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I Now Feel Like A Stalker

I'd been on the run for a few days now, only my backpack holding my belongings. The horrible nightmares about Camp Half-Blood had become too much to bear, night after night of watching Thalia's tree slowly dying, watching monster after monster attack my friends and siblings.

Currently I was taking a side trip to pick up Percy, because he was along the way. I walked along New York City's streets in the early morning cruising along Manhattan's alleys, to stay out of sight from curious mortals. Unfortunately, that meant I was in sight of some other, more dangerous creatures.

I was walking behind what I hoped to be Percy's apartment building, looking for a fire escape to climb and see if I could recognize anyone inside.

"Groowwllll." The noise came from my left, and I spun around to find the largest hellhound I had ever seen. It was also the one who drooled the most of the ones I had ever seen, but that wasn't really the point.

I gasped in surprise, taking my trusty knife from its sheath on my belt, the bronze blade flashing in the early morning sunlight.

The hellhound leaped, it's paws the size of plate, and they hit me in the shoulders, knocking me to the ground. The breath was knocked out of me as I hit the dirty asphalt.

It's drool slopped on my face, knocking me out of my stupor, and I kicked my legs up, hitting its stomach and flipping it over my head.

I jumped up, slashing at the thing until all that was left was a disintegrating figure. A last paw reached out and gave a swipe, making claw marks in my jeans. Oh dang it, these were my favorite jeans! I thought.

The hellhound was just golden dust now, flitting away in the breeze. I glanced up at the side of the building, spotting easily the old fire escape. It looked rickety and unsafe, but I wasn't just going to walk into the building and demand to see Percy.

That would be just weird.

I grabbed onto the ladder, swiftly climbing floor by floor, checking windows to see if I recognized something. I stopped on the fourth floor, peering in and seeing an unconscious Percy, drooling almost as much as the hellhound, stretched across his bed. I flipped on my Yankees cap, instantly invisible.

Percy began twitching, his eyes furrowing, muscles tensing. Then his eyes flew open in terror and he bolted into a sitting position, breathing heavily. He glanced around the room, and I realized that I could still see my shadow. I cursed my stupidness silently, and I backed behind the wall, out of eyesight.

I waited a few seconds until I looked back again. A knock came at his door, the sound of his mother's warped voice through the glass window, probably indicating that breakfast was ready. Percy jumped out of bed and began to…

Oh, gods.

Was he really…?

Oh, yep, he's getting dressed.

I jumped back, my face warm, and I felt like a stalker, those people who stared into your windows.

I heard his door slam, and peeked back inside. No one.

I opened the window, wincing at every squeak, expecting Percy to come bursting in at any second, but nothing happened. I climbed in, doing a quick scan of his room.

It was just as messy, if not messier then his cabin at Camp Half-Blood. Clothes and random items were strewn everywhere, and I knew this was probably his mother's worst problem with Percy.

I cracked open the door, following the sounds of voices down the hall until I came to a normal kitchen, Percy scarfing down blue waffles and eggs. My stomach growled, my last meal being the peanut butter and fluff sandwich I had packed at my house, last afternoon.

"-Wait a minute," said Percy around a giant waffle piece. "I thought we were packing me up for camp tonight."

Mrs. Jackson twisted her dishrag. "Ah, dear, about that… I got a message from Chiron last night."

I really hoped that message didn't have anything to do with my disturbing dreams, but I had a sinking feeling they were connected.

Percy's face fell. "What did he say?"

"He thinks… it might not be safe for you to come to camp just yet. We might have to postpone."

"Postpone? Mom, how could it not be safe? I'm a half-blood! It's like the only safe place on earth for me!"

My heart sank. Would his mother not let Percy come with me?

"Usually, dear. But with the problems they're having…"

"What problems?" Percy looked on the edge of a full-blown panic attack now.

"Percy… I'm very, very sorry. I was hoping to talk to you about it this afternoon. I can't explain it all now. I'm not even sure Chiron can. Everything happened so suddenly."

The kitchen clock chimed seven thirty.

"Seven thirty dear. You should go. Tyson will be waiting,"


"Percy, we'll talk this afternoon. Go on to school."

Percy jumped up, grabbing his bag. Just before he left the house he turned. I had just slipped a waffle into my pocket when he said, "Mom, this problem at camp. Does it… could it have anything to do with my dream about Grover?"

Mrs. Jackson wouldn't look up. "We'll talk this afternoon, dear. I'll… explain as much as I can."

Percy stepped outside, and I slipped out the door.

My shadow showed against the wall, and Percy frowned, but I quickly slid into an alley.

He shrugged, and walked off.

I looked like I was going to school with Percy.