet rumble of her partner. How he could sleep through the cacophony of the festival entertainment she had no idea.

She continued humming softly, listening to the wind as it gently reminded her of a time when she was swinging in a large chair attached to an oak tree standing on the bank of a large pond. The bows of the trees creaked softly, no other sounds other than the surrounding nature. The tree started chiming fairground music, immediately bringing her out of her reverie. A musical tune of accomplishment sounded followed by a young girls giggling.

Sonah briefly looked to her right towards the stalls and saw a small girl brightly lit up by what was obviously one of the hammer whacking stalls. The girl had dark hair and what like the biggest stuffed bear she had ever seen sitting quietly on the ground. Two men stood either side of her, one wearing the costume of the Ashwood Falls Festival staff and the other just wearing plain clothes. The plain clothed man and the girl looked foreign, perhaps Asian, but then again Sonah was not judgemental.

Something furry rubbed against her legs. She looked down and frowned. A sillohuette of a cat looked up at her and smiled, opening her mouth before freezing as a particularly loud snore made itself known. The cat decided this was not the right time and speedily ran on all fours into a nearby copse. Sonah sighed.

Twenty minutes and a stiff back later, Sonah was still looking around. She had taken her cap off and was now playing with it between her fingers. Boredom seemed to enjoy her company tonight and persisted on staying as her annoying guest.

A gentle breeze blew through the nearby trees, causing the leaves to shake. A clattering nearby alerted Sonah to a nearby stall being used for strange, crockery haphazardly placed on the edges and in piles of various sizes. Another breeze and a slight tremor from a something falling over within the main fair decided the final fate of the crockery. The plates jumped and fell from the stall, giving the sound of smashing glass and a cacophony of a marching band gone wrong, catching the attention of Sonah and abruptly awakening her sleeping friend.

Whilst Sonah's head was turned away, a shadow of a tall man emerged from behind a tree and ran for the door. Sonah looked behind her and caught a flash of white within the darkness passing through into the security centre. As the door closed, the cat shrieked, dashing after the man and barely made it through the crack. The click echoed through the night as Sonah registered what had occurred. She sighed and reached for her radio whilst her other hand fumbled over the T-Vice.

"Jones, this is Shah."


"Jones, I know you're there. Please answer."


Sonah sighed worriedly and turned around. She looked furiously at her partner whilst he glared back at her. He also was reaching around for his radio.


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