Harry Potter

The Fight for Survival

By xXxKaraBeckerCutterxXx

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Summary: In order to deal with the future, one must understand the past. As the final battle approches the safety of Hogwarts is called into question. But as danger looms, the fight for magic...may come with a price.

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The Fight for Survival Has Begun

Charlie had not wanted to leave Dumbledore's body at the bottom of the Astronomy Tower, she had not wanted to believe that he was dead. It was all just a bad dream, a horrible realistic nightmare and at any given moment she was going to wake up back in her dorm room in the Slytherin dungeons, she was going to be surrounded by her friends heavy breathing as they slept peacefully, oblivious to everything she had witnessed.

But the pain in her heart told her that this was more than a mere dream...she had felt this pain only one before, and that was when her mother had told her that her father had died. It had been about an hour since she had been removed from Dumbledore's side, and carried up seven floors to the Hospital wing, she wasnt injured...at least not physically, but she was exhausted and emotionally injured. Dust and smoke from the battle and settled on her face and was smudged by the tears in which she had cried; and were still leaking down her face.

But she didnt speak. She couldnt even comprehend what was happening around her, she had shut down! Her whole body had shut down! Incomprehensible voices jarred at her senses, sobs and shouts broke the air, and wails stabbed every inch of her. It was over. Dumbledore was gone. Tears cascaded down her cheeks again at the thought of going into this war without Dumbledore, it wasnt possible.

She could feel her heart breaking once more, as the one person who struck fear into the heart of the very man who had birthed her had gone. The very man who had basically become a grandfather figure to her, was lying behind her, dead. It was happening all over again, first her father...and now Dumbledore...family. Whether they have been blood-related or not, or whether they had been only a professor. They were still her family...and now they were gone.

"...she slipped down next to Bill," Ginny's voice was the first voice to break through her thoughts, as the Hospital doors opened.

Those who were inside looked up immediately, and breathed a sigh of relief as Marcus carried Charlie into the room. The Muggleborn resting her head on his shoulder, her arm limply lying across her stomach; tears on her face and her chest rising and falling rapidly like she had been running, when it truth it was rising and falling because she had been crying.

"Is she okay?" Nikki asked, coming to Charlie's side as Marcus lay his girlfriend down in one of the empty beds

"Yeah," he nodded "She's just in shock; she hasnt said anything the whole way up"

Nikki nodded and sat on the bed beside Charlie, as the young Slytherin curled into a fetal position and hugged her pillow close to her, tears still running down her cheeks smudging the dirt, smoke and dust which had settled there. The older female brushed a strand of hair from her friends face and tucked it behind her ear.

Charlie didnt respond.

Around her lay her friends, Bill Weasley was lying near the door, apparently asleep. Ron, Riley, William, Hermione, Daphne, Pansy, Millicent, Draco, Nathan, Blaise and Adrian were cast adrift around the Hospital wing, but all seemed to conform with one another. When Marcus had brought Charlie in they all came together and sat as close as possible as they could around her bed. Riley instantly jumped up onto the bed and wrapped her arms around her best friend and hugged her.

"How did it happen?" Hermione whispered, having seen Charlie's reaction to Dumbledore's dead body. She turned slightly and glanced back at Daphne "You were there...weren't you?"

Daphne nodded "Malcolm killed him," she swallowed hard "Greyback was taunting him...saying that he was weak and pathetic like his father, and that he clearly didnt want Charlie's hand in marriage because he had tried to kill her; and if he did want to marry her, he wouldnt have hesitated in killing Dumbledore" she shifted nervously, aware that everyone was staring at her "Bellatrix hissed at Alex, told him to do it then and there, that they didnt have time to fool around...Dumbledore then looked down, caught Charlie's eye...and the next minute..." she broke off as the words caught in her throat

"...there was a flash of green, and he had gone" Charlie finished, coming back to wherever she had been to avoid the pain. But there was no avoiding the pain, only prolonging it; and now matter what she would have to face it sooner or later.

The others gave a start and turned quickly to the bed in which Charlie was lying in, curled up beside Riley; she was reaching up and brushing the tears from her cheeks, her eyes were red from where she had been crying, her hands where shaking and her voice quivered when she spoke.

William burst into tears, as he curled up into a ball and started rocking back and forth. Creating a wedge between them Charlie and Riley pulled the 12-year-old towards them and held him as he cried, where his mother had disappeared too neither of them knew, but they knew that wherever she was Jenn trusted them in protecting and looking after her son for a short amount of time.

"Shh..." Hermione mumured "...listen" and she strained her hearing to one of the high windows around the Hospital Wing.

Somewhere out in the darkness a phoenix was singing in a way that neither of them had ever heard before. The tune was a low stricken lament humming, of terrible beauty. Its songs penetrated every corner of the castle and the grounds, healing those who had been struck dead by Dumbledore's death and absorbing all pain from the students, staff and professors of Hogwarts. Its song carried on the air over the vast region of the Hogwarts grounds, it was everyone's grief turned magically into a song that carried far and wide.

The spell, that Fawkes had cast as he sung for the death of his owner, was broken when the Hospital wing doors opened and Professor McGonagall strode in with Professor Snape in tow. Like all the rest, they both bore numerous cuts and grazes from the battle that had taken place hours -or what felt like hours- ago.

"Molly and Arthur are on their way," she said, addressing the Weasleys

Snape surveyed Riley and Charlie "and so are Serena and Carol"

The Muggleborns glanced up at the sound of their mother's names.

"Charlie," Professor McGonagall started again "What happened? Jenn says you were with Professor Dumbledore when he -" she broke off "When it happened!" she gave a shuddering breath "She says, you claim Mr. Malcolm was involved in some -"

Charlie's gaze grew hard "I don't claim anything," she hissed "Im not accusing Malcolm this time! What I saw is the truth!"

McGonagall looked stricken "Okay," she mumured "Tell me what you saw..."

And once again Charlie -with the help of Daphne- recounted what they had witnessed up in the Astronomy tower.

"This is all my fault," Snape said, after his students had finished explaining what had happened "I convinced Dumbledore to let Alex return...I convinced him that it would be a better way for me to keep an eye on the boy if he was here at the castle. If I had not proposed that he return to school for his seventh year, then none of this would have happened!"

Jenn -who had joined them throughtout Charlie and Daphne's recollection- touched Snape's arm "Severus," she mumured "It is not your fault...no one could have known!"

The Potions master opened his mouth to retort

"Jenn's right," Charlie cut across him "It not your fault, Professor. If Alex hadnt returned to Hogwarts this year, then Voldemort would have simply used someone else within the castle." she glanced at Marcus "I know for a fact that Bellatrix Lestrange was more than willing for Nathan to step up and take the role..." she averted her stare to her friend, who didnt make eye-contact "If Voldemort couldnt get Alex within the castle walls, then he would have taken Bellatrix up on her off and Nathan would be the one on the run"

Jenn smiled and nodded in agreement "She is right Severus," she mumured "You did the right choice, by you. None of us could have seen this coming...it is not right for you to take the blame, for something that was out of your control"

The Potions master didnt look convinced, but he didnt argue either.

"I just do not know how it could have happened," McGonagall mumured "It's all so confusing. How did the Death Eaters get into the castle? We, Professors, were on guard duty, the Order were patrolling the perimeter, students and Prefects had orders to remain within their common rooms unless called upon by their head of house. There were powerful enchantments on every entrance into the castle grounds...It just does not make sense!"

The Slytherin's and Gryffindor's exchanged looks; they knew how the Death Eaters had gotten into the castle. They knew quite well.

"What is it?" Jenn questiond, spotting the exchange between the two houses

"We know how the Death Eaters got in," Harry said, and he explained, briefly, about the pair of Vanishing Cabinets and the magical pathway they formed "They came through the Room of Requirements..." he finished

Everyone fell silent again.

Fawkes's singing was the only thing that could still be heard outside the window; it reverbertated upon the air and inside the walls of the castle.

The doors of the Hospital wing opened once more, breaking the silence and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley entered, along with Serena Hunter and Carol Spirit.

"Mum!" Charlie and Riley shouted, jumping off the bed and running straight into the arms of their mothers.

"Bill," Mrs. Weasley whispered, as she spotted her oldest son lying in his bed "Oh Bill!"

And as the Weasley's cried over their son, Serena and Carol held their daughters in trembling arms. Jenn had explained everything in which had happened, and since neither had seen their daughters since the previous summer, they both had feared the worst and instantly flooed to the Castle after permission from Jenn to come and see Charlie and Riley.

"But you are, okay?" Carol asked, holding her daughter's head in her hands and staring her dead in the face "Oh, Riley!" she cried

Serena, meanwhile, had not let Charlie go; but was sobbing hard as she held her 16-year-old daughter "I thought I had lost you," she admitted

"It'll take more than an obsessed love-sick puppy, and a few Death Eaters, to get rid of me, Mum!" Charlie nodded "I'm not going anywhere!" she smiled as she pulled back and looked up at her mother "Not yet!"

Serena chuckled and hugged her daughter once more "And im not willing to lose you...just yet," she smiled

The others exchanged looks, before the scene was interrupted by Hagrid entering the Hospital Wing. The little of his face which was hidden by his hair, was soaking and swollen, he was shaking with tears "I've...I've done it, Professor" he choked "M - moved him. Professor Sprout has got the kids back in bed. Professor Flitwick is re-strengthing the enchantments around the castle, an' Professor Slughorn says the Ministry's bin informed"

"Thank-you, Hagrid" McGonagall nodded "I shall have to see the Ministry when they get here. Hagrid, please tell the Heads of House that I want to see them in my office forthwith. I would like you to join us, too"

Hagrid nodded and shuffled out of the room.

McGonagall turned to Snape and Jenn "Will you be joining us, Jennifer?" she questioned "Of course, I will understand if you wish to stay with your son; but Dumbledore always valued your opinion..."

"William will be safe with Charlie for this evening," Jenn nodded "I trust she will not allow any harm to come to him"

Riley turned to Jenn "It would be sucide to attempt an attack on William, when Charlie is around" she pointed out

The other students nodded.

Charlie smirked, before rubbing her eyes tiredly.

"Bed!" McGonagall said promptly, spotting the action "Prefects...do your duties"

Charlie, Draco, Hermione and Ron nodded and as the Professors left, they turned to their housemates and friends, and returned to their separate common rooms.

Serena and Carol splitting up to remain with their daughters.


The next morning at breakfast; the Great Hall seemed oddly empty. Many parents had come early to the school and collected their children not wanting them to remain away from home any longer than they had too; Serena and Carol had stayed the previous night before leaving in the morning so that Charlie and Riley could stay for the funeral which was to take place that morning, all classes had been cancelled, all examinations had been postponed and those students who remained upheld a solemn and devasting look about themselves.

While she was eating her cereal in silence, Charlie looked up as a mournful hush fell over the whole hall; McGonagall had risen to her feet and was addressing the students.

"It is nearly time," she said "Please follow your Heads of House out into the grounds. Gryffindor, follow me..."

Charlie caught Riley's eye as the Genius got to her feet and followed alongside Hermione. They both smiled and nodded. Once the Gryffindors had disappeared, Professor Sprout led the Hufflepuffs out next, followed by Professor Flitwick and the Ravenclaws and lastly came Professor Snape and the Slytherins.

William, grasped Charlie's hand as he walked alongside her, causing the Muggleborn to smile down at him, in what she hoped was a reassuring manner "It's going to be okay, Will" she promised, squeezing his hand "You'll see...Everything is going to be okay"

Once out in the Entrance Hall, Marcus moved to walk alongside his girlfriend, as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, as she lay into his embrace all the while maintaining her hold on William.

They walked in silence.

They were heading, towards the lake, where hundreds of chairs had been set out in rows. An isle running down the centre of them: there was a marble table standing at the front, all chairs facing it. Many people had turned up for the funeral, some of which the students recognized and others of which they did not. A few of the Order of the Phoenix members had turned up; Mad-Eye Moody, Tonks, Lupin, Mr and Mrs. Weasley, Bill, Fred and George. Then there was Madam Maxine, , Arabella Figg, who was a Squib who lived in Privet Drive, Madam Malkin; the barman from the Hogs Head was also present.

"What is she doing here?" Charlie hissed, her eyes narrowing and locking onto someone who she would have loved to curse into Oblivion for just breathing. Dolores Umbridge was sat near the front, but scurried to the back of the arrangement of seats after she had spotted Firenze the centaur standing near the Black Lake.

Nikki touched her shoulder "Those who knew Dumbledore are present," she answered, before spotting her husband in the throng of students "Chad!" she gasped, slinking through everyone else and throwing her arms around him. For some reason -unknown to others- she had been avoiding him since her attack over the summer, but she had had a whole year to consider the predicament she had been in, and she had come to the decision that she was safer with him as she was to being without him.

"Nikki," Chad started

"No," Nikki shook her head, cutting him off "Me first! Im sorry! I shouldn't have blocked you out this past year, but you have to understand that I was scared! I had to come to an understandment of what happened to be in my own way, and now that I have thought about it; I have realized that I'd rather die than live my life without you!"

Chad smiled broadly before taking his wife in his arms and kissing her.

Charlie smirked, and shook her head "Ew!" she complained "There are kids present!" she teased

"Oh like you and Marcus don't -" Nikki started, pulling away from her husband, and turning in his arms so that she was facing the Muggleborn

"Not in public, we don't!" Charlie cut across her friend

Nikki smirked "Well excuse us for being a little more open about our feelings," she pointed out, passing Charlie and taking her seat "You should try it sometime!"

Charlie stuck her tongue out at her friend, and took her seat between William and Marcus. The former still maintaining a firm grip on her hand, while the latter was attempting to block out all means of the conversation that Charlie and Nikki where having beside him.

Soon, the staff were seated at last. At the front of the rows of chairs, Scrimgeour looked grave and dignified in as he sat alongside Professor McGonagall. No words were spoken, but soon the silence was broken by that of strange, otherwordly music, many heads had started to swivell from side-to-side looking for where the music was coming from, but Charlie had heard it before.

"The Black Lake," she whispered to her friends, who were looking confused "I remember it from the Second task in the Triwizard Tournament..." she nodded towards the lake, where in the clear green sunlit water, inches below the surface, were a chorus of merpeople singing in their strange language.

Movement caught the students attention, and they turned to the isle where Hagrid was approaching the front of the ceremony. In his arms he carried what appeared to be something wrapped in purple velvet spangled with golden stairs.

Charlie knew instantly that this was Dumbledore's body. Pain stabbed at her body just like it had done the previous night, and tears sparked instantly in her eyes. Pain, it seemed to be the heart of her, the only thing she could feel at this designated time. It seemed to find her every single moment of her life, and it seemed that it would never leave her go. Why? What had she done to deserve to feel this much pain? She did not know the answers to these simple questions. Why, did it almost seem that it was like fate was picking on her? She hated this feeling, she didnt want to feel the pain anymore, she didnt want to feel like her insides were being eaten away at every waking moment of the day, because thats how pain felt.

It felt like your insides were being eaten away, and it affected you in ways that most people didnt even know.

Tears fell thick and fast down the Muggleborn's face, as she blinked and they dripped in her lap. William, was sobbing beside her burying his face in his hands. Behind them, Chad held Nikki tightly as she sobbed into his shoulder and the rest of the purebloods did their best to keep their emotions hidden; they were doing a very good job of it too, but Charlie knew that this was eating away at them as much as it was her. She just wasnt afraid to cry.

It was still hard to believe that Dumbledore was actually dead; and if she hadnt witnessed it with her own eyes, then Charlie would never have believed it. But the proof was now lying in front of her. Hagrid had carefully placed the body of Albus Dumbledore upon the marble stone table, and hurried back down the centre of the isle, blowing his nose into his handchief.

A little tufty-haired man in plain black robes got to his feet and stood in front of the body of the greatest wizard of time. But Charlie could not hear a single word he was saying, everything, everyone had been tuned out. All that was left, was the pain of knowing and the loss of another. Another great friend, a great headmaster, a wizard who struck fear and security into the hearts of everyone.

There was a scream, and Charlie jumped in surprise as she returned her attention to the ceremony. There at the front of the grounds, bright white flames had erupted around Dumbledore's body and the table upon which it lay, the flames rose higher and higher into the air, obscuring the body. White smoke billowed and spiralled into the clear blue sky...and seconds later the flames had disappeared. In its place was a white marble tomb, encasing Dumbledore's body and the table on which he had rested.

He really was gone.

Charlie stiffened, and only relaxed when she felt someone's arm around her. She looked up at Marcus, her heart aching with the pain, that was coursing through her veins, the tears were coming so thick and fast not that they were seemingly unstoppable and were clouding her vision like no tomorrow, and it was becoming very hard to see anything. Once again she couldnt hear anything, it was like someone had paused the whole world, all she could feel was the loss and pain of Albus Dumbledore. A great man. A great wizard. A friend...professor...teacher...he was everything.

Dumbledore was one of a kind and no one would ever have been able to replace him...no matter how hard they tried.

Albus Dumbledore was irreplaceable.


"How many more people do we have to lose," Riley spoke, as she sat on the steps of the Astronomy Tower "Before all this is over?"

Around her stood and sat her friends; William was the only one not present. He was spending the day with his mother

"No one can really answer that, Riley" Nikki answered, looking up at the Gryffindor genius.

Charlie glanced over her shoulder, before turning back to the Horcrux which rested in the palms of her hands. The Phoenix pendent which usually hung around her neck was rested safely in a velvet pouch in her jacket pocket

"So what happens now?" Millicent asked, looking expectant "You don't think they will actually close Hogwarts do you?"

Jenn had spilled about the plans to close the school earlier that morning before Breakfast. It had hit hard to all students, Slytherins included.

"They didnt close it when the Chamber of Secrets was open," Nathan pointed out "Maybe they won't close it now. I mean, how much safer are we at home, as opposed to be here at the Castle? Everywhere is the same now, isnt it? We're in danger no matter where we are" he glanced at his friends, who seemed to nod in agreement with him.

Charlie caught Harry's eye and nodded slowly.

"It doesn't matter whether it reopens or not," the Slytherin Muggleborn announced, getting to her feet and approaching her Gryffindor counterpart. She handed over the Horcrux.

Daphne frowned "What do you mean, Charlie?" she asked

"Either way you look at it," Charlie answered "I won't be coming back for my 7th year!"

The Slytherin's gaped at her.

Riley nodded "I knew you'd say that," she mumured "And you feel the same way, Harry?" she asked

The Seeker nodded.

"But what are you planning on doing?" Draco asked

"We've got to finsih whatever Dumbledore started," Harry answered "We've got to track down the rest of these Horcruxes. Its what we were being groomed for all this year, the reason why Dumbledore was telling us about Voldemort's past; it was preparing us for this..." he looked down at the Horcrux in his hand "I don't really know where it will lead us..."

Charlie glanced up "...but we'll let each of you know where we are when we can"

There was uproar

"We're going to be there," Riley stated, once the others had been silenced "You really didnt think that I was going to leave you to face this alone?" she asked "We're best friends Charlie! Wherever you go...I go..." she nodded at Harry "and wherever he goes..." she pointed between Hermione and Ron "...they go."

Harry and Charlie stared at their friends

"We're not the Hogwarts five for nothing!" Hermione pointed out "We've come too far, been through too much, to split up now!"

Ron nodded in agreement "We're with you whatever happens," he agreed

"What about us?" Draco asked

Charlie turned to him "If the school does reopen; I need you guys to come back and watch over the younger students...especially William." she paused "I know for a fact that Voldemort is not going to pass over the opportunity to take over Hogwarts from the inside. You can always reinstate the DA if you have too! Show Voldemort that we aint going down without a fight!"

"I never really realized how beautiful this place was," Harry commented

His friends nodded in silence.

There was a cry, as Fawkes swooped down around the tower; everyone inclining his or her head to watch as it soared gracefully over the Hogwarts grounds and away from the castle for the last time. As they watched the firey red Phoenix disappear away from its home, each and every Gryffindor and Slytherin within the Astronomy Tower knew one thing...

The Fight for Survival...had only just...Begun!


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