Harry Potter

The Fight for Survival

By xXxKaraBeckerCutterxXx

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Genre: Adventure/Friendship/Romance

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Summary: In order to deal with the future, one must understand the past. As the final battle approches the safety of Hogwarts is called into question. But as danger looms, the fight for magic...may come with a price.

Author's Note: All right people; thank you for your reviews on the final chapter of 'The Rebellion Begins' but some people seemed to have gotten confused with Charlie's prophecy. Point is, I have had reviews stating that Harry had lost his role as the chosen one and Charlie had taken his spot, and I would just like to state that is not the case. Harry is still the chosen one, he is still the one that is supposed to kill Voldemort; Charlie is just a protector of sorts. So if you are confused hopefully this will help you understand that I am not taking the role of chosen one off of Harry:


'The one with the power to replace the Dark Lord approaches' - There is someone stronger than Voldemort and will replace him if he falls before his reign comes to an end.

'A girl born of the purest evil, and will share the same lineage as the Dark Lord' - Serenity Riddle is born. She is Voldemort's daughter, hence she shares the same lineage as he.

'Fourteen years will come and go, before the path begins to show' - Serenity discovers her true purpose when she is 15-years-old, and then decides which path she will fight beside. Good or Bad.

'If she takes the side of the light, she will destroy the darkness' - if she decides to side with Harry during the War, then she will help him destroy Voldemort. Her father.

'The future of the Wizarding world, lies within Serenity's hand' - Basically this line states, that if Serenity decides to fight alongside Harry she will help destroy Voldemort, but if she decides to fight alongside Voldemort then she will help in the destruction of Harry and the wizarding world. All light would be extinguished from the world, and the darkness would rule as supreme.

Does that now make sense? I cant make it any simpler im afraid.

Interrupted Reunions



The curse was lifted, and heavy breathing could be heard from inside the room. In the corner of the room, shaking and breathing heavily as he recovered from the strain of the torture curse, sat Marcus Flint; as the Dark Lord towered over him, his wand outstretched and pointed at the quivering mess that was supposed to his daughter's lover.

"Your father clearly has not taught you anything," Voldemort sneered

Marcus didnt repond. Not that he could if he wanted too.

"Do you know why you are being punished, Flint?" Voldemort asked. Marcus again didnt respond. "No? It is because of your refusal to co-operate, in answering me a simple question. All I wish to do is return Serenity to her rightful place, but you are too blinded by the compassion you have for her Muggle life, that you wish to protect her!" he sneered "Charlie Hunter is merely a mask! A facade, and just like every mask she will fade! Serenity will return to my side..." he turned his attention back onto the former Slytherin at his feet, aimed his wand and spoke once more "One way or another - Crucio!"

Marcus's yells echoed in the study of Malfoy Manor, as several floors above he was sure that his friends could hear him. They had already been tortured, Adrian to the point of near exhaustion and Nikki to the point where if the Death Eaters had gone on any longer there was a chance they would have killed her. Nikki was the worst out of the lot of them, she had not only been tortured with the Cruciatus Curse, but also physically beaten by more than one Death Eater.

His vision was starting to blurr, as the pain became too much for his body to take; and his most vital organs started to shut down, but just as the room was starting to fade and his vision turned black, one word escaped his parted lips:-



With a loud scream, sixteen year old Charlie Hunter sat bolt upright in bed. Her breathing was heavy and she was shaking uncontrollably when her bedroom door burst open and her mother came racing in.

"Charlie!" Serena cried "What is it? Are you okay? Did you hve a bad dream?"

Charlie shook her head, tears streaming down her face "Marcus..." she whimpered "...he's...torture...Dark Lord..." she tried to say between each ragged breath she was taking, but she wasnt making any sense, and her mother continued to look clueless.

Marcus Flint was Charlie's boyfriend of two years, just about, but he had disappeared mysteriously from the Ministry of Magic last June when he had accompanied her there along with Riley Spirit, Harry Potter and several other friends to stop witches and wizards known as Death Eaters to steal a prophecy about Harry and Lord Voldemort. Marcus, and two others, whom Charlie was relatively close too had disappared within seconds of help turning up; Charlie had been terrified for the safety of her friends, and now it seemed the worry was overpowering the young Slytherin, seeing as it had slipped into her unconscious mind and manifesting itself through her dreams.

"I need to see Professor Snape!" Charlie suddenly announced, throwing back her covers and reaching for her slippers that lay just under the bed.

"Charlie, anything that needs Severus's attention can wait until morning," Serena tried to calm her daughter "Its 3:00am, Severus is asleep, like any other decent citzen"

"No!" Charlie cried, still shaking "This can't wait! This is urgent! He needs help!" she jumped to her feet and headed for the door.

Serena caught hold of her daughter, attempting to steer her back to bed "Charlie Avalon Hunter, you are not going anywhere at this time of the night! It is pouring down with rain, you'll catch you death out there!"

"Marcus is worth it," the young Slytherin argued "He needs help! I need to help him!"

But her mother was relentless "Charlie..." she strained

"MUM!" Charlie screamed, reaching the top of the stairs and spinning around "Voldemort will kill him, and it will be my fault!"

Surprised by her daughter's sudden outburst, Serena dropped her hand and Charlie scrambled down the stairs. She unlocked the front door and run out into the rain splattered streets. Serena grabbed her jacket and followed closely, trying to catch her daughter before she reached the otherside of the street. She had no chance. Charlie was faster and was already hammering on Severus's front door, drenched through her pyjama's to her skin.

"Charlie that is enough!" Serena scolded "You'll wake the whole -" she cut off as the door opened, and Severus appeared, looking very annoyed.

At the sight of her godfather, Charlie flung her arms around him and burst into tears. Startled Snape, turned to Serena for help.

"She had a nightmare," Charlie's mother responded "Crying and saything things about Marcus, and how he is in danger"

Snape frowned, and motioned for her to follow him. He led Charlie into his living room and sat her down on the sofa. He reached for his wand which lay on the coffee table and flicked it as a large fluffy green and silver towel appeared, he opened it and wrapped it around Charlie who was shivering from the cold and rain soaked clothes she was wearing. He then left the room, as Serena joined her daughter on the couch and pulled her into a hug, as she whispered soothingly in her ear, while playing with her hair.

Charlie, meanwhile, hugged the towel close to her and continued to sob quietly.

"She's sick," Snape stated, once he had returned. He was carrying several different vials in his hand. "A Calming Draught would normally be administrated at this point so we can calmly ask her to re-tell us what she has seen during her dreams, but given her current state, it will calm her but also act as a sleeping potion." he explained.

Serena frowned "So what do we do?" she asked

"I can enter her mind," Snape answered "With your permission, of course"

Serena looked lost "It will not hurt her, will it?" she asked, clutching her daughter protectively

Snape shook his head "No," he answered. He would never have dreamed of hurting Charlie, in all his years.

"Okay," Serena agreed, and watched as Snape pulled out his wand, placed two fingers under Charlie's chin and tilted her head back so that she was looking him directly in the eyes.

Charlie felt her godfather enter her mind, and she gave him full access to her memories. She was too tired to surpress memories that she didnt want him to see. She felt him find the dream that had caused her to interrupt him at 3:00 in the morning, and waited until he had watched it all, before he exited her mind. "He'll...kill...them..." she whimpered, more tears forming in her already wet eyes "Please, help!"

"I will," Snape nodded, turning to Serena "Blue vial is a Calming Draught," he explained "the clear one is a dreamless sleep potion. Charlie will know which to take first...I must go" he stood, and disappeared with a crack.

Serena jumped at the sudden noise, before turning to Charlie "Come on baby," she mumured "Lets get you back to bed"

And this time Charlie didnt argue, using her mother for support she got unsteadily to her feet and allowed her mother to return her to her home, and her bed. After drying and changing clothes of course.


Morning dawned bright and early in the Hunter household, and Serena Hunter was already awake and ready for her work shift that started in half an hour. She was waiting on Carol Spirit to turn up along with Charlie's best friend Riley, who would be staying around to look after Charlie while she and Carol headed into work. Being single working mothers was a relatively difficult task, but Serena was proud to say that Charlie and Riley seemed to understand the difficulties and didnt cause too much trouble when their parents were at work. She wasnt saying the girls were saints, because they werent, they had their own fair share of fights and other necessesties in the streets of Spinners End and River Terrace, but it was never anything too serious.

A knock at the front door snapped the young mother out of her thoughts, as it opened and Riley entered the kitchen "Morning auntie Serena," she smiled "Is Charlie awake?"

"No, dear" Serena smiled "She is still asleep. She had a rough night last night"

"What do you mean?"

Serena's smile faded "Nightmares about Marcus, dear"

Riley grew stiff "What did she see?" she asked

"I will allow her to tell you,"

The Gryffindor nodded, turned and kissed her mother's cheek, before sprinting upstairs to wake her friend and get the whole story about what had happened last night.

"Isnt Marcus, Charlie's boyfriend?" Carol asked, as her daughter disappeared "The same one she was worried about when she came home from school?"

Serena nodded "She claims that the Dark Lord was torturing him," she explained "but im sure; she is just worried about him disappearing, and its leaking into her sub-conscious mind when she is sleeping"

"So what happened?" Carol asked

"We were sitting in Severus's at 3:00am," she sighed "He gave her several vials of potions to calm her down, he then entered her mind to find out what was wrong. But he didnt elaborate, he just left"

Carol rolled her eyes "Well, that was very helpful," she stated

Serena nodded in agreement "But something tells me, we won't have to wait too long to find out if it was merely a dream, or something real"

Carol nodded, as a voice echoed from the front door "Knock knock"

"Come in, Jenn" Serena called. Jennifer Carmichael entered the kitchen. "Everything okay?"

Jenn nodded "Yes," she smiled, her voice strained and tired "I was actually wondering if Charlie was awake? There's some people who would like to see her"

"She is still in bed," Serena motioned to the ceiling "Riley just went up, you're welcome to go see if she is awake. But she is a bit of a mess, she had a long night last night"

Jenn nodded "I heard," she smiled "Thank you, Serena"

Serena nodded and watched as Jenn headed upstairs to check on her daughter. She sighed, finished her coffee and then turned to Carol "I really hate to leave Charlie when she is like this. But I'll never be able to pay her tution for Hogwarts, if I dont leave for work."

Carol nodded, in agreement "So? Are you ready?"

"Not really, but do I have a choice?" Serena asked, grabbing her car keys, and walking back into the hallways, as her daughter, Riley and Jenn hurried down the stairs.


Jenn knocked on Charlie's bedroom door, she had just come from Severus's where Madam Pomfrey had come out from Hogwarts to look over the wounds and effects of the torture curse which littered Marcus, Adrian and Nikki's bodies. The former and latter seemed to have been beaten and tortured more than Adrian, but Jenn could only guess that was because they held a closer connection to Charlie than the former chaser did. "Knock-knock," she mumured, tapping the hard wood, and entering the bedroom.

Charlie was sitting cross-legged on her bed, nursing a headache as Riley sat beside her, patting her back comfortingly. The two looked up at the noise. "Jenn," the young Slytherin frowned "Is everything alright?"

"Your presence is requested at Severus's, Charlie" the COMC professor smiled

The young Slytherin jumped up, and almost fell as a wave of dizziness washed over her "Who is it?" she asked, reaching for her shoes and scrambling to grab her jacket and wand.

"Their all there," Jenn answered "Nikki, Adrian and Marcus"

Charlie paused "How are they?" she asked

"Nikki has been beaten badly," Jenn sighed, as she explained the younger order members condition "she has also been subjected to several rounds of the torture curse, and i'm afraid her beatings have both been physical and..." she swallowed, as she remembered the look on Madam Pomfrey's face when she checked Nikki over with her wand "...sexually"

The two sixteen year old's paused, and swivelled around to look at Jenn. Had they heard right? Had their friend been sexually abused, tortured and beaten? "What?" they voiced together

"Im sorry to tell you," Jenn sighed "But Madam Pomfrey and I both agree that you deserve to know. Severus, didnt want to tell you"

Charlie's hands curled angrily into fists "Can we see her?" she asked, her voice breaking slightly

"She is resting now," Jenn nodded "When she wakes you can see her"

"And Adrian?" Riley asked

"Several rounds of the Curciatus," Jenn answered "If possible, he doesnt seem to have suffered a great deal. He's sitting with Nikki as we speak"

Charlie licked her lips "and Marcus?" she asked

Jenn glanced at her "He's asked for you, several times" she answered "But Severus didnt return until early hours this morning. We didnt want to disturb you, especially after the way you were when you called upon Severus, this morning. We decided to let you rest up, before summoning you."

"Can I see him now?" Charlie asked

"He is probably sleeping right now," Jenn answered "Nurse's orders. He needs to rest, but im sure, you can sit with him"

Charlie nodded, finished dressing and then the three of them hurried downstairs, meeting Serena and Carol in the hallway. Goodbyes, hugs and kisses where exchanged, before both Riley and Charlie where sprinting across the street towards Snape's; Jenn following behind.


The two friends, reached Professor Snape's gate within seconds, pushed it open and hurried up the path to the door. They entered without knocking and found Adrian sitting in the living room beside an unconscious Nikki Young, hold her hand feebly in his own as if thinking if he held on too tightly then he would break her. He looked up as the sixteen year olds entered and got swiftly to his feet. He had bruises over his face, and looked a little worse for wear, but at least he was alive.

"You're okay," Charlie mumured, hugging him as she approached him "What happened?" she asked

Adrian sighed "I'll tell you later," he answered "Although if what Professor Snape says is true, then you already know"

"I don't know everything," Charlie answered "I did see everything. And in all fairness, I only saw last night's attack...my mum thinks its something to do with psychological problems. My fear and worry caused an effect in my brain, that resulted in a 'bad dream'" she explained "The bad dream just so happened to be true, and really happening"

Adrian nodded "Who's attack did you see?" he asked "They had both Marcus and Nikki last night"

"Marcus," the younger Slytherin answered "For some reason, im sort of relieved I didnt witness Nikki's attack..."

"It was truely terrifying," Adrian said, softly

Riley frowned "How do you know?" she asked "I understand if you heard them, hearing your friends scream and knowing you cant get to them to help, is truely terrifying..."

"They made me watch..." Adrian answered

Charlie and Riley stared dumbfounded at him, the Gryffindor shuddered and looked away as Charlie hugged him once more. Adrian's whole frame shook, as he hugged Charlie back, before settling down in an armchair, as the Muggleborn knelt beside Nikki and brushed a strand of hair from her face "Does Chad know?" she asked

"Professor Snape is contacting him now," Jenn answered, as she entered the living room carrying several viles "Their for when she wakes up..." she explained, seeing the looks on Charlie and Riley's faces "She will be in alot of pain, and she is going to be terribly traumatized"

"But she's going to be okay?" Charlie asked

Jenn nodded "In time," she explained "Marcus should be awake soon...he's in spare room, third door on the left as you go upstairs" she told Charlie.

"Thanks," Charlie smiled, turning back to Nikki and touching her hand "Im so sorry," she whispered "This is all my fault"

Adrian and Riley snapped to attention "How is this your fault?" Riley asked

"Because he is doing this to get to me!" Charlie answered "This wouldnt have happened if none of you were my close friends; or boyfriend in Marcus's case"

"You don't believe that Charlie," Riley intervened "I know you don't!"

The Muggleborn Slytherin sighed "Take a look at what they have done to Nikki," she spoke "They physically and sexually abused her, they made Adrian watch -" she pointed at the former chaser over her shoulder "they tortured Marcus into submission, just about! And why? Because they want to know where i reside in the Muggle world...so, this all my fault!"

"No," Adrian touched her shoulder "You can't think like that Charlie! That's what he wants! You-Know-Who...he wants you too feel helpless, he wants you to feel like this is all your fault, it makes for an easier target. But you can't allow him to do that, understand?"

Charlie didnt answer she merely stared at Nikki, before getting silently to her feet and climbing the stairs, which would take her to Marcus.



Pain rippled through every organ...every muscle in his body...it was a feeling he had never felt before. He had only heard stories of what it felt like to be under this curse, some of which he found it hard to believe, but Charlie had told him her own personal experience.

"Its like being on fire..." she had said "...and being stabbed by thousands of knives at the same time..."

But he felt hot and cold...he felt the knives, they sliced through his chest like mini explosions. It was unbearable. It was true when witches and wizards who had been subjected to this curse clearly said, that he curse lived up to its name. There was once a time where he wouldnt have believed them...but that time had come and gone.

The mattress beneath him shifted slightly, dislodging him from his sleep. The dream he had been having started to fade, not that he was complaining. He had been remembering the living nightmare he had to face yesterday evening, leading up to whatever time Professor Snape had turned up at Malfoy Manor and brought him to a place where the Dark Lord couldnt get him. The Potions master hadnt given much information, only required the help of Adrian to bring the semi-conscious and badly beaten Nikki downstairs, while he helped Marcus into the garden, where they could apparate back to wherever they were now.

They had arrived several hours ago; still he, Marcus didnt know where he was, but it had to be safe if Professor Snape was around. He wondered if he had been taken to his old Potions master home, if so that meant Charlie was just across the road. He had asked for her several times, but his demands had gone unanswered...which made him questions, where he really was. If he was at Spinner's End, then why couldnt he see his girlfriend.

"Marcus?" a familiar voice whispered his name. Marcus cracked open an eye and glanced around, as a small brave smile littered his face as Charlie stared back at him. She returned the smile "Hey..."

"Charlie," he mumured, reaching up and brushing his hand against the side of her face "Arent you a sight for sore eyes..." he chuckled

Charlie smirked "Well, I werent the one who went and got myself kidnapped"

"Kidnapped?" Marcus asked "Since when am I a 'kid'?"

"When you decide to start acting your age," his girlfriend responded "Then...maybe...I'll use a different alternative"

Marcus frowned "If I wasnt so sore, I'd make you pay for that comment"

"Aw, poor baby" the Muggleborn cooed, touching a bruise that had formed on his face. He winced. "Sorry...wow, you bruise easily," she added, pulling back the covers and running her fingers lightly over the purple and black spots on his chest "I mean given the fact that you were captain of the Slytherin Quiddicth team, and you were known for playing rough...you shouldnt bruise this easily"

Marcus shuddered at her touch, but it seemed Charlie didnt notice or paid little attention to it. "When your getting thrown around like a rag doll, or beaten for disobeying orders; then bruises are easy to come by"

"But you didnt disobey orders," Charlie argued "Your not a Death Eater! You hold no loyalties to Voldemort -" Marcus winced, but not from the name "- he had no right to do this! Especially if is convictions were you 'disobeying orders'" she growled

Surprised by her attitude change, Marcus grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto the bed beside him "Calm down, your still elidgeible to do underage magic, even without a wand" he told her "we don't need a re-run of last year" he wrapped his arms around her and held her close "especially now, that your feeling emotional"

Charlie rolled her eyes "I am not emotional!" she argued, but Marcus didnt respond. Glancing up the younger Slytherin found that he had re-closed his eyes and was simply just lying there, holding her. And despite her previous feelings Charlie could actually feel herself calming down. Scooting closer, she twisted in his arms and rested her head lightly against his chest, as he tightened his hold on her waist.

"Feeling better?" he asked

"A little," she nodded "You?"

He made a small agreeing noise, as sleep overcame him once more. And knowing that Charlie was beside him, he slipped into a dreamless sleep once more. His body slowly shutting down, thanking him for the rest that it needed.


The next time he awoke, Marcus found Charlie sitting cross-legged on his bed, her back was towards him and her head was bent forward as she read from a file that lay across her lap, pieces of parchment strewn on the bed around her "What are you doing?" he asked, startling her slightly seeing as she had jumped at his voice

"Summer homework," Charlie answered, glancing over her shoulder "I just got my Care of Magical Creatures essay to finish, and then the rest of my summer is free!" she grinned.

"What time is it?"

Charlie glanced at the clock on the bed side table "Four in the afternoon," she answered "You've been asleep relatively 3 hours"

"Where's everyone else?" he asked

"Adrian is helping Jenn move Nikki over to her house," Charlie answered,"Riley is with William, doing homework, and Professor Snape is downstairs..." she responded "Oh, and Chad turned up about an hour ago; he's with Nikki"

Marcus nodded "So you've actually been downstairs?"

"Been home," Charlie told him, glancing back "Riley and I went out with William for a bit, only down to the river; I went home, showered and changed, grabbed my Homework and then came back here"

"And I slept throughout it all?"

"Your a heavy sleeper," Charlie smirked, putting away her homework and rolling onto her knees so that she could face him "How you feeling now?" touching his face. After being subjected to the torture curse and its symptoms, she knew what signs to look out for if she feared her friends or someone else had been subjected to it too. But Marcus was showing no signs.

He shrugged "Still a little tired," he answered

"Understandable," Charlie nodded "Your body is still in recovery. You'll probably be in bed for a few days...but I think you're gonna be fine" she smiled. "Any idea how long your going to be staying?"

Marcus shook his head "That's up to Professor Snape," he answered "Besides, its not like I can go home"

"True," Charlie nodded "Your welcome to stay with me," she offered "My mum's rarely home, it depends on her work shift. And we got an extra room, as long as you don't mind sharing with Adrian"

Marcus smirked "Im used to sharing a room with him by now," he pointed out, pushing himself into a sitting position, he grabbed her hand as she checked him for more wounds, and gave her wrist a faint tug pulling her towards him "Come here..." he beckoned "...I've waited long enough for this" and he pulled her down, and planted a long waited kiss on her lips, brushing her hair behind her ear as he deepened it, all the while moving his hands to her hips.

Charlie slid her hands carefully down his chest and back up, while Marcus proceeded to press a stream of small kisses down her neck.

"Ahem," someone clearing their throat from the doorway interrupted them.

The pair flew apart and found -to their horror and embarrassment- Professor Snape standing in the doorway, carrying several vials of potions for Marcus.

Feeling a little hot under the collar, Charlie muttered something under her breath, which caused Marcus to chuckle in amusement and Snape to question her.

"What was that, Miss. Hunter?" he asked

Without looking up, Charlie repeated herself "I said, you have the worst timing!"

"I think im glad I interrupted when I did," Snape responded "or things could have become a bit more...heated?" he asked.

Charlie felt her face warm further, and she buried her face in her hands. As Snape and Marcus laughed behind her.

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