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Waking Up

The class had only started 10 minutes ago; she couldn't keep her eyes open. Nothing could keep her awake. If she didn't stay up until 1 a.m. watching a movie, she would be "paying" attention to Mr. Andrews right now. But that was not all; she had two classes of biology and then one of chemistry with him today. This was just the beginning of torture.

She did pay attention on the lecture before distracting with a word or something. Going from topic to topic just for not falling asleep, pinching herself if she did. But Mr. Andrews's voice was so soothing; her eyes were closing with each second.

The bell rang, surprising her; she slept 20 minutes of the class, it didn't matter if anyone saw her. The noise of the students changing to another class kept her awake for a while. She was relief that Mr. Andrews had finish with the lecture; he was writing some concepts on the board, which it help her for a while, but didn't last long enough; Emily asked him something about the lesson and his soft voice was relaxing her again. She was laying on her desk, humming quietly a song to keep her awake; she couldn't hear anything.

The second class had finish, some students were leaving the class and others were coming to the class room, talking with their friends, laughing, not hearing a noise though, that's until he arrived. She had forgotten that he had the same class with him.

She sighed, and a little smile was growing on her face as he sat in front of her. Her heart rate was increasing at each thought of him with her; with out a clue the he had turn over, now calling her name several times. His angelic voice was coming out of those perfect lips that she dream of. Her eyes traveled to his hair; going everywhere until meeting his beautiful green eyes; realizing that he was looking at her. Her eyes widened a little. Then she shook her head, trying to calm herself.

"Sorry. What?" She said lazily.

"Nothing, I just imagined that you had a blast on biology, right? So, at what time did you sleep last night? ... I'm guessing 1 or 2 a.m.?" He said.

"1, I was watching a movie." She said smiling as how he noticed she was sleepy, he cared for her. He sighed looking how tired she was, shaking his head as disapproval.

"What movie was it?" He said while look at him with a lovesick smile, luckily for her he didn't noticed.

"Uh, it was 127 hours." By the look on his face he was amazed.

"Really? You have it?" She only nodded. "Wow, I wanted to see it. How about if you bring it to my house and watch it?" Her eyes widened when she heard this; blushing madly at the thought of the two of them sitting together, with his arm around her.

"Together?" She asked just to be sure.

"Yeah; said 7? In that way you won't sleep so late." He said with a half smile, making him look so adorable.

It took all her power just for saying "Sure" and nodding without looking like an idiot. He turned away when Mr. Andrews started with the class. From then on, she didn't have trouble staying awake. She was daydreaming with the date, stealing few glances from her beloved. Finally waking up in this wonderful day.

i acuatly got inspired by my teacher Mrs. O... i like her and all (sometimes) but her class is sooo boring and it is the first two hours, i haven't wake up at that hour, so every week i use all my power to not fall asleep haha
btw i love 127 hrs, it's sooo awesome, it was the first movie to pop from my mind...and just in case, sorry for the grammar errors that passed away from me

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