So, as I explained on my profile, this is an attempt at distracting myself and removing my writers block. To this extent I don't know how often the updates will come, probably once a month, I do promise that even should I break through my writers block on the other stories I won't forget about this one. Also as I mentioned in my profile, I'm making this story a bit more 'interactive' in that I will occasionally post a poll to allow the readers to decide certain things (There's one already up, so go give it a whirl).

Now, all of that being said there are a few things I need to address before you read the first chapter.

Edited 10-1-11: I've changed a few things around and figured I'd alter this notice to reflect the changes.

1) While Naruto and Claymore are both manga from Japan they are fundamentally different in terms of both story tone and the cultures that they portray: Claymore is serious in subject matter and portrays a European culture while Naruto on the other hand is more light-hearted and portrays a Japanese-style Culture. Now neither of these cultures are radically different in terms of overall themes, though at first glance they can appear to be so.

So as to be expected, there are a few problems in trying to cross such stories with each other. One of them, unsurprisingly, would be language. I could have gone in the most obvious direction by having the two worlds speak entirely different languages, which would be most likely in a real-life experience of crossing worlds and cultures, but instead I choice to make this easier on both myself and the reader. To this end, I decided that though the odds were slim, the two worlds would share frighteningly similar languages with only certain words being alien to the others.

For example, Yoki/Yoma is something that would be unique to the Claymore world while Chakra/Jinchūriki would be words that belonged to the Naruto World. It also opens the possibility that since some words are close enough to sound similar 'Shinobi/Senshi' for example, that some people can take the other language as an 'older dialect'. Still doing this makes it easier to carry the narrative while also allowing for the feeling that these two languages really are different.

Addendum 10-1-11: To further help create the illusion of similar but different languages, I've decided to shake things up. If you're reading a scene from Naruto's POV then the Claymore-verse speaks in a modified form of Elizabethan English. Conversely If from a Claymore-verse POV Naruto speaks in a modified form of 'current' English, with a few words thrown back to their original etymological roots (i.e. Human becomes 'Humain'). Rest assured however, that provided characters are from the same 'universe'/'time period' they speak normal English and this language barrier will disappear after a time skip.

2) Another thing I had to consider is how exactly some characters would stack up to others. For example, I doubt the average Shinobi -Genin, Chūnin- would be able to match a Yoma while on the other hand Jōnin and Kage would be a different story. To solve this I had to come up with a 'scale' or 'exchange' so that I could put things into perspective:

Jōnin (Special or otherwise) equal Claymores 47 - 6, A Kage (Hokage, Raikage, Tsuchikage, Mizukage) equal Claymores 5 -1, Pseudo-Jinchūriki (such as Sora) are the same as the average Yoma. The Jinchūriki for 1 - 5 Tailed Beasts would be equal to the average Voracious Eaters/Awakened Being, while the Jinchūriki for 6 - 8 Tailed Beasts equal The Abyssal Ones/the Destroyer. This leaves Madara and Naruto (two of three who -Naurto by the end of the manga- qualify as 'Gods') to equal Priscilla.

I know some might argue this scale, or maybe not, and yes for the most part it doesn't matter too much -the number of ninja in the Claymore world is limited to three- but this is the scale that I am working with.

Addendum 10-1-11: After I started writing this story, around the second chapter, I realized that I didn't really explain my ranking system. Needless to say this upset a few people, so for any new readers let me explain.

The Ranking list was derived using 'chakra capacity' and 'physical ability'. Yes, if you add in ninjutsu, sealing, bloodline limits and genjutsu the ninja come out in the lead by a wide margin but I was not looking at any of that. I was merely looking how they would match up in the barest of terms.

I do however, I stand by my comment that the average Genin and Chūnin would not be much against a Yoma, mainly because I refuse to accept that Naruto's Group/generation represent the average Genin or Chūnin. If that was the case why would the Sandaime and etc be surprised when the Rookie 9 were nominated for the Chūnin Exams after only two months of active service? No, I find it far more likely that the Konoha 12 and the Suna Trio are an anomaly.

This isn't to say the average Genin and Chūnin wouldn't put up a decent fight, and they might even kill a few yoma but eventually they become meals for a yoma -or pack of yoma-.

As for the Jinchūriki of the Tailed beasts, there's really nothing to explain or adjust. Except for the following fact - Naruto is by far the most powerful being walking. As I mentioned earlier, I low balled Naruto when I first created my scale, but after writing a scene in Chapter 2 I realized my error. I've adjust this accordingly: in terms of power Priscilla, Teresa and Madara are the closet to his level and that is like saying the Moon is close to the Sun.

3) Characterization. This is a big one, at least as big as the first one...I'm reasonably sure, that after so long writing in the Naruto fandom I have their characterizations down well enough. Claymore however, is a different story, I have read the manga and seen the anime a few times but I've yet to try writing one of the characters so all I can do is my best. If I fail, let me know (nicely) and I do promise I shall try get better at this.

4) Religions, while it plays a small to negligible role in both series they do exist. If I fudge something in concerns of one or the others (Most likely the Claymore World as it's a bit vaguer) please forgive me.

That is pretty much all the details that I've had to consider, at least for the moment. Any further things or thoughts that occur to me will be posted at the bottom of a chapter.

Addendum 10-1-11: As the story went on I found myself dealing with the religion of the Claymore-verse. It was in the form of a prayer, in which I made a reference to a Trinity and thus I felt the need to explain how I came up with this. After careful reading and re-reading of the manga, it appeared that in early chapters that these there were two separate and possibly competing theologies - The God of Rabona and the Twin Goddesses of Love.

However further thought I grew more inclined to think that God and the Twin Goddesses are all part of the same theology; Literally a Trinity. Now the exact nature of the theology this Trinity is something I haven't thought about in any deep seriousness. Religion plays a small if negligible role to the plot of my story I'm telling. Maybe if I grow bored enough I will write out a thesis on the subject; but probably not.

::Added Notes 10-1-11::

5) The Interlude (Extra) Chapters are short chapters that don't exactly fit the narrative flow of the next chapter, but they are scenes that fill the gap between Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. So instead of a 'full' chapter you get this an 'interlude' chapter. They will often fill a gap between chapters, expand some background details, or even explain a plot point.

6) Also, since we don't have much in the way of details concerning how the Administrative part of the Organization interacts or operates (or have much characterization), I tried my best to make something out of what we did have. If I screwed up anything or maybe got a character doing something they wouldn't let me know...nicely please.

7) Naruto's healing. All Jinchūriki have certain 'abilities' constantly active from birth (I term them Onijutsu) Gaara's Sand Shield is an example of this. These abilities are (hinted at) a permanent part of the host even should the Bijū be extracted, again we have Gaara as the example. All of this is important to know, as it proves that the Jinchūriki have been altered to grant these abilities thanks to the influence of their demons (making them a kind of Bloodline Limit, though if they can be passed on I have no idea).

Anyway, Naruto's accelerated healing is one such ability (along with seemingly limitless stamina and chakra) allowing him to recover from minor injuries within a few seconds to major injuries within a day. However, as has been seen in the manga and anime this accelerated healing can be enhanced even further thanks to the chakra of the Kyūbi, an example being his first fight against Sasuke at the Valley of the End: Naruto eventually took a Chidori to the shoulder/chest area (Sasuke shoved a hand of lightning through the front of his torso and it came out the back of his torso), which caused the Kyūbi chakra to flood into Naruto and healed the gaping fist-sized hole in a matter of seconds.

So the problem he now faces is that since Naruto underwent training so that he could seal off the influence of the Kyūbi, leaving Naruto with sole control over the vast chakra without the negative side-effects. But the drawback is that while he retains his accelerated healing it won't automatically be enhanced unless he intentionally draws on the Kyūbi chakra or Sage Chakra.

Original Addendum 6-23-11:

Also, while I fully apologize for the long wait in updates, don't expect regular updates for any of my fics. I had fully intended to resume my normal posting schedule this month, but unfortunately serious health issues struck me. I'm only just now feeling moderately well enough to resume some of my normal activities, I should soon be able to focus on my stories once more but my recovery is slow and I don't want to divide my focus too much.

However, should things take a sudden sharp turn for the worse I give Top permission to continue my stories.

That is all.