Chapter 1:

"Class, this is Sora." The class didn't respond, all I got were some blank stares and glares of a ferocity I couldn't comprehend. Was the new kid really this terrifying?

"Why don't you tell the class a little bit about yourself?" The teacher droned. I gulped. I hated this. With every move, there was new bullies, new friends, a new house, new school, new teachers to understand and learn about.

"I-I'm S-Sora. I-I'm f-fifteen a-and I like to d-draw." I stuttered. Chuckles spread throughout the room. I looked to the floor, my cheeks turning a bright red. It didn't help that at every school I had to find people who wouldn't laugh at my studdering.

"Thank you very much Sora." My teacher said, checking something off in his book. I took my seat in the back of the class, an isolated corner with no desks touching it. I was like an island in the middle of the ocean, all the other groups of desks continents that looked down on me and laughed at my size.

"We'll assign you to a group once we discover your intellect. Until then, you will sit at the Island." I suppose my guess wasn't too far off. The teacher started talking about algebraic equations and the Pathagorean theorem. I didn't pay much attention, I had already taken Algebra in eighth grade at my old school.

Soon the class ended. My scheduele read that my period two class was science, Earth Science. I groaned. I had already taken Earth science. The classroom was mirrored to that of the Geometry, only with a better view and the desks in rows instead of groups. Maybe this way I could at least talk to the kid next to me.

"Allright class. New student, Sora." I groaned, not again.

"Mr. uh, " I looked down at my sheet. "H-holden, I al-already took this c-course in eigh-eighth gr-grade." Mr. Holden looked at me with extreme annoyance.

"In a language I can understand please, Mr. Sukiyumi." I gulped.

"S-sorry S-sir. I-I h-have a st-st-studd-ddering prob-problem." Mr. Holden stared at me.

"If you don't speak clearly soon, Mr Sukiyumi, we will have issues." My eyes started to tear up. Why did this always have to be so difficult.

"I-I St-st-studder. S-sir. I-I c-can't he-he-help it-it." Mr. Holden's brows fused with furry.

"To the principals office. Now." He said pointing out the door. I sighed, fighting back the tears in my eyes as I ran from the room.

I tried to look at my map of the school but it was blurry. My cheeks were wet. I was crying. I turned to a corner of the hallway and lowered to my knees and cried. I heard footsteps coming down the hall and I turned to find a blurry figure coming swiftly down the way.

I quickly stood up and attempted to dry my eyes, but my chest was still shudering.

"You okay?" The figure asked as he approached. He had spiky blond hair and was about the same height as me, which meant he was short.

"Y-Y-Yeah. I-I-I-I-'m f-f-f-fine." My studdering worsened when I was upset. I choked back a sob of dissappointment and regret. I shouldn't have spoken at all. The boy smiled sympathetically.

"Come on, I'll take you to the principal's office." I nodded, not trusting my voice, as this boy lead me down the stairs to the first floor.

"So, Sora. It seemes you're having some difficulties adjusting to Twilight Town Central High school?" I nodded and handed her my scheduele.

"I-I already to-took Ear-earth sc-science an-and a-alg-gebra." I informed her. She nodded.

"Well I apologize. We'll fix this immeadietly." She smiled up at me.

"It seems you're quite smart despite you're speech impediment." I nodded solemly. Everyone always assumed the same thing. Just because I couldn't talk right didn't mean I was stupid.

The principal printed me out a second scheduele, one that had the courses I was supposed to be takeing. I thanked her and walked out of the room.

"Hey! Wait!" I turned, and with surprise found the kid that had brought me to the office.

"Hey. My name's Roxas." I smiled and took his outstreched hands.

"I'm S-s-s-Sora." Roxas smiled.

"What's your next class?" I looked down at the slot marked, "third period".

"Global studies with Mr. Lexaes." Roxas jumped into the air and held out his hand for a high five, which I replied with a fist.

"Roxas smiled.

"Turkey! Hey, that's my next class to! I'll walk you there." I smiled.

"Thanks R-roxas."

Global studies was easier to handle then my first two classes had been. Roxas introduced me to some of his friends, Axel, Demyx, Luxord, and Xigbar. I smiled at them all tried my best not to stutter.

"So Sora, what's your favorite color?" Demyx asked. He had a strange brown mullet and wore blue jeans and a "David Bowie" t-shirt.

"Um, G-green I-I guess." Demyx smiled. Roxas whispered something to Axel, who chuckled. Axel walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. I shrunk back, waiting to bear the string of torments I was expecting to hear come from him.

"Hey. Name's Axel. A-X-E-L. Got it memorized?" He asked, tapping his forehead. I nodded and held out a hand.

"Sora." He shook it. As I went to sit down in my seat, Luxord sat down and pulled me onto his lap.

"Wh-what? Why? A-a-are?" Luxord put a finger to my lips.

"Shhhh." He whispered.

"Just watch." Luxord snuck his hands under my amrpits and wrapped his arms around my torso. I gulped and tried to wriggle free, but Luxord just held me tighter. I searched the classroom desperatly for Roxas or Demyx, but Roxas was on Axel's lap, and Demyx was on Xigbar's.

"Allrighty, class. Today we are-" Mr. Lexaes stoped mid-scentence and staired at the six of us. First Axel and Roxas, then Demyx and Xigbar, and finally Luxord and I. His face went from white to red to purple in a matter of seconds.

"What in the world? Have you boys no decency? At least keep your hands off each other in my class! Please!" Luxord chuckled and hiccuped. Was he drunk?

"Sir, I do believe that you didn't mind Mr. Xaldin wrapping his sausage arms around you last night." He said with a thick British accent full of the smell of cheap liquer.

I clasped a hand over my mouth and tried not to laugh as Mr. Lexaeus' face turned white agiain, then red, then purple. Roxas giggled and Xigbar snorted. Was this a regular occurance? Did these people enjoy making their teachers suffer? Mr. Lexaeus finally calmed down.

"Roxas, Demyx and um..."

"S-Sora." I stammered.

"and Sora. Please find your own seats. Luxord, please go to the principals office." Luxord picked me off his lap and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Why just me, Mr. Lexaues? That's hardly fair!" Mr. Laxeaus frowned.

"Because you're drunk as a door nail. Again." Axel chuckled as Luxord walked clumsily out of the room. Roxas leaned over and whispered to me, "Pretty funny, huh?" I smiled and nodded. I think I'm going to like it here.