Here is my collection as promised.

I like ideas if you have any ideas or prompts for the couples listed below please send them to me.

The pairings so far

{Seme X Uke}

{Seme x Uke x Seme}

I am using the above for het and yuri pairing as well

Ulquiorra x Gin will later be Ulquiorra x Gin x Kira

Kensei x Shuuhei {That's a given lol}

Lilynette x Hanataro

Shunsui x Tesla

Stark x Ukitake {Seke x Seke}

Grimmjow x Ichigo {Another given}

Renji x Matsumoto {Seke x Seke}

Rukia x Mashiro

There will be more


Stories I have published will be underlined


Licorice kitten {Rated T}

Summary: Mayuri wants hybrid test subjects. He can't get to either Ichigo or Gin or their babies because they are too heavily guarded. So he has decided to make his own test subjects and he has picked Shuuhei to be his guinea pig.

White Heat {Rated M, Yaoi} Kensei x Shuuhei

Summary: Kensei's been resisting his sexual urges when to the calm collected captain of his old division but when Shuuhei goes into heat as a result of Mayuri's experiments, his thoughts of resisting go out the window.

Who's on top? {Rated M, Het, very very mild bondage} Renji x Rangiku

Summary: Renji learns he's not the only one who can be on top.

An Arrancar's love {Rated T, Yaoi} Ulquiorra x Gin

Summary: Ulquiorra learns that the strange feeling he has toward Gin is love.

What is love {Rated T, Yaoi} Shunsui x Tesla

Summary: Shunsui begins to teach Tesla what love is.

Bunny rabbit love {Rated K}

Rukia learns that Mashiro shares her obsession with Chappy.

Three's a charm {Rated T} Ulquiorra x Gin x Kira

Gin's past is causing him terrible nightmares and Ulquiorra doesn't know how to him. Kira decides he will help. Feelings flare between all three.

Love me gently {Rated M} Shunsui x Tesla

Tesla believes that sex is nothing but a punishment. Shunsui decides to introduce him to making love.