A/N: I might have the time a little off. This is based right after Betty died, and when her daughter (Lizzie's mum) was pregnant with Elizabeth. I the book, and Betty is most definitely one of my favourite characters. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, this is only a one-shot, so, there will be no more after this chapter.

Betty sat on the soft ground outside of her new home, it was bare. She'd never lived in a house with a garden so bare. Though, technically, she wasn't living anymore. No, now she was in Elsewhere, she would age backwards until she was a seven-day-old baby, and she would be sent down Elsewhere's river, to be born again.

She brushed her fingers gently across the dirt and gave it a weak smile. She remembered the day she died, which had been only a week before. She had been diagnosed with breast-cancer, and one night, went to sleep and awoke on the S.S. Nile, the boat traveling to Elsewhere. There had been no dramatic death, no last requests, and her lasts words had been: "Good night. I will see you in the morning."

It was a bit of a sad fact, but her death had been dull. Everyone knew her end was coming when it did. She dug her fingers into the ground lightly, the soil felt cool against her bare hands. She smiled, she liked the earthy feeling of soil. It could always bring new life.

Her mother had a garden with flowers when she was a child, and she had a garden with beautiful plants in her old house. Her daughter used to play in the back garden, where she had grown so many of her flowers. She taught her daughter to plant, but her daughter had never done it near her own home. It sort of saddened Betty.

Days before Betty had passed, her daughter had announced she was pregnant, and that she hoped for a little girl. She would name her Elizabeth Marie Hall if it were a girl, and she had forgotten what the child would be named if male. She had been convinced that the child would be born female.

She planted Chrysanthemum seeds, along with Roses, Daisies, and Tulips. She then looked to the recently dug-up soil, patting it down gently with her hands. Dirt encased itself under the tips of her finger-nails. The soft earth had a sweet smell to it, it smelled like soft green grass. It reminded her of her childhood.

She closed her eyes, once, twice, possibly a thousand times before the garden grew. It grew everyday from the day she had planted it, and on the day that her afterlife had changed, it seemed as if the garden did not grow anymore that day. She looked at the garden, then to the girl on her right. A fifteen-year old girl with very short Blonde hair. It had been shaved the day she had died.

The day went on quickly, and Betty took the girl out to her garden. A simple Daisy had wilted, though, it didn't have much reason to. It had been watered, cared for, exposed to sunlight, and was rather new. But, at this moment, she didn't seem to care much. All she cared about was meeting someone she'd never met before, the girl who stood in her garden.

Betty smiled, and Lizzie smiled back.

A/N: This is really not the best of my writing, but I thought I'd write something cute and up-lifting. I hope you enjoyed it!