Hiya guys!

Finished Sea of Monsters! Who thinks it was awesome! Cuz I personally loved it. Tell me tell me tell me!

Quick answer to the many people who didn't read my last A/N: READ THIS!

I will NOT be doing The Titan's Curse until after I graduate and have my week-long camp, so it will probably start somewhere between the end of June and beginning of July.

Also, Bianca is going to be irregular, but there will be updates, probably on the weekend, until it's finished. I have, I think, five chapters to go before the finale.

ALSO! READ THIS! You, my wonderful Fanfictioners are able to pick my new FF PJO story! I have a poll on my Profile Page, giving you a list of options to choose from. Only members of the site, sorry. Don't know how to fix that. It WILL be a couple story, and I'm leaning toward a Silena/Beckendorf fanfic, but so far, A Percy/Annabeth- In The Future is winning. I don't know how long into the future, but I'm thinking senior year? What do you guys think? Vote now!

Review Replies:

theoriginalchichedlostsoul Haha, I was feeling devilish that day }:-)

C-Nuggets N. L Kinda sorta. She's under the rock, so there won't be many chapters on her, mostly Thalia. But yes, I will add in some Percabeth moments.

Deviant1 UK Lol, I totally know what you mean. Top likes are always about girls doing something BA haha. And don't worry, most of my friends are immature, but that's why I love them! You don't know what graduating is? You know, like, when you get your diploma and go on to new and better places? A whole boring three hour ceremony with a bunch of people giving speeches? Hehe

Son of The Sea 100896 Haha, intuition! Lol what's JAVA? Like that java computer program that looks like a cup of coffee? Hehe

I'mDifferent-GetOverIt Yes! Sadly only the first book. My empty purse is sadly the cause of that one lol.

Me Haha, no killing nessessary, please! I prefer my heart beating strong. After all, who else could continue the Annabeth Side series?

Cotix14 Aww, thanks! You have no idea how much that means to me!

And so, The Sea of Monsters, ends, but starts a new beginning.

You may want to Author Alert me for the next book, because I don't know exactly when I'm starting it!

Oh, and by the way. You may want to be on FF on the fourth of July. Something special and totally awesome my just appear. **wink wink**

Have a good few weeks! See you all in the sometime future! Buh bye!


P.S. Can't wait to turn this story into a complete one!