Anything and Possible


Naruto x Kim x Shego

Ron x Yori

Monique x OC


Story Start


Sitting in a chair in front of sophisticated equipment was a young man of High school age. He had sort blond hair, spiky in an animish sort of style with a golden sort of shade that seemed to retain a sort of shine in the day time or night. He was a fairly tall young man, an inch sort of being six foot even, and wearing an unusual combination of casual clothing considering the current nature of his job. It was a simple black T-shirt, along with forest green cargo pants and Red Tenni-shoes.

His black gloves had the image of a beast from Folklore, Kyuubi no Kitsune on them. It's tails, large and majestic; proudly displayed as it's sharp crimson eyes were styled in the way a predator on the hunt would display.

''Hey what's taking you so long? You were supposed to be done 20 minutes ago.'' A voice ranged out from his pocket. The teen took it out and tossed it on the keypad, the object transforming into a spider like machine.

''You think you can do better K? Then be my guest.''

''You know what, you need to stop wasting my time. Have me waiting and shit. I could be trying to find the latest chapter of One Piece or Rosario + Vampire part 2, but no, ass-hat wants to pull off a job tonight! This is some bullshit Nar.''

''And what do you think pays for all our food and manga? Just hurry up and do it man. Shit, I swear, as much as you complain you think I fail instead of succeed.''

''You fail when you're taking all damn day to steal some data. Look just go patrol or something.''

''I took care of the guards. There's no way...'' Before the blond could finish he was cut off by a stern female voice.

"Step away from the computer. Now." The female voice said sternly.

''You were saying?'' An amused K answered from the Spider-machine's screen. He was a young man with caramel skin and an unusual shade of eye color, Golden; that in itself made the young man very memorable.

''You know what K...fuck your life,'' the blond known as Nar responded. ''I suppose we can't talk this over. Say dinner?'' he responded with a charming smile temporarily catching the red-head off-guard. She was quite attractive, the blond mused, and quite young in fact with a long mane of fiery red-orange hair that was heart shape. Her body was also quite fit, that much he could tell from the midriff bearing top and cargo pants she was sporting and her eyes, the color was such a lovely shade of bright green eyes.

''Sorry...I don't date criminals,'' she responded, shaking off the blond's request for a date.

''Oh I see. Famous World saving Heroine Kim Possible is all business huh,'' the blond said as he got up from his chairs, his serene cerulean eyes holding a high level of playfulness in them. ''Knows 16 styles of Kung Fu, regularly tangles with the likes of Drakken, Dementor, Killgan; not to mention eldest child to world renown Mr. and Mrs. Possible who in their own rights are highly regarded in their fields.''

The red-head, now identified as Kim Possible moved into a fighting position. ''Who are you? And how do you know so much about me?'' she demanded as the blond merely replied quite cheekily.

''I tell you what I'm not. A weak and and incompetent fool who finds himself bested by a teenage girl. You could get 'hurt' doing what you do.''

Kim merely snorted and responded,''If you know who I am then you know I can do anything,'' she proudly boasted.

''Confident...I like that in a woman. Personality is what I go for with a nice round backside for a second. Though really don't let your success go to your head so far. Boasting really can be unflattering. But if you're so confident you can win then come at me with everything you got. ''


''You have me at a disadvantage! I still don't know your name.''

The blond merely smirked and replied, ''Anything...Mr. Anything because I'm the one who can truly do anything.''

''Now whose the one boasting.''

''Aah but that's different. I can back it up. Though one thing that doesn't match up to the legend. I expect you to have know,'' his face glancing down at her chest.

''Alright that's it!'' the usually calm fighter charged the boy in a blazing fury. Kim' had a sort of fuse when it came to her chest. It was quite annoying and embarrassing always having to shop B-cup bras when the girls her age she interacted with sported at least a C. It didn't help that Bonnie's DE-lighted in flaunting her bust, one of the things she could hold over Kim's head as beating her in.

''Berserk Button huh!'' he asked as he dodge the fist that would have insured a headache for a week if connected. Gliding behind her he blew on the back of her causing her to let out a small squeak. The blond had a natural talent at pissing people off if her following strikes meant anything.

''I got the information! Stop playing grabass and come on back to the crib! The movies from Netflix got here and the pizza should be arriving any minute.''

''Any other day I would have stayed and chat, but my schedule is hectic. Maybe next time,'' he offered as he casually stepped to the side and began walking towards the door as if nothing happened.

The crime fighter was once more in disbelief by how strange this guy was. Regardless she had a job to do so and charged him, to apprehend him and not in anyway give him a beat down for insulting her chest size. That was when it happened. When Kim moved to catch his arm and put him in a hold to restrict movement he reacted with inhuman speed. Catching her by her wrist, he twisted her arm and forcing her to fall to her knees. Before she could react she felt something overwhelm her senses as she quickly lost consciousness.

'' unconscious teenage girl huh?''

''You know what ass-hole. Just stop with all the unnecessary insinuations. I'm going to drop her off at a hospital and then I'll be on the way back to the house.''

''She's going to be pissed when she wakes up. And then she's going to track you down for revenge. Aaw...I can only see a sappy romantic/action comedy forming before my eyes.''

''I'm setting your shit on fire when I get home. You really get on my nerves.''

''Hey...get some Ice Cream on the way back. Vanilla and Chocolate as separate not that three flavors in one bullshit you know I don't like strawberry. And get some sprinkles to while you're at it. Please and thank you.''

''Kami you're worse then Dave Cooleay.''

''Holy shit! Did someone finally tell you who he is.''

''It only seem appropriate to say because apparently every time I try to fucking ask who he is something always happens. Who the fuck is this guy?''

''Well he's...hold on I got another call.'' K responded as the screen on the mobile spider machine blacked out.

The blond sighed as he looked down at the unconscious girl to which he was carrying bridal style in his arms. ''So I wonder when shit is about to get real? It never does without fail. Something always happens no matter where I do or go. Sometimes I wish I was back to being a simple minded idiot. Being an idiot was such a bliss!' the blond thought as he slipped away from the location of the sight dreading whatever sane adventure that was to come.