A/N: Alright, so first of all I want to say to anyone of you worried about the future of this story that I apologize for the little scare. Thanks to datenchi I was able to find subbed episodes again. It'll still be a while before I start the second season though as I need to wait for Duelist of Dawn but I know how busy the guy is and I don't want to rush him. So now, I had actually planned to put up this preview for a while, but considering Duelist of Dawn's third season was removed because of the omakes he was putting at the ends of his chapters, I was a little wary of doing so... Having said that, if anyone tries to get this story taken down just for this, I swear I will find you and fuck your shit up. With that out of the way, here's a little preview of what to expect in the next season. Granted not all of it will appear as it does here, but it's just to keep you guys hungry.

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Previously, on YuGiOh! 5D's: Death Rising...

Yusei: "Savior Star Dragon attacks Earthbound God Wiraqocha Rasca! Shooting Blaster Sonic!!"

Ryou: "Azure Flame God, destroy the King of Hell and send him back to whence he came! Azure Wildflower!"

Six months had passed since the battle against the Dark Signers and Earthbound Gods came to an end…

?: "I summon Machine Emperor Metiel ∞!"

Crow: "So there's someone other than Ghost with a Synchro Killer!?"

Yusei: "Just what is going on here?"

But the true battle has yet to begin…

[Raven stands opposite a silhouette of a giant Monster, gritting his teeth in anger but his eyes widened with fear]

[Ryou slams Kurogasa against a wall]

Ryou: "I need everyone at peak condition! Your so-called uncle is dead and gone! Get over it!"

Dark Kurogasa: "I'm glad ojisan is dead. It's just a shame he wasn't able to succeed before Ryou and Yusei killed him."

Kurogasa: "No… That's not what I think at all!"

MC: "Let the World Riding Grand Prix begin!"

Rua: "It's an army of Ghost!"

Ryou: "This is… the Xth Form!"

[Ryou and his WRGP Team face the three Jashin cards]

Crow: "Did you just say what we think you said?"

Ryou: "The final duel will be four-on-four against the Emperors… So I want to join Team 5D's as the fourth member."

[Ark Cradle appears in the sky]

Mizoguchi: "Please, take this card and give it back to my lady if you should meet her."

[Aki and Raven face against Sherry while Jack, Kurogasa, Rua and Ruka face against Aporia]

? 2: "I activate the Monster Effect of Hidden Core!"

Ryou: "I will no longer be the Terror of Death!"

? 3: "I remove all 8 Cursed Counters and destroy my Cursed Wave Field Magic to Special Summon..."

[Ryou hovers in midair, his body from the neck down encased in an armor of Light with four pairs of wings sprouting from his back and a glowing bracelet of crystal around the wrist of his outstretched right hand]


Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Twilight Age

-Special Guest Appearance-

[A dark-skinned teen wearing a yellow blazer stands alongside Yugi, Yusei, Judai and Ryou against Paradox]

Yellow Blazer: "Time for us to Rock 'n' Roll!"