Title: A Broken Man

Summary: Edward the ski instructor is broken, would anyone love a broken man?

Word Count:500


Disclaimer: Not my characters but my story idea

The air is crisp with wind pulling at my skin. I watch as small children and older adults stand before me on the Bunny Run waiting for my instructions. Skies lined up in a row. Poles stuck in the fresh fallen snow. Knees bent and determined looks on they're faces. And yet for all the happiness before, I have a fake smile pasted on my face for my students.

I never intended to be an instructor. My Olympic medals were now hidden from the world. No one knew me here; I was just the instructor with the bad knee who taught beginners how to ski. I helped them and at the end of a lonely day each of them thanked me. Still I could hear the whispers as I limped away.

Always alone, I heard the music wafting its way to me from the lounge. Standing outside the door I listened to sweet bluesy notes coming from a voice dripping with velvet and wine. The song was pain, full of regret and loss. How could anyone else feel the same as I?

My mind reeled when I stepped in to see who was strumming such soulful sounds from a lone guitar. His eyes were closed as his long graceful fingers slid over the instrument in his hands. The crown of wheat colored curls with golden streaks floated around his head. His body tall, lean and strong and tensed as his song flowed from lips that looked ripe, the bottom lip slightly fuller than the top. Cheek bones were graced with a shadow beard that would feel like a piece of heaven against my skin.

Then he opened his eyes as he finished his song, blue as the sky and just as wide. I saw the slight gasp of breath as his eyes met mine and watched as he appraised me just as I had being doing to him. He was perfect and I was broken. My heart ached.

The whiskey burned as it slid down my throat but it somehow helped the ache. Maybe just one more and then I'd head back to my room. I listened to him sing for another hour sitting at the bar with my back to the stage. He was perfection in every way and I was nothing. I would never know what it was like to love someone like him. Who would want a broken man, broken in body and spirit?

I finished the last sip of my drink and felt a warm hand with long fingers touch my shoulder slightly. Flashes of electrical heat started from the spot and traveled throughout my entire body making me shiver at its intensity. Could it be him? Surely he would not want someone like me. I turned slowly to see his face smiling softly at me. My heart beat for the first time in ages at the sight of him. He licked those full lips and spoke.

"Hello, my name is Jasper. May I join you?"