"Excuse me?"
Ari looked up from the book she held in her hand, disturbed from her evaluation of it's contents. She raised her head to the face of a startlingly handsome man in the most adorable striped sweater she had ever seen. She tried to keep calm even as pink started to flush her cheeks.
"I was wondering if you could help me find something. You see, I don't think I've ever been to a public library before."
"I don't work here and I don't know if I'll be able to..."
"OH, I didn't really think that you worked here. It's just that the lady at the desk seemed rather terrifying." He smiled sweetly and they both glanced down the aisle of books towards the lady with the hawkish face, her hair pulled back into a tight grey bun and her lips pursed as if she had a stick up her arse.
Ari giggled which made the handsome man smile in such a way that Ari almost melted right then and there. "God, help me before I die of this sexual frustration" She thought to herself.
He held out his hand "Rory, Rory Slippery"
She took it, "I'm Ari"
"Would you like to go out for a coffee?"
"What about your books?"
"You look more interesting than most of these things here."
She giggled, "At least pick one."
"All right." He took one off the shelf at random without even glancing at the title. "This one."
Ari glanced down at its title and smiled. "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Good choice."
"Shall we?" Rory motioned for her to go ahead.
"We shall."