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Chapter 21 Broken Sunsets:

Bella lounged on the chair in front of the ocean while she tried to relax. The last few weeks had been stressful. First, she had broken off everything with Mason. She had struggled to keep herself from calling him, just to make sure he was okay. She felt awful. She stop herself each time from doing it, knowing how hard it would be for Jake to understand. He would fear she was having second thoughts about her decision to remain married to him.

A decision that once they discussed it further agreed to a little bit of marriage counseling to help them both work on issues. Then one night on their way home from a useful session that had help them both learn who to communicate without shouting at one another, they ended up driving to the ocean where Jake dragged her out of the truck. As they set watching the waves crash against the shore, Jake began to explain how he felt so much stronger thanks to the counseling and how grateful he was for her choosing him.

He had been so sweet that Bella had a hard time not wanting to throw them on the sand and screwing his brains out. She was completely floored when he look into her eyes and ask her if she would do him the honor of renewing their vows. Bella had choked on a sob that had pop up in her throat when he pull out of his pocket a beautiful diamond ring.

"I know last time when we got married, I was only able to afford a cheap band for you. I hope this time we can do it all right. Starting with the proper ring for your finger. Then I would like to have the sort of wedding you should have had. " Jake pressed his forehead against hers, as tears trickle down both of their faces.

"So is that a yes?" Jake swallowed hard waiting for her response.

"Yes, Jake. OH God, YES!" Bella watch as he slid the ring on her finger.

"I mean Bella, I knew then and I know now that you are my soul mate. You and I were made for one another. I want to grow old with you. Raise children with you and if we are lucky sit on the porch swing with a head full of gray hair. Would you like that future?" Jake lick his lips as he stared into her eyes.

"I would love that future. Your right. We were meant to be. I love you Jake. I will always love you." Bella wrap her arms around his neck as she kiss the side of his neck before she laid her head on his shoulder.

"God, you don't know how long I have waited to hear those words. Baby, I want to show the world our love. You plan the wedding of your dreams and I promise you I will be there." Jake vowed as he pull her back to look into her eyes.

"I promise I will be there as well." Bella giggled as happiness overflowed from her heart.

"Good. Cause there is no Jake without Bella." He kiss the tip of her nose.

"There is no Bella without Jake either." Bella agreed as she planted her lips against his, knocking him back onto to the sand as she ravish his body underneath the moonlight.

Six week later…..

Alice watched as Bella and Jake renew their vows on the sandy beach of La Push where they had both agreed was the right location for renewing their marriage. After all it was their sanctuary. It was a simple wedding, however far better arranged then their first justice of the peace wedding. Bella look dashing in her simple off white dress with yellow roses in her hair. She said the yellow stood for her sunshine. Jake.

Bella spoke vows with elegant wording while Jake's sounded a bit more like a contract agreement that he would be a better man and husband until they both died. It was humorous to her watch this couple professing a love that clearly everyone else had seen coming for years now. Alice, was just relieved that Jake no longer look at her as the enemy but as a close friend.

Alice glanced over at her husband, her soul mate and felt pity for him as he struggled to keep both babies quiet during the short ceremony. Jack and Alex seem quite pleased with the soft music, the wind of the ocean, and the love that flowed around them. It was almost mystical as they watch the sun slowly set for the day.

The ceremony proceeded with an enormous bonfire. Picnic style food was displayed on large buffet table with plenty of drinks. They laugh, danced, and celebrated the joy of Jacob and Bella finally finding the peace and happiness they both deserved after the four year separation. It was easy to see that they had both grown up in that time. They had both become individuals who knew where they stood in the world, what they wanted, and where they saw themselves fifty years from now.

Alice stood by Jasper's side as they both agreed it was time to take the boys home for the evening with the cooler air setting in. As they began to say their good-byes Alice caught a glimpse of Rosalie along with Michael as they stood off to the side with Emmett who had been courting Rose for the past two months. It was no surprised to her that Emmett had suddenly stop pursuing everything in a skirt the moment Rose gave him a real opportunity to date her. She was also pleased to see that Michael seem to enjoy Emmett's company as much as he had Jake's.

"We are heading out. I hope you two have fun tonight." Alice's eyes sparkled with mischief. She knew that they had plans to spend the night on the beach a little further down from where the ceremony had been set up. They brought a tent earlier in the day to help her get ready in and had also set up the small honeymoon area. Pillows galore was set all over the ground with a lush velvet blanket that Alice had insisted they lay on instead of the harsh sand. She had snuck in earlier to place small candles and some of the flowers they had used to cover the white lawn chairs they had used for the guests. She wanted it to smell heavenly for them.

"I'm sure we will. Thank you Alice. You were the best maid of honor a girl could ever ask for." Bella hugged her friend tightly.

"Hey, I'm just glad I got invited to this one." Alice teased as she gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before taking Alex into her arms.

"You guys have fun. Don't forget before you leave tomorrow to stop by and get the camera. You will love Italy." Jasper waved at them as he grab Jack and his car seat following Alice up the hill to their park car.

"I still can't believe we are going to Italy." Jake gush with happiness.

"Yeah, me too. It was so nice of them to give us such a grand gift like that." Bella was still feeling badly for them. It was suppose to be a vacation for them but Jasper was so swamped with new patients and Alice found she could not dare leave the twins with her mother for an entire week. They made a promise to do it next year instead. Since they had already paid for the tickets they had given the trip to Bella and Jake for a present.

"We are totally going to be doing some serious baby sitting when we return." Jake teased as he wrap his arms around his wife's waist.

"I hope so. I think it will give us some practice." Bella sighed happily.

"Practice?" Jake frowns.

"I mean, someday we will want children, right." Bella had found herself considering the thought of children in their future. When they were younger she was not prepared for such a big responsibility but now, now that she was older, more mature and had establish her career as a writer she saw no reason to put off having children. She knew it was a dream of Jake's.

"Yes, we will." Jake agreed as he squeezed her, tenderly nipping at her ear.

"I love you Jake. I will always love you." Bella promised as she listen to their friends singing in the background to the music that played around them.

"I will always love you Bells. You're my girl." Jake scooped her up in his arms as he delivered her back to the rest of the group, sitting her on his lap around the bonfire while their friends partying and joked until late in the night.

Jake and Bella snuck into the tent and began to express their love in a more intimate and loving nature. Knowing what each other wanted, desired and most of all deserved.

Two years later…

"I still can't believe that you sold out all of those books." Jake gasp with amazement when the book store owner confessed they were completely sold out of her latest book. They had drove to Seattle to do her usual book signing after she completed a book. She had wrote two now and both had been a great success. He was not sure which he liked more. The first book which she named Broken Sunsets was about the past she had shared with Jake, of course using fictional character names and locations. The second book was called Across the Sky which was her version of how a couple could survive anything and regain the love that was always between them.

"It surprised me too." Bella admits as she gushes with pride.

"My wife the author. I love it." Jake cupped the sides of her face as he plants a hard passionate kiss against her closed lips.

"Oh I have one better than that." Bella rubbed her swollen stomach as the baby kick with excitement.

"What could be better?" Jake set his hand on her stomach as the baby eased up. It was a joke between them how the baby would get rowdy but when his father touch him, it seem to soothe him.

"Marilyn called me today and Warner Brothers bought the rights to make Broken Sunset into a movie. Can you believe it!" Bella cried out clapping her hand together.

"No way! NO freaking way!" Jake exclaims with equal exuberance.

"I know. I was like "get out of here" and Marilyn was all like "oh honey your getting richer by the second." I could not stop laughing while my head nearly burst with disbelief." Bella's eyes were bright and shiny with the news. She was still having a hard time believing how successful her stories were but to get a movie deal too, well, it was like winning the lottery.

"So who do you think they will have playing the role of me?" Jake grip his chin as he began to consider all the possible actors who could pull off his charm, his good looks and above all portray his humor.

"I have no clue. I think Adam Sandler could pull you off." Bella teased him.

"Adam Sandler! I don't think so. I am thinking of Tom Cruise. Yeah, we got the same charismatic personality." Jake's eyes grew wide with excitement at the prospect of one of his favorite all time actors playing the role that was pretty much Bella's description of Jake.

"Tom Cruise! Now that is hot. I don't know. He might be too short." Bella reach over patting his cheek lovingly. "After all baby you are tall dark and handsome."

"I'm not that tall." Jake laugh.

"OHHHH! I know how about that new guy Rob Patterson. All the girls think he is dreamy." Bella fan her face pretending to be so turn on by the new actor.

"WHAT! First of all he is a pale face and secondly I am so much hotter than him." Jake smirk.

"True but he does seem to make quite a few girls faint when they see him." Bella continue to tease him.

"What about you? Who could you see playing the part of you?" Jake figured it was only fair to turn it around on her.

"Julia Roberts. Definitely." Bella knew it was a silly option but she did respect the actresses work and she was such a beautiful person.

"Too old, silly." Jake rolled his eyes.

"Oh well, who ever plays my role I'm sure she will be plain and rather okay on the eyes." Bella felt the baby kick against her ribs with such vigor it made her nearly lose her breathe.

"Are you okay?" Jake had sense her extreme discomfort all day. They only had two more weeks until the arrival of their first son. They had a one year old daughter at home with her grandparents. Allison Sara Black was born a year to the day that her parents had renewed their vows. So they now shared a anniversary and a birthday on the exact day.

"I'm fine. I am just pooped. Long day and all. Maybe too much joy." Bella giggled but a long yawn followed it.

"Wow, who would have thought you would write a book about us that would be so successful." Jake thought out loud.

"Not one but two. See, we are awesome. Our love is epic Jake. The rest of the world will soon see just how epic we are." Bella pronounced proudly.

Squeezing her hand as they drove up in the driveway to their home Jake thought silently to himself just how true her words were. The two of them had been so much to one another. They had been friends, lovers, ex lovers, husband and wife, now parents to not one but two children. Every stage of their life only seem to bring them closer and happier.

"You know Bells, I think it is time to build onto this house. After all our family is expanding. Expanding like the love that fills my heart every morning I wake up next to you." Jake help her out of the truck.

Bella stared up into his eyes as tears sprung into them.

"Your right. I once thought we were so broken that nothing could fix us. Yet here we are. Better from the experiences that we had to endure apart and together. I think I am the luckiest woman in the world." Bella declared.

"I am the luckiest man in the world. Now, lets get you inside so I can show you just how lucky we both are." Jake wiggled his eye lashes as he took her hand and led her safely into their home and into the life that they had rebuilt together.

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