Apparently, some of you are flipping out over the smallest bit of attraction Bella is feeling towards Carmen.

I will warn you now that the following might get me banned OR result in me losing readers. So be it.

Things happen in relationships. You learn and move on. Not once did I mention or say that Bella will cheat on Alice. Nor will I say that she won't. You either trust me as a writer and continue reading, or not. But do not continue making insinuations about where this is going.

Read and review on what you know so far. Don't go predicting and then get on my case about it. If there is something anyone would like to discuss – PM me. I will reply.

Wondering where this is all coming from? Lexy Lujan. My new favorite ex-reader, since I told her to fuck off.

She reviewed & this was my reply:

Excuse you?

1. Do NOT call me a DUDE.

2. Where, screenshot and point out to me WHERE I said Bella was going to cheat on Alice?

Have you never come across temptation in a relationship? Did everything work out nice and smoothly for you? And my taking 6 months...if I took a fkg year updating what the fk do you care? You still read it, yes? I have a fkg life that needs tending to apart from your fantasies. They are NOT my main priority.

Do yourself a favor and stay off my fics/page.

Have a great day. :)

And I will reply the same to all who make assumptions. It's rude and will just bring out the annoying bitch in me.

I will continue to write at my own pace and to take this story where I choose. If that is a problem for any of you, I'm sure there are plenty of other fics that can tickle your fancy.

Thank You.