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Chapter 14:

Riku's POV:

"Excuse me, I'm looking for Sora? He's this tall, has spiky brown hair and-" the nurse cut me off with an agitated look. I gulped. She pointed her finger down the hall, returning to her book.

"Room 111, and don't expect much of a conversation. He hasn't said anything since he came out of the O.R." I nodded to her curtly and hurried down the hall.

There he was. And my heart shattered on the too-clean hospital floor. Sora was lying in the bed, sitting up and staring forward at nothing. His once wonderfully alive blue eyes were now dead, as if the ocean had lost all forms of life and the wind that moved it had stilled. His hands were folded in his lap and I cringed at all the stitches on his hands and fingers.

"S-Sora?" I asked. He didn't respond. He didn't even look up. I walked tentatively into the room and sat down beside him, taking one of his hands and holding it in my own. He blinked and looked a little startled down at his hands. Then he slowly looked up at me and I noticed that he had little cuts on his cheeks that made him look like he had whiskers. I hadn't remembered seeing those. I just….all I remember was Sora covered in his own blood, and then that scary smile, like he thought it was the last time we would see each other.

"Sora." I whispered, gripping his hand tighter.

"Sora I am so, so, sorry. I shouldn't have let you go in there. We could have called the cops, anything. They would have gotten there before Roxas could have gotten hurt too badly. Oh my god. I can't…I can't even begin to fathom what a complete and utter horrible person I am. I was so worried about you. I thought-" I stopped there because I couldn't Speak anymore. My heart throbbed in my chest and I began to feel the tears stumbling over my cheeks. I closed my eyes. Sora still hadn't said anything; he had hardly acknowledged my existence in his room. I opened my eyes again and gingerly touched his cuts.

"Look at what he did to you. Why couldn't have stopped him? Why was I such an idiot?" I choked out. Sora was still staring blankly at me like he didn't know who I was. Maybe he didn't know. Maybe he didn't recognize me. Maybe he had lost too much blood, or he'd been too traumatized, I mean, after he saw the same thing happen to his brother he stuttered for years afterwards. Maybe it was all just too much for him to handle. I slowly took my hand back and got up. I walked to the door and turned around. Sora was staring at my empty seat. His turned head revealed a bandage over his neck and I shivered. I had allowed that to happen. It was all my fault. I turned to go out. My heart had been crushed and trampled on and torn into five million pieces. The one person I cared about the most was gone, never to return to my arms again.

Sora's POV:

My body moved slower than my brain. "Riku! Please, please don't leave me alone! I don't' want to be alone again! Come back to me! Get in this bed with me! Hold me tight and don't you dare ever let me go!" but all I could do was stare at his empty seat. I couldn't move. There was only one more thing I could do. I put forth all my energy into one thing.

"Riku." I rasped. It was harder than I thought it would be, Speaking. I slowly turned to him, the control over my movements finally my own. I felt my eyes fill with water, and slowly emotion poured into my face. "God, I love you, Riku. If you don't turn around, I swear to god!" He didn't move. He just stood there. It didn't look like he was breathing.

"Riku!" I said a little louder, with more desperation. Finally, he turned around, his eyes filled with tears. And then he was in my arms, and we were both making a spectacle of ourselves by hugging and crying.

"Riku, I love you." I whispered, and he held me tighter. It sort of hurt, but it was good to feel the pain. It meant that I was alive, and that I would survive, and that I could be with Riku.

"I love you to." He whispered. I opened my eyes to find his teal ones staring with love into mine. I kept my eyes open as I moved closer and touched my lips to his. He kissed me back, and I could tell it was taking all of his will power not to crush his lips to mine. He was trying to be careful with me, but I didn't want that. I kissed him harder and slipped my tongue in between his lips. Riku moaned and I grinned. I was finally with the boy I loved, and I would be forever.

"Um… well I have to check Sora's vitals, so if you don't mind…" My face lit up like a firework and a cute blush dotted Riku's cheeks as we were caught by the dark-haired nurse. The nurse smiled at us.

"but you're welcome to stay. It's wonderful to hear Sora's voice. He hasn't Spoken since his operation." I hadn't? well….I didn't really remember much since I woke up. It was all just pretty hazy. And I had trouble moving because of all the wires attached to me. Which reminded me...

"Hey, how're Axel and Roxas?" Riku's face darkened and fear took its place in my heart. What had happened to them?

"Well, Roxas is okay. He got a few stitches and he was out a couple days ago…but Axel was more seriously injured. I honestly don't know how he got so much fire, but he completely burned Ansem to a crisp, and he was hurt pretty bad in the process. The doctor's think he'll survive, and he's awake, but every once in a while his wounds open up again. They're not healing perfectly." I nodded. Axel had saved my life, endangering his own in the process. I turned to the nurse.

"Is there any way I would be able to see him?" the nurse thought about it for a moment.

"Well, your wounds are healing pretty well, I guess if you went in a wheel chair it would be okay." I thanked her and she said that she would call over another nurse to get a wheel chair.

As they flipped over my blankets, I looked for the first time at my legs. I expected there to be a bunch of cuts and stuff, but it was all bandaged. Literally from waist to toe was bandaged. I hadn't realized it was that bad. Riku stared with horror at my bandages. I tried to smile at him, but I knew it wouldn't do much. As the nurses transferred me form bed to chair, I winced. A sharp pain exploded in my pelvis. What the hell had happened down there? As I sat down, I put a hand over my lower belly area.

"Oh, I am so sorry, hun." One of the nurses looked at me with pity.

"I guess we should tell you the extent of you injuries. You have been cut all up on you left side and right side, and you have been stabbed in the neck and pelvis. The doctors tried to mend that area as much as they could, but your vas deferens have been severely severed. I'm afraid you'll never be able to have children." I blanked out. What the fuck? Did that mean my….was gone? I looked at the nurses in horror and embarrassment.

"Oh, no honey! You still have your…you know. It's just the internal part that allows sperm to travel out of the body. That area has been block off. You are still very able to be sexually active, that is, as soon as you've healed." I'm sure my face was burgundy with embarrassment. What a weird thing to say. Riku took the wheel chair and my hand, guiding me down the hall. I was glad he didn't say anything about it.

"Here we are, Axel's room." We went in. Axel was sitting up, and Roxas was there. He was sitting in a chair with a pair of crutches leaned against the wall beside him. Axel's chest was bare save for the thick bandages that wound all around him. His chest, neck, hands, and most of his arms were covered, and his left eye brow was nonexistent, only a small welt was in its place.

"Hey Roxas, hey Axel." I said quietly. Roxas turned to me with wide eyes.

"Sora! You're awake! Oh, I would go over and hug you but I can't really bend over or anything. My leg's all in a cast and everything." With his words, a pained expression came over Axel's face, almost identical to the one that was on Riku's when he'd seen my legs.

"I'm glad you're both all right, I feel so horrible for everything that's happened. And thank you, Axel." Axel stared at me with surprise, and then he looked at Roxas and made some movements with his hands.

"He says 'for what'" I stared at the two in wonder.

"Why are you talking for him?" Roxas frowned.

"Well, with all the smoke and stuff, and with most of his body burned, the doctors thought it would be a good idea if he didn't talk, just so that everything could heal properly." I suddenly felt so horrible.

"Axel, I am so sorry to have caused you so much trouble. And I was thanking you for saving my life, I would probably be dead if you hadn't set Ansem on fire, and for that I am very grateful, but I can't help but feel intolerably guilty for putting you all through this." Axel shook his head and moved his hands again.

"he says, 'Sora, no. I burned that idiot because of what he did to Roxas, and to you. He didn't deserve to live any longer. I'm glad he's dead. And you couldn't have stopped anything from happening if you'd tried; it's not your fault Sora. Don't feel guilty about it.' And I agree with him, Sora. You didn't have any fault in this; it was just some creepy pervert. And to be honest, I think you're the one who's the most injured here." I nodded. I probably was, but I still felt bad.

"Thanks guys." I said quietly.


Riku's POV:

Roxas hobbled over to where we were sitting, Axel at his hip.

"Hey, man. Ready for the talent show today?" I nodded eagerly; it would be our first talent show after everyone had pretty much healed. Roxas couldn't dance or anything, but he was going to sit while he played the keyboard, and Axel couldn't sing, his voice had been lost with all the smoke, but he was one hell of a dancer as we discovered, and he could rap like a king.

"Hey Riku!" Sora bounced over to me and sat down. My heart warmed. He still had lots of scars, and his neck was still bandaged, but he was quite the trooper, healing faster than the doctors thought was possible.

"Hey Sora." I wrapped my arms tightly around him.

"Are you ready?" Sora nodded his head eagerly and whispered in my ear,

"I have a surprise for you at the show." I smiled and told him I couldn't wait. Sora hadn't stuttered since before the accident, as we called it, and it was thrilling to hear his voice fluidly for the first time.

The lights dimmed and we walked off stage. The show had been a success. Axel rapped, "I'm on a Boat" with Demyx, and We all played the song "Sheep go to Heaven" by CAKE. Xigbar slapped me on the back as we walked offstage.

"Man, I can't wait to see your face." I frowned.

"See my face when what?" Xigbar just chuckled and said "Just wait." We all sat down, and I waited for Sora, but he never showed up.

"Hey, where's Sora?" Demyx shushed me, and the lights dimmed again. The curtain rose and there sat Sora, an acoustic guitar in his hands and a microphone hunched over him. I stopped breathing I swear. Was this what he was talking about?

Sora's POV:

I sat down and cleared my throat. I was a bit nervous, but then I found Riku's face in the crowd and I smiled. He looked like he was in complete shock.

"This is 'The Way I Am' by Ingrid Michelson." The music poured out of my fingers and echoed throughout the auditorium. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, once so shaken and afraid to Speak, now soaring through the air and singing to my heart's content.

"If you were falling, then I would catch you.
You need a light, I'd find a match.

Cause I love the way you say good morning.
And you take me the way I am.

If you are chilly, here take my sweater.
Your head is aching, I'll make it better.

Cause I love the way you call me baby.
And you take me the way I am.

I'd buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair.
Sew on patches to all you tear.

Cause I love you more than I could ever promise.
And you take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am."

The song was sung way to high originally, so I sung it a bit lower. I still wasn't too sure about my singing voice, but the applause that erupted when I had finished made me shine from head to toe, grin from ear to ear. The curtain fell and I went out to meet Riku. When I saw him, I melted into a million pieces. He wasn't smiling. He looked very, incredibly serious. He walked over to me and before I could see anything, he'd embraced me tightly in his arms.

"Sora. I love you so, so, so much." I smiled and wrapped my arms tightly around his waist and snuggled my head into his chest. Everything was good in the world. Everyone I loved and cared for was safe and sound. Mine and Riku's dad's were happily planning their wedding, my mom was getting married to Reno, Kairi and Namine had come out and told us they were together, Axel and Roxas were snuggled closely not far from us, Luxord was actually sober for once, but just as hilarious, Demyx and Xigbar laughed and held hands as they skipped down the hall, and I had Riku. Riku, Riku, Riku. The one and only. My lover. My whole heart.

"You've done good, little bro. Good luck with life. Make it all worth every while you can. See ya." I laughed. Even my brother was here with me. I hugged Riku tighter and kissed him on the lips, deep and soft. I wanted to tell him everything, I wanted to hold him, I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to make him feel like nobody else could make him feel. And I finally had the courage and the voice to do just that.

"Riku. Will you be with me forever and ever?" Riku smiled.

"I will be with you and love you forever and ever." I smiled.

Switch in perspective/

After the talent show everyone went home. A few years later, Sora and Riku had two little brothers, as their fathers had adopted two twins named Ventus and Vanitas. Axel and Roxas got married as soon as they left high school, and the band got so many hits that they began to sell records across the country. At times things were struggled, and there were fights that broke out, but in the end everyone was happy. In their mid-twenties, Sora proposed to Riku, and by the time Riku was thirty, he found himself coming home from the hospital with a beautiful little black-haired girl in his arms and Sora beside him. Life couldn't have possibly been better.

"What should we name her?" he asked Sora. Sora thought for a bit.

"Xion." Riku nodded in approval.

"Xion Cloud." Sora smiled.

"I like that."

And everybody lived happily ever after.

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