Jade plops down in the sandbox quite un-ladylike with action figures, and Tori cocks her head. Boys play with superheroes and monsters! Not girls! Tori giggles at the strangeness of the paler toddler, before jumping off the slide and running towards the box. She waves as Jade starts building a castle for Superman to get tortured in (she always preferred the Joker, anyways).

"Hi!" Tori says excitedly; Jade looks up from her sand castle, Superman in one hand and the Joker in the other, while Batman rests at her knees. She squints at the other girl, looking her up and down. Finally, she seems to have a verdict.

"Go away."

Tori frowns, and begins rocking on her feet, making her pretty orange sundress swaying. She notes that Jade is wearing jean capris and a black t-shirt, with DC villains of all kinds. No superheroes and Tori thinks she's seen that shirt in the boy's section, yet again proving that this girl is really weird. But, Tori likes her, anyways. She's different from the other little girls who play Barbies; Jade almost seems a little bit more… fun.

Tori tries again, "Can I play? I'm Tori."

The little girl sighs, pausing in drowning Robin. She thinks for a few seconds, before finally letting go and saying reluctantly: "Fine…" (It's only because her mommy said to share.)

"Yay!" Tori claps, and immediately jumps over the wooden border, before plopping down in the sand opposite of Jade, sitting on her knees. She picks up Batman, and decides to fly him around the castle. Simultaneously, she looks up at a hesitant Jade, and smiles.

"What's your name?" She asks, already knowing the answer. She just wants Jade to talk.

"I'm… Jade."

And Tori smiles, before setting Batman on his feet, making his legs move awkwardly so he walks towards the lump of sand of a castle. In a deep accent, she says, "I'll save you Robin!"

Jade laughs and Tori thinks it's really pretty and not weird, before the other girl takes the Joker in one hand and Robin in the other. She maneuvers the both of them farther back, towards a dump-truck. Where a Fisher Price doll would go, she sets the Joker on the little hump in front of the steering wheel, and then throws Robin in the back. Tori stands up as Jade does, and the pale girl takes the truck in hand, zooming in the surrounding grass.

"Never!" She laughs, and Tori laughs with, before chasing Jade, Batman forgotten. Eventually Jade drops the truck in the lush green strands, and the superhero game turns into tag. Tori finally tackles Jade onto the ground, and the both of them roll all around for no valid reason. Finally, they both fall on their backs, gasping for breath, and Tori points to the sky.

"That cloud looks like Batman."

Jade giggles and points to the neighboring fluff, "That one looks like Spiderman," she drops her hand and turns over, pouting slightly, "I left him at home though."

"Aww!" Tori whines, turning over as well, she smiles in a few seconds, though. "You can bring him tomorrow!"


The both of them look up, finding Melissa, another girl at their daycare with blond pigtails and permanently pink clothes. Jade glares as Tori frowns, noticing Melissa and her two friends (flanked at Melissa's sides,) holding Batman, Joker, and Robin.

"You're weird," Melissa spits at Jade, and tears off Batman's head. Noting their cue, the two other girls do the same to the Joker and Robin. Tori jumps up as Jade whimpers.

"That's not nice!" She grabs for the action figures, "Give them back; their Jade's!"

Melissa ignores her as Jade wobbly stands up, mad. "Are you Jade's friend?"

Tori proudly nods and Melissa smirks.

"Then you're a freak too!"

Jade lunges at her, not in the superheroes defense, but in Tori's. She gasps, "Jade!" but Jade ignores her, and tackles Melissa to the ground. Melissa's friends try to pry her off as Jade throws punch after punch, but she ignores them, only focusing on the blonde.

"Tori—isn't—a—freak!" she screams. The teacher comes over and pulls her off, tightening her grip on Jade's arms as the pale girl struggles free. Melissa jumps up, her nose bloodied, and Tori looks at Jade, surprised. They had only become friends today, and she was already beating people up for her? Tori doesn't get it, but isn't complaining. Melissa spits on the grass, and glares at Jade.

"She is to a freak! She has two moms!"

The teacher gasps and scolds Melissa (still not letting go of Jade), and Tori's face crumples. She looks to the ground; she loves her mothers, but apparently other people don't like them. Tori can't figure out why, though. They're so nice! Her momma dances with her when she's off of work, and her mommy even makes heart-shaped peanut-butter-and-jelly! But whenever she finally gets a true friend, their parents tell them to not hang out with her, because of her mommies. Tori honestly doesn't get it. But right now, the only thing she cares about is losing Jade. She's the best friend she's ever had, despite only being friends for a few minutes. She is so cool—she wasn't superbly shy like Tori, she played with superheroes and villains, she's just… she's just Jade, and Jade is the best!

Tori begins softly crying, and seconds later she finds Jade at her side.

"Hey," Tori sniffs and looks up, finding Jade look at her worriedly, which is weird (just like so many other things about this girl), because she's usually all… mean. Tori tries to smile, which comes off as a grimace. Jade frowns, and grasps her chubby hand with her own.

"Hey. Melissa's a jerk, don't listen to her. Okay?"

Tori smiles and nods, and Jade laughs, before falling onto her knees and starts picking up the remains of Robin, the Joker, and Batman. Tori helps instantly, and Jade looks up, grinning softly.

"Maybe you could come to my house!" She beams, "We could pretend we are superheroes! I'll be Spiderman, and you'll be MJ!"

Tori smiles. "Yeah, that'd be really fun."

Later, after lunch at five o' clock, the sky darkens a bit, and Tori's mothers come to pick her up. Jade and her stand outside, and Tori turns to the other girl.

"Your daddy's picking you up, right?"

Jade nods and Tori smiles, before hesitantly taking a step closer and giving her a hug; Jade freezes, before finally, slowly, hugging her back. They pull back, and Tori waves goodbye as Jade does the same. Her momma, Annie, walks over. Tori grasps her hand and smiles up at her, pointing to Jade.

"She's my best friend, Momma."

Annie looks over at Jade, who flushes, and then back at her daughter. "Really? Well," she holds out her hand, and Jade reluctantly shakes it with her little one. Annie grins, "Hi, Jade."

Jade smiles, taking an instant liking to the woman, "Hi Mrs. Vega."

"It's Annie, sweetie."

Jade toothily smiles, "Hi Annie."

Tori and her mother then walk off, and as Annie's about to drive away in the car, Jade runs up, yelling: "Wait!"

Annie rolls down the window as Jade stops in front of the car, and leans forward. "Yeah, kiddo?"

Breathless, Jade holds out the somewhat-fixed (the teacher super-glued her figures back together,) and says: "Give this to Tori."

From the back, Tori exclaims. "The Joker? He's your favorite!"

Annie takes the doll and hands it back to her daughter as Jade smirks.

"I know."


A/N: Writing little Jade and Tori is so fun! I loved this, and may continue this story with one-shots. I've got a pretty good idea of Jade coming to Tori's house (yes, Trina's involved), and then one with Tori coming to Jade's (that doesn't end well at all, and almost ruins their friendship). Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed! Review?

PS—Jade liking superheroes and supervillains is totally canon for me now. Maybe I'll incorporate that later when they're older…